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Chapter 140

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

“Really, you’re not?” Fiery eyes spring like two flames. Like a sitting duck, she looks at him, too stunned to say anything.

They hold their stance for a while. Pedestrians deliberately stare at them as they pass. He looks charming in his black shirt, white tie, and expensive pants. She, on the other hand, looks exquisite in the white sling jacket and black lace mini skirt. They make a striking couple.

Despite looking good, their body language is quite vague.

“We haven’t moved in a while, aren’t you tired?” She wants to change topics.

However, Han Qilu does not attack her. Instead, he stares at her with flashing eyes, enough to bore a hole.

Three seconds later…

An Chuxia calmly backs down. “Okay, I lose… .” Upon her capitulation, Han Qilu satisfactorily claims her lips, kissing them quickly. As if after knowing her, a day will come when some rogue would steal it.

“Hey! Why did you kiss me?” She jumps away, once she realizes how fast her heart is beating.

Smiling evilly, Han Qilu says in a thick voice, “Don’t change the topic. What were you anticipating?”

“What was I anticipating?” Who knows what she was

was anticipating a moment ago? However, she’s afraid of what he’s going to do next. She swallows and clears her throat before saying, “I wanted to see if you have a touch of humanity in you.”

This isn’t what he wanted to hear. It doesn’t matter, he can wait for her to willingly and personally acknowledge when he asks the question again. Gracefully, his hand opens the umbrella. He stands next to An Chuxia. His free hand wraps around her shoulder. She’s lost in thought. She suddenly jumps a meter away from him when he bends down and frightens her.


frightens her.

She looks at him vigilantly. “What are you doing?!”

He doesn’t answer. He frowns and waves her past him but she doesn’t move! An Chuxia’s stubborn temper suddenly flares. He tells her to go ahead of him and now she doesn’t want to face him?

Shaking her head, she frowns and says, “What do you think I’m going to do?”

Han Qilu’s complexion turns cloudy. He takes a big step toward An Chuxia, but she attempts to run away from him. She takes three steps before he yanks her by the collar and carries her like a kitten.

“What are you doing?” She you doing?” She stares at him anxiously with big eyes as she gasps for air. He tilts his body toward her, making her heart leap so quickly, it’s about to reach its limit. She closes her eyes, anticipating a kiss that hasn’t fallen. Only then did she realize her right ear feels hot and itchy.

He focuses on her ear. His delicate brows knit. What is he doing? He doesn’t wait for her to speak. He opens his mouth, his expression, bad.

“Did that disgusting old woman touch your ear?” Anyone who hears his tone knows he intends to kill.

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