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Chapter 116
CHAPTER 116 Husband, You Want to Cover Me

Steward Han sits in the driver’s seat of the extended Bentley waiting on An Chuxia and Han Qilu. The first thing he says after rolling down the window, “Miss, you’ll no longer be called what?”

When did she become a dog? In her anguish, she looks at Qilu’s playful eyes. The light and wind plays on his eyebrows. He says, “No longer be called a small dog again.”

Really, when did she become a dog! Despite being angry, she turns around again and paints on a gentle smile. “Steward Han, I think you’re misguided. When you called… there was a car ad and it

was being broadcast. What you heard is the radio.”

She looks sincerely at the disappointed butler. “I thought, Miss, you finally relinquished.”

Han Qilu goes through a laughing cough.

An Chuxia subconsciously says, “Husband!” She says this to steward Han. The butler didn’t react suddenly this time. He chokes and continues coughing.

It’s a sad sight. Han Qilu is smiling, and both he and the steward stare at her. While this all happens, an old lady pulling a child outspokenly chimes, “Mommy, that beautiful sister is going to marry the old uncle, ah?”

Old man, your sister! I am not married to the old uncle. The family is married to the old uncle. The

The whole district is married to the old uncle! An Chuxia wants to curse back immediately, but suddenly realizes the little devil called her… beautiful sister?

Ah ha ha ha, kids: got to love them!

To rectify the misconception, An Chuxia grabs Han Qilu and says, “He’s my husband, okay?”

She opens Han Qilu’s door while steward Han continues his coughing fit. “Steward Han, are you alright? I hope what I just said didn’t scare you.”

The steward waves his hand and says no.

“It’s all right.” She smiles and turns and she sees everyone looking at her. Gone are the strange eyes. They’re replaced with envious ones.

She suddenly feels superior, and it feels good!


feels good!

Han Qilu bullies her the moment she bends to get into the car and closes the door. Like a hungry wolf, he swoops down on her and bites down on her lower lip seductively. When he leaves her lips, he says, “I like you like this.”

She likes it too, but she wishes he isn’t so greedy!

“Patron husband, you have to cover me.” Right now, she doesn’t want to think about the exams and whether things would go right or wrong. Otherwise, what would happen to her?

Han Qilu looks at her. “Well… .”

Steward Han is the one rejoicing the most. While driving, he watches the young couple through the rear through the rear view mirror. His mouth, laughing in delight.

When silence falls, An Chuxia’s wonders whether Han bofu and Han ayi would mind if she calls Han Qilu husband.

No, it’s too shameful! They might as well kill her.

But that’s not to say some people would really want to kill her! Mo Xinwei’s face looked convoluted. She couldn’t recall the first time she counted down to killing her.

Life is precious and she just can’t worry. Her mother would tell her to fight for it.

As she stews angrily, Han Qilu holds her hand. Some time during the ride, her eyes get sleepy and she rests her head on him.


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