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Chapter 157

But you have me.

Those words send a delightful shiver down her spine. As she feels her face warm up, she shoves Han Qilu away from her and she runs back to her seat. Her heart races way past its normal rhythm.

“You’ve returned, madame.” Food is set on the table. Smiling, the GM asks Chuxia, “What would you like to drink?”

“Ah, what to drink… .” She sees red wine on the table for Qilu. She points at the red wine bottles and says, “He’ll be driving. Please take away the bottles of wine and give us two

fruit juices instead.”

The GM laughs genuinely. “Madame, you’re so caring. I’ll send fruit juices immediately. Is orange juice acceptable?”

An Chuxia nods as the GM says, “You’re really virtuous.” His smile calms her beating heart. Damn it! Why is she useless? Why hasn’t Qilu returned to the table? Whatever. Earlier, she didn’t feel like eating. Now, she feels like she’s starved to death. It has started again!

Unable to control herself, she starts eating happily. Her mood matches the weather outside: sunny, without a cloud in sight.

The Sink Area

He watches a frustrated An Chuxia run out on him. Han Qilu drops his head

head and laughs. This girl blushes at the slightest, making her really interesting… She may be weak, but after being shown the light, she shines momentarily. Then, Han Qilu’s nerve’s struck and brought him back to reality.

He adjusts his pupils and wipes off his smile until there’s no trace left. He turns around, catching up with the shadow he almost loses. The man shrinks his neck, fearfully dreading Qilu. He holds on to his camera for dear life.

Qilu didn’t need to guess he is paparazzi. He has great ambition and dares to photograph the elusive Han Qilu… .


Qilu… .

“Young master Han Qilu, please forgive me! I will erase all the pictures I took a moment ago. I will not reveal anything, I promise! I ask you to forgive me. I have my mother to care for and I still have a child that’s nursing. I ask you to show mercy.” The person’s face is panic-stricken. Han Qilu, after all, is an untouchable.

The photographer truly needs money, and this news is too hot. It’s by chance he runs into him in this restaurant.

Hearing his plea, Han Qilu suddenly says, “You can take my picture and sell it and sell it to the newspaper.”

“I won’t!” The person shakes his head immediately. “Just kill me. I won’t dare publish this picture. I will delete all of it!” He was about to do so when Han Qilu stops him suddenly.

The man looks up at him, perplexed.

“We’re trying to find a good opportunity to announce this matter. If you delete this photo now, I will definitely kill you!” He sees the person shudder. Han Qilu smiles. “Remember to sell this photo to the Sunshine Newspaper. The president will reward you. As for other things, you don’t need to worry about it.”

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