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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 127 Side Money is Side Money

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Intermittent amnesia? Shrimp tail? Does she have a strange disease? What a joke! She side glances at him before restoring her stance. "You think I have intermittent amnesia, thinking I didn't want to go. No, you must take me to… ."

The sides of his mouth pull. He asks a smart, straight to the point question. "Did you forget we quarreled this morning?"

"Quarrel?" She tilts her head in thought. It's true; he also pushed her and said, "Your life and death has nothing to do with me. As long as the young master is happy on his own." She has to hastily fix this situation if she wants to go… this, too, is the truth! However, how is she supposed to pass this matter? =_=

"So, you want to say it?" He wakes her from her reverie. She looks at him, puzzled. "Young master Han Qilu, what do you want me to do? Go or not go?"

This time, his mouth doesn't tug. Instead, he feels an oncoming headache. "Don't you think we've become obnoxious? We just quarreled. You can't just do that with the the Han's eldest son. Can't you remember this much?"

"My mind is normal and growing splendidly. However, what does having us quarreling and your disposition have to do with our relationship? I'm just trying to cultivate my behavior and broaden my mind. I can't bear a grudge! I need to prepare for bowling. Go do something you love… You love feeding the dog. Go do that. Goodbye." Having her say, she turns and leaves.

"Fine!" Han Qilu pulls her collar, taut against him. "Since you said I have nothing to care about."

"Hmmm." An Chuxia studies his appearance. She likes the way he looks.

But Han Qilu looks at her slyly. "Don't you think you must thank me for taking you bowling so you won't be lonely?" Why does she feel like a cold wind is blowing? Is this an illusion? Certainly, it's an illusion!

"You want… how do I thank you, young master Qilu?" She blurts the words as Han Qilu all of a sudden becomes so much bigger. She could see the pores on his face at such a close distance in the broad daylight. How is his skin this good? Whatever. This isn't the point… The point is, the person facing her is gnawing and nipping on her lips!

He is kissing her! Han Qilu is changing, and it's a very important and very abnormal metamorphosis. Should she consider this a date? She'll die first before marking the day!!!

She reacts by pounding against him but Han Qilu wraps an arm around her waist. His hand secures the back of her head. She beats him. He pulls away from her lips and says, "Baby, if you beat me again, I won't take you bowling."

This is stupid. On one hand, there's the money issue. The other, being kissed. Both sides are really f**king hard to choose! Truth be told, she's not money hungry!!!

But she decides to side with money… it's silly. She's standing there, being kissed. Then, she sees Jiang Yuan ayi over Qilu's shoulder, looking surprised and excited by the kiss she got on film. Right beside her stands steward Han, smiling… .

CHAPTER 128 How Does it Feel?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

A dark, heavy line crosses in the back of An Chuxia's head.

"Very good, but your response is a little slow. We have to make a more persistent effort later." A dazed An Chuxia is still looking at Jiang Yuan when Han Qilu speaks. He smacks his lips in satisfaction before walking away.

"Xiao Xia!!!" Jiang Yuan hands her SDLR camera to steward Han before running to her. "Xiao Xia, is this your first kiss? This is your first kiss. Wow. I am really excited. I wanted to take photos of Batian eating and instead, I photographed you kissing. Ah ha ha ha… ."

Jiang Yuan stands there, laughing alone. Chuxia reaches for her forehead and wipes away the cold sweat. "Ayi, I'm heading back to my room… ."

Upon hearing Chuxia, Jiang Yuan hurriedly pulls her and asks, "First, tell auntie how you feel about kissing him?"

"I… I… ." I didn't feel…! Well, this will make ayi sad; she cannot endure the politeness. An Chuxia pulls out a sweet smile and says, "Han Qilu told me to meet him in his room. If I'm late, I'll die without a burial ground."

She lies. Again! After Han, how many more heartless deeds will she commit? It seems to be more than a few. Others may think this is nothing. She used to beat people frequently. They may have deserved their injuries since they made the first mistake. But now… she has ovvended Han Qilu N times, Mo Xinwei, once. She doesn't know who's incurring the next one… .

Damn it! She can't think! Her heart's split deep in several areas.

"Then go quickly! Also, what are you doing gawking? A girl should follow a boy she likes." Jiang Yuan thinks she understands the issue and pats her on the shoulder.

Like an emperor who has pardoned the world with a sense of joy, An Chuxia quickly turns and runs toward Han Qilu. However… Jiang Yuan told her a moment ago "a girl should follow a boy she likes." But Jiang Yuan hasn't thought through whether Han Liuhai thinks it's suitable.

"Where's the young master?" she asks a servant who's cleaning the windows An Chuxia pats her chest as she catches her breath.

"Probably went back to his room to sleep. He said he didn't sleep well last night," the maid looks at An Chuxia as she replies. In the maid's eyes, Chuxia is the lady of the Han household.

"Steward Han, how are you going to hang the enlarged photo I took in the hall?" Back from the outside, Jiang Yuan broadcasts in the room. An Chuxia runs up the steps in cold sweat.

She's going to hang the photo of them kissing in the hall? It might as well kill her to forget! But now isn't the time to worry. She doesn't want to hear Jiang Yuan asking her "how does the kiss feel?"

She's more worried Jiang Yuan will come searching for her. Chuxia just wants to find Qilu and wait until Jiang Yuan forgets the whole matter.

She covertly opens and closes the bedroom door. Hearing silence, she assumes he's asleep. Then, she turns and looks around. Han Qilu's sitting in front of his computer, squinting at her.

"Hello. Look how clever you are… ." Chuxia lets out a hollow laugh, acutely aware of the awkward moment.

Who would've guessed he'd look away and taunt her as he manipulates the computer mouse. "This is my room. Aren't I in here? Do you want… ."

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