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Chapter 124
All You Think About is Making Money

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TL: RMB- renminbi or Chinese yuan

There are no classes since it’s a Saturday. Holding the lunch bag, Chuxia feels extremely perturbed as she approaches the kennel. She’s unafraid of Han Qilu, but Batian is a different matter. He’s domineering.

“That… Han Qilu!” She didn’t call him husband. Despite standing ten meters away, close enough to hear her call his name. But he makes it clear he doesn’t care about her. He’s lost in thought as he brushes the dog’s hair. He doesn’t care if she approaches them. Who knows if the dog goes crazy?

Although steward Han repeatedly

assures her Batian is a calm dog, she feels the dog is terrible and lacks tranquility.

She sits the distance away from them. She didn’t expect the dog for the dog to take half an hour to be fed so she dozes off. With the weather being nice, and the air being fresh, she lays on the soft lawn.

“Oh, that hurts!” She rubs her hands and opens her eyes. Han Qilu stands erect and looks down on her without hesitation.

“You’re blocking my way.” Han Qilu spits out coldly. His response seems ludicrous seeing the road is five trucks put together in length. Why does he have to step on her

her hand?

Bastard! She silently curses him. She gets up and says, “Sorry.”

Her apology catches him off-guard. Usually, she flies into a rage and immediately jumps to fight him to death. So why is she so bizarre today? He looks at her from head to toe before moving his lips. “Why are you looking for me?”

He deliberately pretended not to hear her when she called him. Is this woman not sentimental and only whispers at a range only dogs can hear? Deep inside, he’s angry with her. However, her calm exterior makes him feel odd.

She should just change her mindset. Why doesn’t she move out? Because she has no money. TT. She

TT. She is broke and despite Han fubu’s card, she refuses to move out with that money. She has to earn the money herself. From now on, she will try to make money and rid of Han and this hell at the same time.

As far making money is concerned, she needs access to RMB to earn it. She has to change her behavior. From now on, the only thing she could think about is how to make money.

“You’re in a daze. I asked, what do you want?” His disposition is bad. She realizes she has no alternative recourse but to be friendly. Thinking of ways of making money, she’s willing to she’s willing to endure humiliation for her freedom in the near future. When that time comes, she’ll feel unburdened walking out of the house!

An angelic smile spreads on her lips as she says, “Eldest son, I noticed you didn’t get to eat breakfast so I brought it to you.” Then she takes the plastic bag and realizes it’s light. She wonders where the food and the box of milk went.

She recalls being bored and laying on the ground. Since she was still hungry, she took a piece… no, several pieces of the sandwich… but it seems like she also drank the milk.

Now, she’s left with an empty bag.

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