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Chapter 141

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TL Notes: myocardial infarction- heart attack

Damn, he didn’t want to kiss her. She immediately dismisses what she thought would happen. “What do you mean?”

He raises his hand and gently touches her right ear. As he gently touches it, she feels an immediate stabbing pain, a burning sensation spreading to her brain.

She hisses. “That hurts!” Her hand reaches for her own ear. Upon examining the site, he sees blood. Suddenly, she remembers the landlady pinching her ears so hard, one of her nails broke skin.

Everything happened so fast, she didn’t have time to pay attention to her own injury.

She felt her ear burn, but she didn’t mind it. Originally, it bled… .

He looks at her as if she is awakening from a dream. Qilu take the initiative to inspect her head. “Where’s the nearest clinic? Chuxia, it’s not easy to deal with an inflamed wound. Do you really want to die of a heat stroke?” His pleading look is one Chuxia can’t refute. This change… she knows it’s for her own good, but can he be less anxious? Would it kill him to be gentle?

Tossing her head, she points to the corner of the street and says, “Second block. Let’s go.” A very

very gentle grandfather operates a nearby clinic. She’s relieved he’ll be with her.

But when they get there, the clinic she remembers from her memory is closed and a big lock secures it. Perplexed, she pulls a passerby who looked vaguely familiar to her and asks,”Did Uncle Li’s clinic close? I used to remember his clinic being open this time of the day.”

The passerby looks sad. “You said Uncle Li… Well, a few days ago, he had a myocardial infarction and was taken to the big hospital in the town center where his daughter lives. If I remember correctly, the clinic has been closed for four days

four days and their financial situation is dire. They aren’t sure if there’s any money for treatment. If you must see a doctor, you can go to Fuxing High School. There’s a clinic across from it.”

The passerby sighs and shakes his head before leaving An Chuxia.

Uncle Li is a very good and kind person. She tries to controls her emotions but her eye gets teary. She feels if she gets emotional in front of Qilu, she’ll lose face.

“Let’s go to Fuxing High School. Let’s drive since it’s far.” Han Qilu is apathetic despite hearing the passerby’s words. After all, it’s none of his business. He’s never felt He’s never felt the urge to be compassionate toward strangers.

An Chuxia nods and tries to adjust her mood. She ponders when she can visit Uncle Li in the hospital.

Silence fills the air when they sit in the car. Han Qilu glances her way and asks, “What’s wrong? Is the old man worthy of your sadness?”

Showing emotion doesn’t enrage Chuxia. She leans her head against the glass window and watches the scenery pass by. She says later, “There was a moment when my mother took me to Uncle Li. If it wasn’t for him, I probably would’ve died.”

Han Qilu suddenly grips the steering wheel tightly.

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