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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 143 Two Options

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Thoughts: Qilu is definitely giving me feels… and I really hate how I feel like a bomb is going to drop and do irreparrable damage to their relationship!

As far as Chuxia is concerned, she doesn't want to admit it's Qilu who's making her feel all mushy and squishy inside.

"I'll take you there. The only place you can buy a cold drink here is in the school supermarket," she says. Han Qilu looks at her like she's a different person. What's wrong? She doesn't think she said anything wrong… serving this master is really difficult!

Han Qilu's mood is akin to a fire still burning despite pouring water at it: dry and exasperated. The clinic doctor secretly watches Han Qilu grasp An Chuxia's shoulder and force her in his arms.

Qilu wishes his whole life would be like this, but he knows it can't. The people who are close to him usually stay because they're benefiting, just like that person… People won't contact him once they've benefited. In this second, he can make a promise to be with her for life, but in the same second, she may take the opportunity to leave.

He doesn't want to experience that kind of despair, to have that kind of hate for a second time. As he thinks of it, he shudders. He looks at An Chuxia in his arms. Then, he gazes into her eyes and says, "Chuxia."

What did she do? She's scared by his sudden change. She looks in his eyes despite fearing what she might see. He reveals something she's never seen. It wasn't indifference. There's heartache… a trace of despair.

What? Despair? Aren't superior people exempted from desperation? No, this is definitely a show! Animals are never desperate, although, he, occasionally, exhibits human nature.

"If one day, you're to make a decision… ." Han Qilu leans his face over and glances at the clinic doctor. "Go!"

Aghast, cold sweat covers the doctor. Is this young man the same person he has seen on TV?

Han Qilu, successor to Han Group. This revelation makes the doctor sweat a bit more. Despite the air conditioning, his perspiration soaks his white coat. This isn't good. He must have a "cool" exit. As he ponders, the clinic doctor lowers his head and tries to bypass them, tripping, as he flees.

This… it seems too much, right? The corners of her mouth tug on their own accord. She looks at Qilu. "What did you want to ask me a moment ago?" Her relaxed expression exasperates him.

Displeased, he asks coldly, "You're given two options. One is an opportunity to attend a famous university, and the other, is to stay with me. Which of the two would you choose?"

Ugh! This question requires more context! The musings of a rich man!

"Go to college." She didn't want to respond, but pain bursts in a corner of her heart. What happened? Was it from the healthy water? What kind of pain is this? She realizes this isn't stomach pain, but heartache.

Seriously, should she be sad? This isn't good! She must go to the hospital another day to have her heart examined. These days, the Hans have really stimulated her little heart.

Han Qilu stands across from her. This time, she grins at him. He looks at her softly before breathlessly laughing. What happened? Who can clue her in?

CHAPTER 144 At Death, You'll Be a Stein Ghost

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

He doesn't wait for her to ask why before cradling her head in his big hands. He smiles wanly. "An Chuxia, ah, Chuxia. No matter what, don't forget your original intention."

Original intention? She listens to Qilu and proudly says, "Yes, university life is for me. My life has no meaning if I don't attend university… ."

Han Qilu squints. His eyes dilate as he adjusts to the light. "I'm buying a drink. Wait for me here… ." He pauses before turning to look at her and stating a warning. "In the future, you're not allowed to say this broken school was your school. You have nothing to do with it. Even at death, you'll become a Stein ghost, understand?"

What nerve! An Chuxia raises a shameless smile. "Understood. This ghost understands! Who knows what you're going to do again?"

He turns around and accidentally bumps into the clinic doctor. The doctor kneels at the scene. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you!" Obviously, Han Qilu has the strength of a gas field. But he didn't even see the doctor. He walks toward the Fuxing High School gates, opposite from where they entered.

"Doctor, are you alright?" An Chuxia glances at Han Qilu's back before helping the doctor to his feet.

The doctor's lip quivers as he looks at An Chuxia. With a trembling voice he asks, "Beautiful woman… no, girl, no! Miss, that person a moment ago was… who is he?"

An Chuxia calmly replies, "Han Qilu is a nobody whose arrogance is based on his family's wealth!" She responds as she helps the doctor sit on the ground.

"Doctor, are you okay?" Chuxia asks as she squats.

On the other side, Qilu isn't stopped as he enters Fuxing High School's entrance. He was ready to present his business card in the event someone stops him. However, he didn't expect this school would actually have a security guard, let alone, a broom for the sanitation engineers to use for sweeping!

A security guard passes him by and nods at him before continuing on his way. This can't be considered dereliction of duty, but he's just used to the general alertness in Stein Royal College. The rules are so strict it stipulates outsiders aren't allowed to enter the premises. However, today is Saturday, and not normal school hours. The guard doesn't have to block him at all.

He looks around Fuxing High. Although it's not huge, he finds it difficult to find the school supermarket. Serendipity looks kindly on him when a group of female students pass by. It seems classes have just ended.

"Where can you buy cold drinks in this school?" he asks the group of girls impatiently.

The students aren’t wearing ugly school uniforms. Instead, they look like butterflies. They build the courage to approach the handsome boy.

The leader of the group wears a yellow outfit. Her lashes are coated with cheap mascara. She attempts to look like a lady. She raises a sweet smile before saying, "The canteen is at the teacher's building. Turn left, then bypass a small flower bed. Then, you'll see the printing room. The canteen is behind that building."

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