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Chapter 1153 – nose bleed seats

“He’s your big brother?”

Lin Ming casually asked after the blue-clothed youth left.

River Feather revealed an embarrassed expression, “Brother Lin must think it funny, but he is really my brother. He was born a few years before me so his strength is naturally higher than mine.”

“Mm… he said that he was the only one of your River Family that was able to participate in the finals?”

“That’s right…” River Feather wryly smiled. “The finals have around 200 people that were chosen, and around 80 of them are disciples of Sacred Martial Mansion. The remaining 120 are divided amongst the other influences… the competition is intense, and there is also the True Martial Holy Lands to worry over. They only sent a very small number of disciples to attend, but they still account for over a dozen participants.”

Since this Sacred Martial Grand Tournament was held by Sacred Martial Mansion, the prizes were also distributed by them. And, the most valuable of these prizes would likely be obtained by disciples of Sacred Martial Mansion in the end. It would be difficult for any outsiders to have a chance. As for the True Martial Holy Lands, they had merely sent some stronger disciples to join in on the fun; they couldn’t be considered as having sent their peak disciples, or else that would have been a slap to Sacred Martial Mansion’s face.

After paying an entrance fee of some violet sun stones, Lin Ming and River Feather entered the martial field. Luckily, Lin Ming had already known that this grand finals arena would be gargantuan. Even so, as he entered the arena he was startled. This arena actually held its own dimension realm inside, and extended for 800 miles!

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