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Translated by newbienoona/

Edited and proofread by @lhie

Disclaimer: Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me, its contents and characters, are the property of Jin Xia Mo. This is a work of fiction. This is an amateur translation of the novel. Please support this site by reading translations from this page.

Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

Drag The Ugly Person! What? Drag!

An Chuxia runs away from the Year Two Class A to a secluded place. She stops because she ran too far and now, her feet are aching.

She sits directly on the ground, taking her shoes off while crying. “This damned school, why is everything so big? Damn, damn, everything here, damn!"

“Everything here? Including me?” A not-so-unfamiliar voice responds.  She thinks for a few seconds before recognizing Xiao Mingluo’s voice.

“Why did you follow me?" She puts her shoes back on her feet and stands up again; wary of his intentions.

Xiao Mingluo cocks a smile. This is the first of his charms and not many girls are unaffected by it.

“I’m afraid you can't think straight right now and I'm concerned you'll do something stupid.” He blinks innocently, bows his head, and finds something from his pocket. He retrieves a paper napkin and hands it to An Chuxia.

She hesitates before taking the paper towel. "I’m curious, Xiao Mingluo. Why are you giving this to me when I don't have a cold?"

Wipe your nose… this answer seems to completely different from what he is thinking. In his eyes, she should be grateful and say thank you. She can also run into his arms and complain. Rather than say anything, he just wants her to wipe her nose!

Calm down, Xiao Mingluo says to himself before saying,  "I gave it to you to sop up the water. Your body is soaked."

She immediately looks at him like she is looking at a monster.

Tut tut, it is a pity… … she is all out of sorts. Obviously, she knows her body is soaked but all he gave her is a small paper towel to dry off.

"Are you okay?” Xiao Mingluo looks into her strange eyes. He gaze travels up and down her body.

“You did not have to give me anything. Thank you. The sun was so warm, I've almost completely dried up since I've left the classroom."

She chastises herself. Can you not face a person and question their intentions, An Chuxia? You have been rude to someone so nice.

If people find out how rude she’s being to Big Master Xiao, they'd throw bricks at her!

Facts prove the season has begun to enter the summer. In twenty minutes, her clothes and hair have dried up. Despite the tips of her hair being damp, there isn't a trace of wetness.

Year One Class A Classroom

"Missy, I asked you where she went…,” Ying Taoqiu asks Fei Lixiya about
An Chuxia's whereabouts. Fei Lixiya just looks at her blankly and does not answer.

It's because she doesn't know where An Chuxia went. Although in their eyes it looks like she cannot comprehend language. Now she’s being grilled.

"You're not talking! I will make you regret it!” An angry Mo Xinwei takes a book from the table and hits Lixiya  on the head.

Although the students see the abuse, no one dares to come forward to help. After all, they can not afford to offend Han Qilu.

“Do not fight ….” Lixiya cries and blocks with her hand.

Then someone stands next to Taoqiu. She grabs Lixiya’s hair and forces her to be move back.

“Do not fight? Now this talk is going to get ugly, f**ker. I’ll drag the ugly person! I’ll pull what I can pull!"

“I have all but stopped!"

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