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Chapter 110

Kang Wen doesn’t look at An Chuxia.

“I mean, Jasmine is the problem. Let’s pretend I’m not happy. Will I let a person I like do something dangerous or illegal? No. This shows she doesn’t love you. Why love her back?” She raises her chin and looks at him.

Kang Wen and Han Qilu are almost of the same height. She tilts her head to meet his eyes.

“I thought I loved her. Now… .” Kang Wen looks at An Chuxia and smiles. “Now I’ve realizes, she’s the one who needs to apologize to me. You

made me realize I should love someone who won’t make me feel lonely.”

“Then your best solution is to give her money and let her disappear. Even if she’ll eventually tell Han Qilu, you can deny anything she says because you’re not with her anymore. She deliberately lied to frame you.”

He’s been refused and ignored. Now that she has brought the issue to light, he finally leaves the cold. If he actually violated An Chuxia, he definitely would’ve been swallowed by the darkness.

It may be an exaggeration, but she gave him a second chance at life.



“I think I know what to do next. Thank you.” He sincerely looks at her. “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do. Maybe I would’ve committed suicide.”

She smiles. “Since you’ve know how to resolve this issue, quickly take me back untouched.”

“I’ll get the car. Uh… would you like to take a bath? I’ve not stayed here for more than three days, but all the equipment is functional and they run on solar.” He feels a bit sorry as he stares at her disheveled clothes.

With her bow in disarray, she agrees to his

to his suggestion. She takes a rapid shower to get herself together as he heads to the car.

The other side: The Han bookstore has long since been overturned.

“I told you to follow An Chuxia. Why did you come up?” Han Qilu’s hardened voice scares the manager. “Do you still want to maintain your position?”

The manager is beyond anxious. The master’s rage is perplexing. Almost in tears, he wants to tell Qilu he’s wrong. It is truly hard to wait on this young master!

“Please don’t be upset, master. I know I should’ve followed them but you did request you did request I come immediately to the floor. I even ran up the stairs and skipped the elevator!” The manager explains his actions so he won’t be fired from his position. He doesn’t want to retire early since there isn’t a retirement salary to take.

“What did you say?” Han Qilu suddenly feels bad. No wonder why his right eye has been twitching. Something must have happened. “Give me specific details.”

“You told a tall man to tell me to hurry up to the fourth floor,” the scared manager recalls.

“Bastard!” Han Qilu leaves the manager and strides toward the elevator.

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