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Chapter 117

“Young master.” Steward Han looks at the rear view mirror. Han Qilu is staring at An Chuxia’s face. She quietly rests on him, using his arm as a pillow.

“Hush.” He presses his finger against his lips.The butler opens the door for him from the outside. Han Qilu slightly shifts An Chuxia when he accidentally sees a pale yellow patch on her neck.

He raises his hand and rubs his fingers against it. As the deep red patches appear, his eyes turn abysmal. He gets out without noticing his surroundings. Instead, he holds on to her tightly. With her head buried in his

chest, he takes a step on the stone walkway.

“Xiao Xia… .” A stunned Jiang Yuan gets up from the table. Her loud welcome is silenced by Han Qilu’s cold stare.

“She fell asleep.” He means it as a warning for everyone to remain quiet and for the servants to set her backpack on the floor.

“Wait, Qilu!” Jiang Yuan catches up with him. “The windows are being fixed in An Chuxia’s room. Put her in our room so she can sleep for a while.”

Jiang Yuan had the windows in Chuxia’s room widened because she was afraid Chuxia’s eyes would go bad in

in the dimly lit room. Unfortunately, the contractors dawdled and now, the installing hasn’t quite been finished.

“She’ll sleep better in my room,” Han Qilu says softly as he carries her upstairs to the end of the corridor.

Jiang Yuan is dumbfounded. “Oh my god!” If it wasn’t for Han Liuhai’s fast reflexes, she would’ve fallen down the steps a while ago.

Han Liuhai frowns and looks sternly at Jiang Yuan. “Haven’t you been taking your supplements lately? Look, you’re not even stable!”

“Who’s unstable? Who’s unstable?!” she turns to Liuhai. “I am just happy! My son finally accepts my baby, An Chuxia. Didn’t I

Didn’t I say it? She is so smart, and she’s clever, pretty, cute, well-behaved, intelligent, kindhearted girl. Shouldn’t it be an honor to him?”

Liuhai helplessly shakes his head as he releases his wife’s hand. “Don’t go and peep this time. We’re adults. Let the children handle themselves and solve their problems.”

“You’re out of line. Eat your meal. You’re long-winded, like a dead old woman,” Jiang Yuan says unhappily as she pushes off Han Liuhai. She reluctantly looks up the stairs. If it weren’t for Liuhai, she would be peeping. Orphans and widows living together in a room… “I don’t want to, I want to, I don’t want to.” She descends the steps excitedly she could die.

In the bedroom, Han Qilu gently lays An Chuxia on his big bed. He leans over carefully and rubs her neck with his fingers. He finds more than one mark. It was only when he gets close to her neck he recognizes them as love bites.

He knows this because he is a pro at it. This is a problem. Han Qilu’s eyes light up with fire. Suddenly, Chuxia feels uneasy as she slumbers. She quickly opens her eyes just in time to stare at Qilu’s bloodthirsty glare.

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