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Chapter 139

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Embarrassed, she laughs. “It’s just a bit of an upset stomach. I feel fine now; just a bit of queasiness. I just need to buy a bottle of healthy water. Just wait for me here.”

Han Qilu tightens his grip on her cold wrist and asks, “Why should you leave me behind? Does the doctor have a bad temper?”

He thinks he has wronged her. His eyes seem to convey, “I must accompany you this time.”

Puff… She can’t help but snort and laugh. “It’s nothing but heat stroke, and I’m buying a bottle of healthy water to make me feel better. You know,

I’m not a child who needs to be lead.” She attempts to break free from his grip but his big hand tightens around her wrist. Puzzled, she looks into his eyes as he orders: “Hand.”

He doesn’t care about her demands. Instead, he takes a step ahead of her. Once they exit, he gently shuts the door before walking down the stairs. The corridor is dark, but he takes her hand as they walk. At that moment, her heart feels relieved.

It is unusual for her to feel her heart beat so erratically. Is it because of her ailment?

It is approaching high noon when they leave her former residence. Unable

Unable to grab lunch, Han Qilu takes an umbrella from the car and hands it to Chuxia. Then, he calls the Han mansion.

He informs them they won’t be able to make it home and they plan to dine out. He only says a statement or two but holds on to the phone for a while. It might be because Jiang Yuan is gossiping. Qilu closes his eyes. Finally, he hangs up.

He releases a deep breath before looking at An Chuxia. She was still holding to the unopened umbrella, relaxed. He naively thinks she’s too weak to open the contraption. “Don’t tell me you’re so poor you don’t know

don’t know how to operate an umbrella?”

What he really wanted to say is, “Why aren’t you using the umbrella?”

Accustomed to his sarcastic remarks, Chuxia says, “Why would I need protection from the sun? I can take it.”

What he deduces is she doesn’t want the umbrella because he offered it.

He rubs his temples, thinking he’s expecting too much. He rests his hands on her shoulders. “Chuxia, why don’t you use the umbrella when you’re suffering heat stroke? Or are you pretending? If you die of heat stroke, I… .” He suddenly pauses and becomes mute.

“You’ll what?” She suddenly wants to hear what he has to say. Her heart beats like a beats like a badly beaten deer. She calmly looks at him despite trying her best to conceal her emotions. However, her eyes give away her expectations as she lowers her gaze to the ground.

He immediately changes his stance and leans closer to her ear to whisper, “What are you anticipating?” His pupils twinkle erratically as he stares at her, making her break into sweat, more than what’s already on her forehead.

“Anticipate? I wasn’t!” She attempts to turn her back on him. Because of her ailment, her ashen lips look more delectable. Han Qilu extends his index finger to lift her chin and force her to look at him.

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