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Chapter 108
Today, You’ll Make Me a Father

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

“Why are you laughing?” With his clothes off, Kang Wen creeps out the nervous An Chuxia. “Aren’t you afraid?”

Hearing his threat, An Chuxia smile deepens, but her tone is faint. She’s calm, like there are no waves.

“Afraid of what? Should I be afraid of you? I am, but this is nothing but a nightmare. But you? You will turn into your own nightmare.” A dangerous smile hangs on her mouth. “Move a bit faster. I hope you don’t make much of a ruckus. Otherwise, quelling the Hans will require much effort.”


Chuxia’s words poke at Kang’s weakness. He is afraid of death, but he is more afraid of the Han family. He picked Han Qilu’s woman as his target to avenge Jasmine. But now, he is more afraid of An Chuxia.

“What do you mean Han Qilu doesn’t like you?” Kang Wen stops undressing, looking at her coldly and cautiously.

An Chuxia shakes her head. “He hasn’t received me as his fiancée. But have you forgotten what kind of a person Han Liuhai is?”

Before joining the Han family, she heard that Han Liuhai, the businessman, is an earth-shaker. But in the underworld, no one dares

dares say it but his persona is different. Despite being old, he is still very dangerous.

Since joining the family fold, she has always viewed Han as being very kind, but unable to express his feelings as a father. However, as a husband, he is very gentle to his wife.

Kang’s body stiffens significantly, and it’s the reaction An Chuxia wanted.

“You can’t put fear in me, I will put the fear in you.” Kang Wen shakes his head. “I spent a lot of effort trying to catch you.”

Although Mo Xinwei planned this, his is responsible for accepting the role. Now, he’s battling an internal ideological

internal ideological struggle.

An Chuxia continues to smile. “What you said is right. I deliberately wanted you to be afraid. You’ve done the same to me. But the fact of it is, we still have to have a good talk on how we can simply solve this complex problem.”

“No, you shut up!” Kang Wen suddenly takes off his under shirt. He approaches An Chuxia on the bed. “As long as we do it, everything is over.”

He begins to kiss the column of An Chuxia’s neck.

An Chuxia struggles but he holds down her fists. This is a bet. Using her own virginity, Kang Wen would not Wen would not dare touch her.

She gently closes her eyes, and calls her mother in prayer. If she is really humiliated today, then she will be reduced; thrown as trash and left to the world!

Kang becomes more urgent as An Chuxia refuses to struggle. In fact, his heart struggles, too. On one side, Jasmine holds him to a deadline. On the other side, this woman analyzes the truth for him and now, he’s conflicted.

She suddenly implores him with her faint voice. “Please stop soon. Please don’t.”

Kang is enraged. “Who’s to dare me? Today, it won’t be you! Look at me, who dares me to stop?!”

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