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Chapter 138
Very Attractive

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

An Chuxia frowns but she quickly brings back the smile on the corners of her mouth. “Thank you! As repayment, I’ll take you to my old school. Would that be okay? It may be small, but it’ll be amusing.”

Her unadulterated appearance makes his heart skip. Is it because of her clear eyes he is unable to control his emotions? He can only make himself angry; or perhaps, only she.

He puts his hand in his pocket. Strangely, he looks at her and says, “That’ll be cool.”

What is cool? Her heart loathes him

but she naturally hands him the frame. “This is my mother. Isn’t she beautiful?” she boasts. Initially, she thought her father would stay with her mother because she was beautiful, but he left because she couldn’t give him the future.

How ridiculous! Thick eyelashes restrain her mood as she looks down. He hands her back the frame. He looks up carefully, without humor.

He thinks about the last time he insulted her mother. But then, he didn’t know why he said it. Nobody curses at people without reason. Qilu is broken because of his family, his background, his status.

status. Now she’s not angry, she can’t guarantee she won’t run away if he insults her mother again.

“Very beautiful.” His voice is husky. Perhaps, it’s because he’s thirsty. Even his sexy lips are dry. He is still warm, like jade, an unusual refined beauty. He looks aren’t comparable to Western male standards, but handsome isn’t enough to describe him.

She turns away. Both of her cheeks blush because he says “very beautiful” when he wasn’t looking at the frame, but at her. That moment, her eyes rest on Han Qilu.

Seeing her blush. Han Qilu jokingly smiles and says, “I said, your

said, your mother is very beautiful.” Seeing her slightly stunned face, Qilu smiles brilliantly.

“Everyone says my mother was very beautiful.” She grins. His face hangs awkwardly. Bastard child! He looks at her while saying her mother is pretty? She thought that… .

“I really didn’t know your mother was so beautiful, seeing how she gave birth to you and stuff. Don’t say blue out of blue makes better blue? Obviously, you are an exception.” He serves his venomous function well. Bastard!

Making a fist, she wants to rush to him and beat him when a severe pain stabs her belly. The pain is so pain is so fierce her forehead is covered with a thin sheet of perspiration. Then she starts sweating profusely. Beads of sweat trickle down her cheeks.

“Pain… it hurts.” She suddenly relaxes her fist, she half squats under her body. As she doubles over, Han Qilu runs over to help her. His eyes are filled with concern.

“What’s wrong? Did I cause it?” Han Qilu uses this crucial moment to taunt her.

The pain in her belly suddenly subsides but she still feels a dizzy, sleepy feeling. She’s familiar with this feeling… it’s heat stroke!

“I’m not excited, I’m probably suffering heat stroke.”

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