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Chapter 109

Kang Wen’s kisses trail down her neck to the first button of her uniform. Her heart sinks heavily when he stops and unties her hands. Fatigue overtakes her.

“You’re right, you’re right. I don’t dare.” He grins and sits on the side of the bed. He is so distracted, he might as well be a desperate man waiting to be shot dead.

Her original plan to escape changes the moment she sees his expression. She recalls having the same expression when the doctor pronounced her mother dead. She didn’t cry or cause trouble.

It was her shocked expression that convinced Han Liuhai to take her into the Han Family. Jiang Yuan saw her as a distressed child who needs a home.

And this happens. She doesn’t wish despair and difficulty unless they’re indifferent toward life or death. She’s not this kind of person.

Her mother taught her at an early age to extend a helping hand when it’s needed. Even a gentle hug can save a person’s life.

An Chuxia sits up from the bed, clinging to that very idea.

Surprise fills Kang Wen’s eyes when An Chuxia stares back

back at him, unafraid. Her lips move and say, “You… .”

He releases her and she blinks. “I’m hoping that in the future… I may be able to help you resolve your problem.”

An Chuxia smiles warmly. It is friendly and distant, but different from the strange smile he witnessed earlier. His heart skips a beat as he looks at her. He realizes it’s not just her face that’s beautiful; so is her heart.

“Why would you want to help me?” He’s unsure what to believe but he is convinced she can help him. Since he’s offering,

he’s offering, he might as well ask.

She looks up and firmly grabs on to the curtains as she gets out of the bed. Bright sunshine immediately floods the room giving it a warm, yellow glow.

The sun spills on her face. Her silhouette radiates like an angel. Kang Wen stares at her like he’s coming off unhinged. His heart wavers and quietly buds.

“My mother in heaven told me to stretch out a hand to someone who needs help because good people would pass it forward.” She smiles and continues. “I want you to do good as do good as repayment.”

He laughs. This little girl is really cute.

He flashes her a self-depracating smile after he confesses his burdent to An Chuxia. “In fact, I blame Han Qilu for all my jealousy. He is stunning, and I’m jealous that he eclipses my light. I will tell Jasmine this is all my fault.”

“I’ll get up to his face and scold him,” she says about Qilu. “Your problems have multiplied from something so minute. And to tell you the truth, the Han Mansion never accepts anonymous letters. Otherwise, they’ll receive a ton of them.”

“What do you mean?”

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