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Chapter 2255 – Epilogue (2)

Today was the day when the Human Sovereign of the 33 Heavens would give a lecture about the Dao.

There were no set times for these lectures. Sometimes they would occur two or three times every hundred years, and sometimes they would occur every several hundred years.

Each time these lectures occurred, it would be a grand occasion for the entire 33 Heavens!

When the day arrived, throughout the 33 Heavens, great masters would arrive from all the various True Divinity sects and Empyreans sects, converging upon the Human Sovereign World.

Generally speaking, during True Divinity longevity feasts and large-scale ceremonies of True Divinity influences, these types of events would draw many True Divinity sects to gather and celebrate.

But during these types of events, even though many influences came to pay their respects, they would at most send messengers.

But when Lin Ming was about to lecture about the Dao, those that arrived would be the true rulers of all these large influences! This was also a day that many masters would look forwards to with deep anticipation!

In the 33 Heavens, there was no True Divinity or Empyrean that would miss out on such a chance.

Even powerhouses that were deep in seclusion would quickly emerge when they heard that the Human Sovereign was about to give a lecture on the Dao, and would quickly hurry to the Human Sovereign World.

In the eyes of ordinary martial artists, Great World Kings were already mighty overlords that governed over them. But even these people, and even half-step Empyreans, didn’t necessarily have the qualifications to listen to the Human Sovereign speak of the Dao.

Every time these lectures of the Dao occurred, Human Sovereign Lin Ming would be frank and outspoken, not hiding anything about the Dao and speaking until he was finished. However, the Heavenly Dao was faint and ethereal and the Laws that Lin Ming cultivated could not be expressed with words alone. How much one could comprehend would depend on their talent and good fortune.

Besides the rulers of True Divinity influences and Empyrean influences, there were also extraordinary geniuses amongst the younger generation that had obtained the necessary qualifications through the Human Sovereign Pagoda that could also attend these lectures.

At this time at Human Sovereign Mountain, there was already a giant array formation that had been laid out, one that stretched out for thousands of miles. Only those with an Empyrean level cultivation and above, or those who possessed a Human Sovereign Token that recorded a completion rate of 70% or above could enter the array formation and listen to the Human Sovereign’s lecture.

Although the requirements were harsh, the 33 Heavens were simply far too large. There was no lack of people who possessed the requirements. Thus, within the array formation, numerous figures shuttled back and forth in the skies. Any one of these people would be one of the most peak characters of the 33 Heavens, and if any one of them stood out they could shock and awe a great world.

But on Human Sovereign Mountain, all of these people maintained incredibly respectful manners and decorum. As they arrived outside the array formation, everyone would slow down, hop off their mounts, or disembark from their spirit boats, and this was true whether they were True Divinities, Empyreans, or peerless geniuses. All of this was a sign of respect for Human Sovereign Lin Ming.

“It’s been over 200 years already. His Majesty the Human Sovereign has finally emerged from seclusion to speak of the Dao once more.”

“After all this time there are even more people who earned the qualifications to listen to that person speak of the Dao; this is why it’s even livelier than before. But unfortunately, we do not have the qualifications to enter.”

The three disciples from before who had just managed to obtain their Human Sovereign Token discussed amongst themselves. They arrived outside the array formation and looked onwards with respect and envy in their eyes, staring at the elites of the 33 Heavens who flew through the skies above them.

Although they didn’t have the qualifications to enter the array formation, being able to bear witness to one of the grandest occasions of the 33 Heavens was still a sight they’d never forget.

“What a splendid sight. If possible I would love to be able to listen to His Majesty the Human Sovereign speak of the Dao just once. I hear that those who can listen to His Majesty speak of the Dao often gain considerable lucky chances. There were even some people who were suddenly enlightened and managed to make a breakthrough in their cultivations; I wonder if this is real or just an exaggeration.”

“It’s true. When His Majesty the Human Sovereign lectures about the Dao, he isn’t only speaking about truths of the Dao. In fact, just by sitting there, a dao field will form around His Majesty. His Majesty’s boundary is far too high, and if ordinary elite geniuses were to sit in this dao field, they would be able to withstand a baptism of the Heavenly Dao Laws in their meridians. To them, this is already the greatest advantage! Even if one doesn’t understand His Majesty’s lecture of the Dao, just sitting in this dao field itself is a great lucky chance!”

