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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 133 What To Do With You

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Humiliated, An Chuxia's face turns beet red. She straightens her spine and looks up. Her small hand forms a fist. "Auntie, please don't talk nonsense."

Since An Chuxia deterred her, the middle-aged woman freezes in surprise. She puts down the apple and closes the gap between them. She twists An Chuxia's ear and says loudly, "Girl, you're cheap and your mother's dead. And you have the arrogance to criticize me because you think there are men willing to support you? I tell you, you're a bum and no man will support you!"

Chuxia suppresses a cry while fighting back the pain in her ear. She locks a fiery gaze with the middle-aged woman. "You can't talk about my mother like this!" She didn't say don't let me hear you say. Her mother means the world to her. She was nothing but noble.

"Can't?" The middle-aged woman sneers. She was about to say something when she sees Chuxia's crystal necklace. Compared to the ones sold in stalls, her necklace alone makes people think she has a lot of money.

The middle-aged woman's eyes suddenly light up as her hand tears off the necklace from Chuxia's neck. Chuxia rubs off the sting as she looks at the landlady holding on the necklace. She can read the woman's eyes: this thing should be worth a lot of money.

Chuxia stares at the woman with contempt. Crossing her arms across her chest, she finally realizes why Qilu gives her that look. It's a look given when something despicable is seen.

He probably thinks she's greedy at the sight of money and is the reason why she entered the Han family, right? The mere thought of it makes her chest constrict uncomfortably.

"You've taken the necklace. Please, give me the key." Jiang Yuan gave her the necklace as a gift. She knows she won't care if she gave it up. She might even say it was rather generous of Chuxia to give it to the landlady.

The middle-aged woman looks at her viciously while pocketing the necklace. "Girl, how many men have you been to buy this necklace, huh? Despite being uneducated, your face is similar to your mother's: a fox!"

Her facial features do resemble a fox: her chin is sharp. But since this fox is beyond being tolerant, explanations are out of the question. She tenaciously asks, "I gave you the necklace. What else do you want?!"

Her tone has become unfriendly. From where An Chuxia and the middle-aged woman stood, they can't see Han Qilu's shadow. He balls his fists.. His knuckles, distinct and prominently white from anger.

Why doesn't she fight back? He asks in his heart. Isn't she fierce and fearless? Or does she only dare to be arrogant toward him? This insight suddenly makes his heart feel warm.

How should he take this girl?

"What kind of…?" The middle-aged woman sneers. "You dare speak to me in this tone?" She raises her hand. She's about to slap Chuxia on the face when a shadow appears. Her hand freezes mid-motion.

She expects him to stop her when she meets his gaze. But as she studies his elegant face, she feels a chill emanating from him from head to toe.

CHAPTER 134 Future Han Group President …

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

“Han Qilu… .” An Chuxia is surprised to see him. He suddenly shields her this time again. Why does she say again? Because he also stopped Mo Xinwei from hitting her.

The moment suddenly makes her chest feel warm. Her eyes unexpectedly turn red. It seems like he appears every time things appear to be difficult for her… .

Han QIlu's hostility toward the middle-aged woman is clearly evident, and she couldn't help but be covered with cold sweat. From many years of experience, she knows it's bad dealing with a charming man like him.

He may be a student, but he's a man who has an ice-cold, blood-thirsty kind of vision. At 18, he's just all grown up.

"Are you here to buy fruit?" The middle-aged woman asks, her voice, trembling, despite trying to act calmly.

His initial plan was to settle with this disgusting old woman immediately, but it looks like there are better means! It's not too late to wait.

His cold face suddenly becomes gentle. The distinct outline of his face reveals a inconspicuous, crafty smile. "Is this the landlady aunt? I'm An Chuxia's fiancée, Han Qilu, the successor of Han group. We will be wed once we've reached the age of consent, and we are hoping you'd be able to attend our wedding."

His intoxicating voice and faint smile shocks An Chuxia. She looks at him, and when Han Qilu looks into her eyes, he shows her a gentle smile.

What is he doing? An Chuxia asks herself, puzzled. But one thing she is aware of, is Han Qilu's there to rescue her. This thought alone calms her angry heart and brings her some joy.

"Fiancée?" The middle-aged woman's eyes bulge in surprise, so much so someone would misread her expression and laugh loudly. She extends a finger and points to An Chuxia. "Han Group's young master will actually marry you?"

He can tell the middle-aged woman doesn’t believe who he was so he pulls out a business card (made of pure gold) and hands it to her. She snatches it hastily to confirm the ore on the card. She looks at the name on the card: Han Group General Manager Han Qilu.

Of course, Han Qilu's name alone resounds as the Han's successor. Chuxia used to hear his name discussed even before she entered the Han residence. She heard they have the Midas touch.

The middle-aged woman is aware that gaining favor means a lot. "Oh heavens!"

"Oh, An Chuxia is a good girl. I don't want anyone slandering her. If it must be known, slandering her reputation is tantamount to slandering… the Han Group's future president's wife."

The weight of his words is quite heavy. The middle-aged woman looks An Chuxia straight in the eyes. She suddenly takes out the necklace and hands it over to Chuxia. "An Chuxia, I am sorry. Aunt hasn't had good days recently. I thought this necklace would make me feel good. Please take it."

Han Qilu watches from the corner of his eye. "She doesn't need it back. She has thousands of necklaces back home. You may take it, Aunt. We are here to take the key. I want to take a look at the place An Chuxia lived."

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