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Image courtesy of Weibo CHAPTER 105 Kidnapped

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Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

"I'll help by diverting the two men around her. You can take her… ." She doesn't proceed. She just lifts her eyes and looks at Kang Wen. "Do you dare?"

Are you still a man?

Jasmine's words wander in his mind. He was here to find a few books to help him, but now it seems fated to find someone willing to help him instead!

“Don't you like Han Qilu? Why would you help me?” Kang Wen is certainly not a fool. His eyes remain vigilant. This woman seems to have a vicious streak.

Mo Xinwei says with a ghost of a smile, “Because I am jealous of her. I want her to disappear, and you can just help me teach her. We just take what's needed, right?"

Doing a quick mental calculation, Kang Wen nods in agreement. He doesn't want to easily give up the opportunity knowing Jasmine didn't give him a lot of time. If he can secretly teach this woman a lesson, and make Jasmine happy by punishing Han Qilu, he wins. Let Han suffer the same humiliation Jasmine suffered!

“Head to the door. I'll distract them for the time being. Remember, you need to move fast because Han Qilu will soon reach the floor.” Mo Xinwei quickly instructs Kang Wen. He nods and leaves.

She presses "1" on her speed dial. Mo Xinwei's personal bodyguard immediately appears from the shadows.

“Miss, what happened?” Two bodyguards wearing plain clothes appear. She doesn't want to see them in black suits all day.

"Listen, go to that middle-aged man next to the girl. Ask him if he is the manager. Tell him Master Han needs him to go to the fourth floor." The first bodyguard nods and immediately performs his task.

"And you, wait for the middle-aged man to leave and try to block the boy wearing the Stein College uniform." The other bodyguard immediately nods and follows the first.

"Hello, are you the manager here?" The bodyguard asks the man. "Master Han asked that you go to the fourth floor immediately."

The manager is a bit puzzled but he nods and thanks the guard before running up the stairs. The elevator is too crowded and if he waits, he'll lose time.

After the manager leaves, the other bodyguard walks quietly toward An Chuxia, grabs the backpack from her hands, and runs.

"My bag!" An Chuxia starts running. An Chenchuan immediately stops her.

"Stay here, I'll go get it for you," he calls, rushing out to chase the bodyguard.

Mo Xinwei is proud her plan is working accordingly. She knows what she did is wrong but really who cares!

As a girl, she has to be ruthless. Stein College men cannot be cruel to her.

An Chuxia is anxious. She jogs out in pursuit but she doesn't see An Chenchuan's shadow. Suddenly, a car door opens. At first, she is confused. Then, someone pushes her from behind. She suddenly plants forward and is pulled in.

CHAPTER 106 Ruined Woman

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

The interior of the car is very dark. Her pupils donn't adjust immediately.

"What do you want to do?" She is about to respond when a big hand covers her mouth. As her pupils slowly adapt to the darkness, she peers outside the car and sees Mo Xinwei's mouth hanging with a smile at her direction.

Did she plan all of this? What does she want to do? Where are they taking her? Her mind has a series of questions left unanswered. The hand covering her mouth tightly has a faint scent of male cologne.

Reason replaces tension. Since the scent is uncommon, this person definitely doesn't generally kidnap people. But what benefit would they have kidnapping her? Because she lives with the Hans?

Her mind turns. She guesses this has something to do with Han Qilu. She thinks back. The manager is suddenly called away. An Chenchuan runs out to get her backpack. These two men appearing at her side is definitely no coincidence.

Then, Mo Xinwei's smile emerges in her mind. If she wasn't in the VIP room with Han Qilu, then it explains that she colluded with one of Han Qilu's enemies to kidnap her.

Unfortunately, they kidnapped the wrong person. Really, shouldn't it be Mo Xinwei in her place?

She stops struggling. The hand clutching her mouth relaxes.

"Go to my private house," Kang tells the driver. He wants to be in a quiet place where he can live without a servant. Taking her to his private residence is the best solution.

He laughs coldly as An Chuxia quiets down.

"You better be smart. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless." An Chuxia turns to look at the man who's talking. He looks about twenty years old. Tall, with a gentle look. But his face puts a definite Yin to his original temperament.

An Chuxia nods. She looks away as the Han bookstore looks farther and farther away. She couldn't help but feel lost. Where is he now? Was he really on the fourth floor? Shouldn't he be in the VIP room?

Will he be worried about me?

She shakes her head. She can't worry about her headache. She lowers her eyes and looks downcast. "Sir, I don't know why you kidnapped me. I only know you probably got the wrong woman."

Kang Wen's heart starts beating rapidly. His eyes tighten as he stares at An Chuxia. "What do you mean?"

She looks up gently but faces him with a serious look. "Open up the skylight. Kidnapping me is useless. Han Qilu cannot wait to rid of me so if it is your intent for him to come save me, that day will never come!"

"Shut up!" Kang Wen immediately interrupts her. "Do you think I'll believe what you say? And I don't want Han Qilu to save you… ruining his woman is enough!"

She suddenly raises her head. An Chuxia looks a bit nervous. "What did you say?"

"My woman is very angry so… you have to pay for her grievances, future Grandmother Han." Kang Wen laughs coldly.

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