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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 125 Why Do I Bother With You?

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

She clearly sees him raise an eyebrow while his mouth tugs. "You… prepared breakfast for me?"

"Hey, hey, hey." She puts the bag behind her. "This is a small accident." She grimaces like she has eaten a lump of stool.

Han Qilu glances at her. "Milk." He points to the half-empty box in her hand. She blinks, not daring to shake the box. "Sorry, I drank half… ."

Desperate, he stretches out his hands like he is about to play the piano and snatches the milk from her, and chugs it down. He shuts down his emotions reflecting in his eyes. This makes her heart skip.

Rendered speechless, she doesn't know what to say.

"Thanks!" he says as he shakes the box in his hand while stepping away. As he departs, An Chuxia wakes up from her daze and catches up. "Hello, young master Han Qilu!!!"

She can't look him in the face as she unexpectedly calls him young master. Despite feeling nauseated, she must flatter him to jockey for a job that'll suit her.

"That… do you have any free time today?" She grasps his hand closest to her. "It's such a sunny and wonderful Saturday. Don't you think it would be a shame to waste the day away at home?"

He feels his mouth tug. Since meeting her, he's been smiling more… especially when he's with her. "What do you want to do?"

"Anything!" she immediately replies. "I have no plans set aside. I just wanted to ask you if you're free today."

He turns cold and unhappy. "Are you trying to check so you can meet up with your important contact?"

Date you? The hell I'll date you! You think you'll be the next mistress? Not in this generation! His thoughts run amok as An Chuxia's face maintains a consistent, light laugh. She is very good in hiding her thoughts from other people… Either that, or Qilu would spill blood as she dies.

"I just wanted to ask you if you had any free time. I hadn't thought you had an important date." Even for money, she isn't willing to sell herself to date him. Why bother!

Han Qilu witnesses the look of resignation on her face. She doesn't see him relax as he says, "It's not about you. I was just worried how to refuse your offer."

"Because you have to meet with Mo Xinwei?" she subconsciously blurts out.

"With whom has nothing to do with you," he spits out, regretting his words as soon as he says it. But before An Chuxia says anything, he softens his tone and says, "With Mingluo… to play golf."

CHAPTER 126 Asked You…

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

 She nods upon hearing he's not meeting Mo Xinwei. She feels good knowing he's with Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu. The two guys seem to hang out more with Han Qilu.

"I have to go!"

Han Qilu turns away from An Chuxia when she tugs his hand. "It'll be at one and it'll be very boring. Please… ."

He looks at her, seeking words to make her stay at home. But she stares at him confidently, knowing he'll give in at the blink of an eye. He knows she'll just be disappointed.

"Stay at home and review and get your section perfect score. The differences in our status is what makes it possible to climb what you can’t climb otherwise." He struts with an attitude. An Chuxia is now, more than ever, resolute to go! It's not about how high she can climb but what she can do in spite of it!

Stand your ground!

"I must go!" Hearing these words usually doesn't bother him but coming from An Chuxia, it makes her sound like a spoiled brat. Is this an illusion?

He stares at her for a long time before asking, "Will you bowl? I'll take you then. No… but what about your review?"

"Bowl? I certainly can. Only a fool can't," she boasts, but in reality, bowling is something she's only seen on television. Is it something like watching a meteor shower? No matter whether it's something she's seen, she'd be a sucker to admit otherwise.

She's smart enough to figure out bowling once she sees it. Worse thing that could happen, she'd pretend her hand cramped and can't bowl. Anyway, she plans to deal with it once she's there but she needs to be there first.

He can see she's full of self-confidence. He begrudgingly agrees. In fact, he already intended on taking her along to join them. However, they quarreled this morning, and it seems like they make very little progress every time they quarrel. It's starting to give him a headache.

But how can she put a smile like nothing happened after every time they quarrel? Does she have amnesia?

"I need to prepare myself." She decides she needs to equip herself so she goes online and finds pointers on out how to bowl. Her mother may think she's a genius to get this information before going out to bowl!

"Fine!" Han Qilu pulls on her collar, then her shoulders, to force her to look at him.

Is he regretting his decision? What if he goes bowling and not take her? What would happen then? Ayi would certainly not allow her to get a job. And if she won't allow it, Han bofu won't definitely allow her to leave. Where did all her freedom go?

"Young master Han Qilu, I beg you to take me with you. I've not… ." Bad! She almost leaked her plan. She hurriedly changes her statement. "My whole life, I've never had a carefree weekend. If you will become my life… ."

What is this? Although Han Qilu has great self-control, he can't help his mouth twitch a few times. This time, even his brow is slightly shaking.

"I didn't say I wasn't taking you." His voice is calm, one that An Chuxia immediately identifies as his "what you told me" expression. He watches her reaction and says, "An Chuxia, do you have intermittent amnesia?"

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