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Chapter 131

“Address.” Han Qilu takes a deep breath before turning to her. “Don’t tell me you don’t even remember where you lived.”

An Chuxia immediately detests him. “How could I?” She’s has lived in so many places she could kill a person and hide the body in one of those addresses and not be found out. However, she realizes Qilu starts the car’s engine quite confidently and leave the mansion’s door.

Half an hour later, she awakens to an itching. She opens her eyes to see him scratching her! She was about to demonstrate her outrage when he says with a smile, “We’re here.”

She stares out the window and recognizes the familiar view. Especially… the small, broken rented room. Her mother paid three years of rent, thinking she will finish high school in the area… The dim vision she once had has suddenly been filled with light. She has to be fearless to face everything!

“How did you find it?” This small town, compared to the prosperous A City, is considered very backward. She didn’t expect him to find it. Her heart can’t help but admire him for a moment.

Shrugging, he reaches out and points to the small box in front of the steering wheel. Her eyes transfix on the GPS navigation system. No wonder… She can’t really applaud him for his effort! She calms down after her chaotic wake-up.

“That was the rented room we lived in, the one on the third floor. Come on, let’s walk.” An Chuxia opens the door and takes the lead. Qilu gets out and notices her fleeting sadness. He doesn’t point it out. Instead, he follows her around the car.

She stands in front of a three-story house. An Chuxia turns her head and looks at him earnestly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t bring the key.”

The corner of his mouth can’t help but lift. “Can you ask the owner for the key?” He is restraining his emotions. She doesn’t have the key; is she stupid?

He scolds her in his heart but then, he remembers he didn’t even allow her a change of clothes. He immediately suppresses his disgruntled expression.

“Wait for me here. The landlady aunt is temperamental,” An Chuxia says to Han Qilu.

She is worried Han Qilu would be angry and call his bodyguard to kidnap the landlady. The landlady has always managed to ignore her and her mother. Sometimes, she’d swear at them. If not for her mother constantly blocking her abuse, the woman would’ve suffered the consequences.

And if she can’t control herself, then Qilu would be worse.

Hearing her warning, his mind drifts through a myriad of emotions. There’s this strange mood called heartache fluttering in his chest.

“Doesn’t the landlady live here?” He reaches out and points to the quiet house. The inhabitants work during this time, so everything was very peaceful.

An Chuxia nods and smiles. “She operates a fruit stand in the next street. I’ll be back soon. Don’t wander aimlessly.” She cautions him like he was a child. She turns around and runs toward the next street.

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