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Chapter 190


Master Ti Wu let out a pulse of spiritual energy. Unlike last time, Chu Shen was able to feel Master Ti Wu’s scan. The Void Qi he had given Master Ti Wu had been infused into his spiritual energy, making it even more powerful.

This allowed him to scan distances that would have been considered impossible beforehand. Of course, it was not to the point of omniscience. Master Ti Wu could only scan a thousand mile radius. Considering the fact that his planet had a circumference of almost twenty five thousand miles, it wasn’t a whole lot.

Master Ti Wu floated above the ground in the lotus position before closing his eyes a few minutes later. He smiled at Chu Shen. “Don’t worry, your mother is safe. She’s at the gate of the Majestic Sword Academy.”

Chu Shen let out a sigh of relief. “Whew. She almost gave me a heart attack.”

He frowned. “Why did she appear at the Majestic Sword Acade-” He face palmed. “I forgot. She created the charm on her Chains of Transportation there. That must be why we were separated.”

Master Ti Wu nodded. “That would explain it. Anyway, you might want to go get Lucas before he tears up the entire base looking for your mom.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Thanks for reminding me.”

He disappeared as he activated his charm. Lucas was indeed tearing up the entire base looking for her. First he activated the camera’s in the base, checking to make sure that she wasn’t in hiding somewhere. 

Then he went over the footage of the dining room. She had disappeared along with everyone else and Xentus Viri confirmed it as well. Then they started looking at the scanners records as well.

Chu Shen appeared before they could delve into them too deeply. “Lucas! We found my mom!”

Lucas appeared in front of him. “Where was she?”

Chu Shen grinned. “Well, I forgot that we made our charms in different locations. She’s in front of my school, no big deal. Come on, we need you to teleport us there.”

Lucas nodded. He turned to wave at Xentus Viri behind him. “Bye dad, I’ll see you soon.”

Xentus Viri waved as well. “Be careful Lucas, don’t get killed. Or if you do get killed, keep your brainbox in a different body just like we talked about.”

Lucas rolled his eyes. “I know dad. Bye.” With that, they disappeared.


Scarcely five minutes had gone by back on Chu Shen’s world. Master Ti Wu appeared once again. He was bound to the Voids Hand that was in Chu Shen’s possession. Unless Chu Shen was in the same dimension as him, Master Ti Wu couldn’t appear. Seperating from Chu Shen by a mile or two was doable, but not a whole dimension.

Chu Shen turned to Lucas. “You mind teleporting us to the majestic sword academy? She should be there.”

Lucas nodded. “Give me a second to lock the coordinates in.” He closed his eyes for a few seconds before nodding. “Alright, let's go.” They all disappeared before reappearing at the foot of the mountain.

Chu Shen looked around but didn’t see his mom.  He turned towards Master Ti Wu “Where’d she go? I thought you said she would be here?”

Master Ti Wu frowned. “I’m not sure. Maybe she decided to go into the school?” He suddenly smiled. “How about you go ahead and look for her yourself? This should be a good training exercise.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Alright, what should I do”

Master Ti Wu sighed. “Just use your soul sense. It should have a much greater range than before.”

Chu Shen nodded before closing his eyes. A burst of invisible soul energy lanced out of him before spreading throughout the entire area. Every blade of grass, every bird in the sky, everything within two miles was encompassed by his soul sense.

Chu Shen searched for his mom. A mile and a half away, his mom had just been grabbed by the elder of the Blazing Tiger Sect. Chu Shen’s eyes snapped open. There was a sonic boom as he stomped on the ground, accelerating towards where his mom was being abducted.

As everyone looked around in confusion, Chu Shen’s voice echoed around them. “MY MOM IS BEING KIDNAPPED!”

Immediately, everyone rushed off in the same direction Chu Shen had just left in. A breeze of wind carried Chrissa off as flames emerged from below Lucas and Aslo, propelling them forward at the speed of a rocket.

Chu Shen rushed forward, the wind slicing at his body. His clothes were being torn to ribbons yet he ignored it. He was travelling at twice the speed of sound. That meant it would take him 3.5 seconds to get to his mom.

At the speed that cultivators worked at this point, who knew what would happen in that short time. He kept his soul sense on his mom in order to know what exactly was going on.

His mom was grabbed and hauled into the air. Several people surrounded the one that had grabbed his mom. Two of them stiffened as they realized that someone’s soul sense had locked onto them.

Before they could go far, Chu Shen had reached them. He took out his hammer and lashed out at the one at the back. 


The Great Elder had realized that someone was following them. Their immense soul energy immediately alerted him that they were a force to be reckoned with. He turned towards the group. “Prepare for attack! Launch your domains! Now!”

The elders were all very experienced and trusted the great elder immensely. Without hesitation, they unleashed their domains. Many different elements sprung to life as their domains came into being.

Cu Shen ignored these domains and continued with his strike towards the one at the back that had unleashed a lightning domain. The lightning lashed out at Chu Shen’s skin but only left smudges of black ash were it struck.

The hammer smashed into the elder’s back. The inscription on Chu Shen’s hammer flared and its weight increased by over one thousand times. The elder turned into a mist of blood from the impact and the shockwave from the blow actually destroyed many of the domains launched by the other elders.

Chu Shen turned to face the great elder. He pointed his hammer at him. “PUT MY MOM DOWN!”

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