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Chapter 142
The Most Expensive

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

No wonder she’s sad! Uncle Li is her savior. She really owes debt everywhere! At the speed he drives, they arrive at Fuxing High School quickly. It’s the only high school in town.

“Is this a private school?” Han Qilu asks An Chuxia as he stops the car. “Why do they attend classes on Saturdays?” The sound of intermittent reading particularly agitates him.

As she looks at the familiar school, Chuxia’s mood returns to normal. She opens the car door and says, “You think every school is like the Royal College?” He looks at her with a look that could kill before getting out. He gawks

for almost a minute before Chuxia knocks on his window. He gathers his composure before exiting the car.

Between the dry air and the hot sun, the dizzying feeling hits her as she exits the air conditioned car. She gratefully takes the umbrella Han Qilu offers.

However, she doesn’t open the umbrella. Instead, she goes across to an entrance that reads “clinic” in small characters. This is where she can see a doctor. Han Qilu shrugs and decides he’ll take her to a big hospital when it’s more convenient and on the way to bowling. The clinic must not do well to be so small!

He bends at the waist to enter the clinic. Despite

Despite being cramped, the equipment is decent. At least, the facility can treat ordinary illnesses.

“May I please have a bottle of healthy water?” She was a stranger to the clinic since she used Uncle Li’s facility. However, she is shocked to see Han Qilu bent over looking for medicine.

After completing her transaction, she gulps the liquid. An uncomfortable burn goes down her throat. It is believed that the healthy water is equivalent to a wine’s concentration. Who knows? The only thing she perceives is once she takes a drink, the aching feeling and dizziness are gone. She immediately feels more alive.

She’s about to tell Han Qilu they should leave when he catches her

catches her wrist, preventing her from leaving. He turns to the doctor and says, “Give me a package of cotton and a bottle of tincture of iodine, your most expensive one.”

Sure enough, the rich young master demands the most expensive cotton swabs ==. Insufferable, really! However, she doesn’t say a thing. Han Qilu instructs her to sit on the recliner. He carries in his hand a cotton swab with iodine to disinfect her ear.

“There must’ve been a lot of bacteria on her nail,” he says. An Chuxia is aware he disinfects her wound four or five times! But why is she feeling warm all of a sudden? She insists it’s because of the healthy of the healthy water!

After disinfecting, An Chuxia pulls Han Qilu and points to the school. “This is the school I used to attend. Although it’s not as big as Stein, the school spirit is top notch!” She is proud to be associated with the school since she was the former student body president.

He gazes at her lightly. He can’t figure out why she’s proud of this small, broken institution.

“I’m thirsty. Where does one buy a bottle of water in this place?”

An Chuxia can’t think of a place close by where he can purchase water. There aren’t any snack bars or fast food restaurants close by, with the exception of the small supermarket inside Fuxing High.

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