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Chapter 107

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

Upon hearing Kang Wen’s words, An Chuxia is more convinced Mo Xinwei deliberately said something for her to be kidnapped.

Since he doesn’t take into consideration or think about the consequences, people are ruined. She’s now suffering in behalf of Han Qilu. Why?

“Take me back ASAP. Despite Han Qilu disliking me, Han shushu and Han ayi are fond of me. If something happens, they won’t let you live!”

Kang Wen is getting impatient. He doesn’t want to listen to An Chuxia. He ties her hands up and balls up a towel and shoves it into her mouth. He

pushes so hard she can only make a whining sound.

Finally, she gives up. She can’t waste much effort. She must make him see reason and be rational! She reminds herself she just arrived at Kang’s private residence.

The small house is situated on top of a small mountain in the suburbs. The air is fresh, the neighborhood, quiet. There aren’t any houses or people nearby. An Chuxia can’t enjoy the environment because it only makes escaping more difficult.

She won’t be able to drive the car because she can’t stand. She’ll fall on to the ground. Fortunately, the ground isn’t cemented. The grass is

is soft. It’ll make her fall less painful.

“You’re not allowed to discuss anything about today when you get back. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences!” Kang Wen warns the driver, squinting. The drive glances at An Chuxia. He nods and drives away.

Desperate, her chest tightens. She looks away from the car and shakes her head. No one will save someone as irrelevant as her. Never.

Now, she only has herself to rely on. An Chuxia’s most urgent concern is her safety. She needs to be rational. She sits up slowly, quietly observing Kang.

She notices he doesn’t have any experience kidnapping people. Although he is vicious,

is vicious, he shows fear and a sensitive side toward her.

Since she can’t escape, being released on his own accord is her only chance. The possibility may be low, however. She has to calm down.

His glowing blue eyes are now as calm as water. He approaches her and grabs her by the collar so she can stand up.

“Listen, I wanted to call on a few people to ruin you but it’ll be too much work getting the reluctant young master over… Oh, I will make you very comfortable. But after you satisfy my needs, you and I will take photos together.” Kang Wen flashes Kang Wen flashes her an evil smile. His right hand lifts her chin. “You’ll have proof when you say, “Han Qilu, look who’s the father of this beautiful baby.””

He pulls her into his private villa. It’s evident he doesn’t usually live here. The dusty smell gives it away.

He takes her to his bedroom where he rips the towel off An Chuxia’s mouth. Then he begins to take of their clothes.

An Chuxia doesn’t say anything but her mouth flashes a deep and unpredictable smile; a smile that is worth a fortune. But then, it turns angry, strange, and beautiful. Like a whirlpool, he gets sucked in.

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