The Elder Senior-apprentice Brother of the three disciples explained. He was the one who understood Lin Ming’s lectures of the Dao the most, and his words caused his two junior-apprentice brothers to boil over with excitement. Such a regaling tale, such an opportunity, left them fascinated to the extreme!

“Don’t think about such useless thoughts. The likes of us should try our best to earn the qualifications to enter. Otherwise, even if we were able to go in now we still wouldn’t be able to obtain much. Without current strength we simply wouldn’t be able to understand the Dao truths that His Majesty the Human Sovereign speaks of, and we might not even be able to withstand His Majesty’s dao field. If we fainted because we couldn’t withstand the dao field and had to leave midway then that would just be far too great a shame.”

Lin Ming’s lecture of the Dao was a lucky chance but also a test.

When Lin Ming spoke of the Dao, the Laws around him naturally revealed themselves and fused together with the surrounding space.

The Laws that Lin Ming cultivated originally were the fusion of Heaven and Man. When the body became one with the universe, his Dao understandings would dissipate around him and form an independent universe in the surrounding space. And, the pressure of this independent universe wasn’t something that everyone could withstand.

Thus, for those martial artists of the 33 Heavens who lacked talent or strength, even if they were able to listen to Lin Ming’s lecture of the Dao they still wouldn’t be able to last through it.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, you said that His Majesty the Human Sovereign is deep in seclusion when he isn’t giving a lecture on the Dao and he never stops in his cultivation, and this is all in order to complete two wishes he still has. What are those two wishes then?”

The two junior-apprentice brothers humbly asked. The Elder Senior-apprentice Brother looked into the far off distance and slowly said, “It is said that His Majesty has two wishes. One is to control the samsara of life and death and extricate himself from the coil of existence and nothingness. 200,000 years ago, the great calamity of the 33 Heavens was far too brutal and tragic. Everyone suffered. Humanity, saints, spiritas, the ancient races, countless powerhouses sacrificed themselves, and this included many peerless characters and heroes, such as Immortal Sovereign, Jun Bluemoon, Empyrean Vast Universe, Empyrean Divine Mist…

“Of these people, many were His Majesty’s friends and even his teachers. Yet, they died in battle to protect His Majesty the Human Sovereign!

“And besides these people, there is also His Majesty’s most important teacher – the Asura Road Master. Because of the last war, the Asura Road Master overdrew his life and fell into a deep slumber. Even now he hasn’t yet awakened.

“His Majesty the Human Sovereign created a second Emperor Bone Sea within the Human Sovereign World and he sealed in the souls of many of those who sacrificed themselves in the totem towers. He hopes that one day he will be able to rule the Heavenly Dao and reverse the cycle of life and death, reviving those who perished!”

The Elder Senior-apprentice Brother’s words left the two junior-apprentice brothers shocked. “Those that died can still be revived? Is that even possible?”

“There is always a possibility. His Majesty the Human Sovereign might not have stepped onto the peak of martial arts but he has likely touched that peak. Since His Majesty is trying so hard to strive for this goal, he should have some assurances…”

“I see…” The two junior-apprentice brothers glanced at each other, not sure what to say or feel. This had already surpassed their realm of understanding.

“Then there is still one more wish. What is it?”

“The second wish involves His Majesty the Human Sovereign’s beloved wife, Soul Empress Sheng Mei, as well as someone who once followed His Majesty, a little girl called Fishy. It is said that because of some unknown reason they entered a strange world and have yet to be found!

“As for what this world is like, no one knows. His Majesty the Human Sovereign’s second wish is to understand every secret of the universe and uncover every corner to find this different world that Soul Empress Sheng Mei and Fishy disappeared to!”

“Besides the 33 Heavens, there is still another, different world?” The two junior-apprentice brothers asked, shocked.

“That’s right. It sounds unbelievable, but there are some who say that… this other world might be as vast as the 33 Heavens…”


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