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Chapter 122
Formally Pursuing You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

TL: Yam Traditional Chinese god of death or destination of souls. Some elements are incorporated in Buddhism.

“I don’t think it’s alright to stir up trouble!”

The look he gave her made her tremble. She clasps the quilt blanket over her head. She dare not say anything. Ugh!

On the other side of town, Jasmine screeches. “What do you mean, Kang Wen? You’re giving me a million to go as far as C City? You’re good-for-nothing!”

Kang Wen remains unassuming as Jasmine curses him. Ordinary people think only about consequences. He thinks of the overall situation. Since he’s responsible for project performances, he rates highly. In fact, is success is double anyone’s success rate.

He looks at her

seriously. Suddenly, Jasmine is cautious around Kang Wen. He’s lost his usual restraint. “Don’t be shameless, Jasmine. A million is enough to feed you for a long time. If you don’t want to go to C City, I’ll have you meet Yama for a drink!”

As his voice fades, the door breaks open and several bodyguards drag Jasmine out without explanation. She wonders how his personality changed so drastically. He used to grant all her requests. Maybe he changed because he’s vexed!

Maybe he’s like those people who don’t pay attention to things when they’re easily obtained. He belongs in a world where he regrets nothing once something is gained.

“Release me! My dear, I’ll go to C City, C City!” She turns her

her head toward him. He plays with his ring on his finger and the bodyguards immediately halt and release Jasmine. She runs toward Kang Wen and kneels before him. “I was wrong. Please don’t send me to C City!”

He squats in front of her and tilts her pointy chin. “Darling, you’re so quick in being compliant. You won’t suffer. But did you really think you can threaten me with your cheap bum? You also think the merger between Kang and Han can be broken based solely on your words? For that to happen, Han has to believe you’re my faithful partner. You have to admit, you’re not.”

Her pupils constrict as she realizes he wants her dead. She starts shouting, “Don’t kill me,

kill me, don’t kill me!”

“Ha ha!” Kang Wen smiles congenially. “I won’t kill you… Give her a million and a ticket headed overseas.”

“Yes, young master Kang.”

She’s stunned. “Overseas? I thought you said C City?”

Kang Wen loses his patience. He loosens his grip on her chin and pulls her to her feet. “A moment ago, you didn’t want to go to C City. Sweetheart, I certainly can’t make you go there. But don’t worry. You won’t starve even if I send you to a foreign country. One million yuan will be replaced with a million dollars!”

Scant with his words, he pushes her away. She grabs his hand as he takes a big step out of her room. He used to be discreet. Now, every discreet. Now, every woman will be afraid. He used to think a person who doesn’t love is useless. As he ponders, An Chuxia’s smile appears in his head.

He comes to a resolution as he clenches his fist. An Chuxia, I’ve decided to officially pursue you tomorrow.

 He taps a series of numbers on his phone and waits for the phone to pick up. “I need you to help me investigate An Chuxia from Stein College: her classes, hobbies, and whatnot. I want all her information.”

“Yes, Master Kang.”

Under the dim light of the night, Chuxia’s hand tightens around the pillow she sleeps on, turning over as sleep eludes her. She is unaware her seemingly trivial life is destined or doomed to be extraordinary.

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