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Can’t believe we’ve reached 100 chapters! Just to keep things in perspective, I thought I’d summarize the events An Chuxia and Han Qilu have gone through in the last 6 days.

SUNDAY: An Chuxia moves into the Han residence after her mother’s burial. Jiang Yuan tells Qilu she will be his sister. MONDAY: An Chuxia is told she will be known as Han Qilu’s fiancee at Stein Royal College. Neither Chuxia nor Qilu agree to this arrangement. Qilu announces Chuxia is his maid at the Stein Gates. Qilu bullies Chuxia and orders her to buy him a case of soda instead of a bottle. She meets his friend, Xiao Mingluo. After being pranked (accidentally), Chuxia slaps Qilu. Mo Xinwei, the school flower and self-appointed girlfriend to Qilu sets her sights on An Chuxia and decides to give her hell. Qilu claims Chuxia as his woman before lunch. He carries her to the music room where he kisses her. She meets Qilu’s other friend, Ling Hanyu, who claims Chuxia as a ghost. Chuxia leaves for PE class. During PE, Xinwei and her sidekick, Taoqiu bully An Chuxia by framing her. Chuxia is forced to run 10 laps as punishment. Meanwhile, a guilty Qilu searches for Chuxia. The 3 boys realize Chuxia is running in the heat. Qilu rescues Chuxia who passed out from heat exhaustion. While Chuxia is supposed to be resting at the Han Mansion, the boys go to Atlantis, where Mingluo accidentally mentions Qilu’s ex. A girl named Jasmine takes the heat off from Mingluo by not following the bar’s rules in regards to Qilu. She ends up being put in the “box” before she is rescued by her boyfriend, Kang Wen, who is a young master himself but not in the same caliber as the Lings, Xiaos, and Hans. Mo Xinwei was asked to come to Atlantis by Qilu. She thought he’ll finally officially make her his girlfriend. Instead, he tells her to stay away from Chuxia. Despite the doctor telling her to rest, Chuxia returns to school that afternoon. She gets lost in a rain storm on her way back home. An angry Jiang Yuan orders Qilu to pick up Chuxia from school. He finds her in front of a graveyard. When he saw her bleeding, he thought she had an abortion. She tells him she got her period. He takes her to his family’s hotel for her to get cleaned up. That night, he sends her home while he stays the night at Mingluo’s. TUESDAY: Taoqiu sees Chuxia return to school and starts bullying her. Ling Hanyu sees this and tells Taoqiu to back off. When Chuxia reaches class, a test is given and she gets full scores. She becomes the class instructor. WEDNESDAY: Chuxia’s classmate, An Chenchuan, hands Chuxia a note. As she tries reading it in the car, Qilu takes it from her and tears it. That evening, Han Liuhai surprises Chuxia by having her meet her “father”. He happens to be her biological father (Liuhai  and Jiang Yuan didn’t know this) and An Chenchuan’s step-father. Qilu started calling Chuxia his fiancee in front of Chenchuan. He doesn’t like the fact he has a crush on Chuxia. Qilu is willing to confess what Chenchuan  wrote on the letter. However, an accident in the bedroom causes confusion. Jiang Yuan thought they were being carnal. Chuxia searches for Jiang Yuan to clarify what the matron saw. THURSDAY: Chuxia improves the whole class’ average in the mock tests. During lunch, Jiang Yuan is convinced Qilu and Chuxia have done the deed. Qilu tells his mom that Chuxia can’t be with child because she’s on her period. Jiang Yuan is intrigued as to why her son knows Chuxia’s monthly visitor’s schedule. FRIDAY: Chenchuan asks if Chuxia would like to accompany him to the bookstore. Han Qilu volunteers to go with them so Chuxia and Chenchuan won’t be alone together.

Number of Times Qilu kissed Chuxia: 4

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