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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

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As the elevator arrives on the fourth floor, he rages. “Everyone, out!”

Scared and horrified, the passengers empty the lift. Two people foolishly stand in the elevator, too shocked to move.

Han Qilu coldly glares at them. Suddenly, he grabs them by the collar and yanks them out. He gets on and sends the elevator down to the main floor.

As soon as Mo Xinwei sees him descend, the runs to meet him by the doors. “Han Qilu, why don’t you let go about our disagreement and talk about my idea?”

Han Qilu stares fiercely at Mo Xinwei. “Have you seen An Chuxia?”

“Oh, that’s right! I forgot to tell you. An Chuxia… ah, actually, I saw her with a boy wearing our school uniform. She is… .”

“Focus! Where did she go?” Her heart drops like a stone while her stomach hangs in her throat.

He has a hunch something happened. Otherwise, his heart wouldn’t beat so fast.

Saddened, Mo Xinwei says lightly, “I wasn’t paying attention. She should be out by the door but I wouldn’t know where she would’ve gone.”

Noticing Mo Xinwei’s nervous reaction, Han Qilu is concerned she has something to do with An Chuxia’s disappearance.

Mo Xinwei is beyond envious of An Chuxia! But she convinces herself she shouldn’t since Chuxia is about to lose her innocence.

Han Qilu quickly heads to the door based on Xinwei’s input. She follows on his heels.

Han Qilu retrieves his phone and calls the manager as he surveys the area. “Go to the security room immediately and check the video monitoring the door. Start looking about 10 minutes ago.”

Mo Xinwei’s heartbeat quickly accelerates. They’ll know from seeing the surveillance video she was the one who pushed An Chuxia!

    How could I get out of this? She asks herself.

“Han Qilu, I need to use the toilet. Don’t be anxious. She’s a grown person. She’s not lost.” Although appearing calm, her heart is raging.

Han Qilu pays no attention to her. She goes back into the bookstore and heads to the security room.

“Miss, you’re not allowed here.” The guard by the door stops her. Trying to take advantage of the manager’s absence, she retrieves a business card and hands it to security.

“I’m Han Qilu’s girlfriend. He’s at the entrance right now and he doesn’t know where his friends have gone, so I came to check the video surveillance. If you don’t believe me, just ask. But he will be angry if you do,” she says with a smile.

The security guard looks at her card. She’s the beauty heir, Mo Xinwei. He checks the monitor and sees Han Qilu pacing back and forth, confirming Mo Xinwei’s story and thusly, allowing her in.

“Miss, which monitor did you want to see?” The security guards are playing cards instead of paying attention to the camera.

“I need to find the monitor exiting the front door.” After hearing her request, the security shows her a screen with color bars.

“How…?” Both the security’s and Mo Xinwei’s are puzzled. Her heart tenses. Did they not see the scene?

  CHAPTER 112 Disgusting and Dirty?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

(Editor’s Note: I’m assuming it would’ve taken Kang Wen and An Chuxia at least 20 minutes before being found out she’s been missing. It would take at least an hour for her to convince Kang Wen to release her and to get her back to town. With that being said, maybe Kang Wen’s place is only 5 minutes away and Chuxia showers really fast and Kang Wen defies time and gravity when driving. But since I’m not the author, I’m leaving in the author’s timeline [which seems highly improbable].)

“Sorry, Miss Mo, the surveillance camera by the entrance broke yesterday. It was supposed to be repaired, but the maintenance workers have already left.”

Mo Xinwei doesn’t listen to the explanation. With the monitor broken, there’s no evidence of what happened… And An Chuxia will never again appear in front of Han Qilu.

… Because Han Qilu will find her disgusting, dirty…

As she dwells in the idea, her lip raises to a curve.

“Miss Mo?” the security guard whispers to her, interrupting her fugue.

“Okay, thank you.” She finally reacts, albeit indifferently. “This is bad. Don’t let your manager know I asked. I’ll head out and tell Han Qilu about bad reception.”

Security bows to her. “Miss Mo, please be safe.”

Mo Xinwei meets the manager near the security room. Putting on a concerned expression, she says, “Oh, wait. They said the surveillance camera by the door is broken. You don’t have to ask. Go tell Han Qilu.”

The manager looks at the guard inside the room and nods in confirmation. After nodding back, he and Mo Xinwei quickly run to the doors. His only thought is he’s loading his belly with a lot of beer after today’s running around.

“Young master Han!” The manager approaches Qilu. “Security says the camera is broken so there’s no record of a surveillance video. If you don’t know where the lady went, maybe you can reach her on her phone?”

In his panic, he didn’t think of calling her mobile. Two beeping sounds chirp before hanging up. Then he sees An Chenchuan with her backpack. He pants as he arrives at his side.

“Why do you have An Chuxia’s bag?” Han Qilu frowns coldly at An Chenchuan.

An Chenchuan is caught off-guard. He looks around and asks, “An Chuxia didn’t wait for me here? Her backpack was robbed so I left her here by the entrance. She should be around… .”

“Damn!” Han Qilu curses. Mo Xinwei finally arrives at the door. Upon seeing the sweaty An Chenchuan, she flashes him with cold eyes.

But in the following second, her eyes stare in surprise. “How is she… .”

“Chenchuan, you found my bag!” At first, Chuxia wanted to hurry back. However, the kiss marks on her neck were obvious. She stopped by a cosmetics shop to cover the hickeys.

Surprise paints Han Qilu’s face as he sees An Chuxia with Kang Wen. “Where did you go?”

An Chuxia can see a pale-faced Mo Xinwei standing behind Han Qilu’s shoulder. “My bag was stolen, so I had the driver go after the thief. We didn’t catch him since we went in the wrong direction.”

She reluctantly lies to him.

“Miss, you know Master Han?” Kang Wen also seems a bit surprised. “This is interesting”

Han Qilu points toward him, slightly nodding his head. Then, he pulls An Chuxia toward him. “Do you know that you had us all worried?”

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