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Chapter 129

She shrugs. Although she despises Han Qilu, he’s a better alternative to Jiang Yuan who keeps pressing her for answers. She’s living such a difficult life… .

“What are you doing?” She decides not to lower herself to his level. After all, there are many ways to please the devil’s parents. Her temper urges her on. Han Qilu, rather shamelessly, puts the mouse down and looks at her with a more serious expression.

“What do you think of me?” His strange and straightforward gaze makes her blush. Damn, damn! She nervously holds her hands behind her back.

Han Qilu finds it entertaining to see her flustered. Suddenly turning impish, the corners of his mouth lift. “Don’t you want to continue where we left off?”

An Chuxia regrets going to his room the moment he mentions that incident. But why should she retreat? Putting on a calm smile, she says, “I was worried you’d sneak off and go bowling without me.”

His eyes rest on her for a while. Then, he shifts his gaze back to the computer screen: one hand on the mouse, the other on the keyboard. He’s pretending his full attention is elsewhere so she’d ask what he’s doing.

The way he looks is… bad. Her brain conjures a pleasant image: a flirtatious girl, wearing nothing but an inch of wispy clothing. Her mouth enunciates something clear. The linen is down… .

An Chuxia’s overactive imagination made her flush. She takes a few steps and moves a stool next to him. Then, she stares at the computer screen. The image leaves her disappointed. It’s not a bad video, but it’s a shooting game- one most boys play.

Han Qilu looks at her and frowns as she curses under her breath. His eyes knit. She immediately covers her mouth so she refrains from speaking. Now that she’s seeking refuge in her room, she can’t offend him.

In her former school, she used to accompany the principal to arrest the male students playing this game in the internet cafe. But this is Qilu… She blinks as Qilu beats an enemy. The team is almost guaranteed a win if Qilu is on the team.

Her gaze leaves the computer screen to leisurely look at him. He hasn’t lost focus, and her heart flutters silently. A whisper drifts in her head: Zero test has a talent for this!

“Find me attractive?” Han Qilu suddenly turns around to face her. She is shocked at first but she recovers quickly. Qilu studies her face before she expresses a faint smile. “It’s decent.”

“… Do you also love playing this?” Han Qilu points toward the computer screen with his mouth as he fires on his opponents in the game.

She shoots him a look from where she sits. Suddenly she feels dizzy, and her chest starts tightening. She feels like she’s about to dry heave. Although she has never experienced motion sickness, she feels this is the closest she’ll get to it.

She shakes her head and says, “Only boys play this game.”

“Then you should like it,” Han Qilu unexpectedly says. He is implying she’s masculine. Shouldn’t he be shameful for making such a statement?

Han Qilu is a mean-to-the-core man! In her heart, she curses him. She moves out of sight, desperately thinking of happy thoughts to ease her tension.

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