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Chapter 932,
Although he didn’t know why, when these three people suddenly appeared, Chou Xu felt a sense of fear grip him, as if their arrival heralded the coming of his death, causing him to shudder unconsciously .

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Without standing next to Xiu Li, he simply couldn’t feel a sense of security .

“You just said that Transcendents have no way to fight with Saints didn’t you?” Yang Kai spoke flatly as he stared coldly at Chou Xu .

“En, who might I ask is Your Excellency?” Chou Xu frowned .

“Do I need to announce my name to a dead man?”

“Your Excellency is quite bold . Who are you?” Chou Xu coldly shouted, realizing the situation had become unfavourable and quietly shot Xiu Li a glance, hinting for her to act when she saw an opportunity . In response, she nodded .

Yang Kai didn’t bother responding to him and simply told Li Rong, “You two deal with that woman, I’ll handle him . ”

Li Rong nodded, “Be careful . ”

She didn’t attempt to stop Yang Kai because she understood just how angry he was . She knew Yang Kai wanted to kill this one-eyed man himself, for the crimes the man had just committed . With her and Han Fei watching nearby, even if Yang Kai ultimately couldn’t win, it was impossible for his life to be in any danger .

Two pairs of beautiful eyes fixed on Xiu Li and an invisible pressure crashed down on her .

The enchanting woman named Xiu Li instantly went stiff, unable to move or even circulate the strength within her body, as if she had been sunk into a mire that completely suppressed her .

Shock filled Xiu Li’s heart as she instantly understood how terrifying these two women who suddenly appear in front of them were, her tender body trembling uncontrollably .

Chou Xu’s expression also paled . The instant Li Rong and Han Fei used their strength, he realized he was severely outmatched . Refusing to even bother with the group of Transcendents he had been chasing, Chou Xu fled towards the centre of the Central Capital .

He needed to find Wu Zheng!

Although he was dissatisfied with the distribution of spoils Wu Zheng had set up, he didn’t doubt that Wu Zheng was the strongest among them, the latter’s Second Order Saint Realm cultivation towering above his own .

Just as he tried to flee though, the figure of the young man who seemed to not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth appeared in front of him and blocked his path .

A Third Order Transcendent!

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Chou Xu understood Yang Kai’s real cultivation at a glance and was overjoyed, secretly thinking that the Heavens had not abandoned him yet, shouting loudly as charged forward, “Boy, come here!”

Saying so, he reached out and grabbed towards Yang Kai .

He wanted to capture Yang Kai and use him as a hostage in order to preserve his life .

Yang Kai didn’t try to dodge and just stared back at Chou Xu coldly, his expression completely indifferent . When the big hand reaching towards him landed on his shoulder, before it could even exert any strength, Yang Kai pushed his strength fiercely, sending out a burst of True Qi from his body .

A scorching hot wave of energy erupted, causing Chou Xu to cry out in pain and hastily take back his hand, his face pale and was filled with disbelief .

The young man in front of him was truly just a Third Order Transcendent, but the power he emitted from his body just now was even more potent than his own; despite him being a genuine First Order Saint .

From his palm, the burning True Qi penetrated deep into Chou Xu’s meridians, rushing through his body and infiltrating his five viscera and six organs in an attempt to destroy his vitality .

Not daring to neglect, Chou Xu hurriedly circulated his own Saint Qi to suppress this scalding energy, his body’s temperature rapidly rising as his flesh turned red and began to let off steam as if he was being boiled alive from the inside

Before he could compose himself, a golden spear that gave off a shocking pressure flew through the air towards him, seemingly tearing space itself as it ignored the distance between them and rapidly expanded in his eyes .

Chou Xu was panic-stricken when he felt the destructive force contained within this spear and desperately threw himself to the side to dodge it .


The Heaven Punishing Spear just barely missed its mark and flew out of several dozen kilometres before disappearing across in a flash of light .

One Heaven Punishing Spear after another was condensed in Yang Kai’s hand as he stood mid-air and threw them out .

Like bolts of lightning, a storm of golden spears flashed across the sky .

Chou Xu was immediately forced into a difficult situation, only capable of dodging the exquisite Nine Heavens Divine Skill, unable to hit back, his face looking deathly pale .

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“Run, run, let’s see how long you can keep this up!” Yang Kai called out in a relaxed tone with an indifferent look upon his face, casually throwing Heaven Punishing Spears from a dominant position, as if he had yet to even use all his strength, taunting Chou Xu in the same way the latter had just been taunting the fleeing Central Capital Transcendents .

Chou Xu couldn’t even shout back as it was taking all his strength and concentration to avoid the storm of attacks coming towards him, causing his expression to become even uglier .

“Aren’t you an all-powerful Saint? Stop acting so pitifully and fight back, or are you saying you’re actually afraid of a mere Transcendent like me? Come, show me everything you’ve got . Today, this Young Master will show you what a Transcendent killing a Saint looks like,” Yang Kai sneered coldly, using his Profound Heavenly Sword and Imprisoning Heaven Chain in addition to his Heaven Punishing Spears, displaying all the Nine Heavens Divine Skills in all their glory .

Down below, Tu Feng and others were dumbstruck and fell into a daze they could not extricate themselves from for a long time .

Thanks to the training and resources Yang Kai granted them in the past, they had all broken through to the Transcendent Realm before the former departed and were able to stand at the top of this world .

During the more than ten years Yang Kai had been away, all of them had been diligently cultivating and now basically every Blood Warrior saw hope of breaking through to the Second-Order Transcendent Realm .

However, a few months ago, a group of enemies they couldn’t match suddenly appeared and quickly subdued the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families .

Just now, even with just the one-eyed man named Chou Xu chasing them, they had been driven into a hopeless situation and were on the verge of witnessing Tang Yu Xian being crushed to death right before their eyes without even being able to fight back .

Suddenly though, their Little Lord had arrived and instantly suppressed the very same Chou Xu they were powerless against to the point where the latter was unable to even talk back .

The Blood Warriors’ spirits rose as a deep sense of pride filled their chests, all of them elated to see the previously domineering and arrogant Chou Xu forced into such a distressed state .

Li Rong and Han Fei’s eyes also lit up as they exchanged a look filled with pleasant surprise .

Although both of them knew that Yang Kai was very strong, since they had begun following him, they had never seen him truly fight with any powerful master, so they didn’t know where his bottom line was .

Just now, the two women had secretly decided that if Yang Kai showed signs of being overwhelmed they would immediately help .

But the situation was actually completely different from what they were worried about . A First Order Saint Realm master actually couldn’t even fight back in front of Yang Kai .

The two of them could even determine that Yang Kai could easily kill the other party if he wanted to .

This is because Yang Kai had yet to use his Demon God Transformation and was still only fighting against the one-eyed man with his raw strength .

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At this moment, they finally put down their last worries and, while completely suppressing Xiu Li so she couldn’t interfere, observed Yang Kai’s fight .

“Father will fight with you!” A burst of light flashed as Chou Xu suddenly screamed and summoned a large bell . The bell swung and released a thunderous sound, sending out a powerful shockwave in all directions .

The Heaven Punishing Spear and Profound Heavenly Sword that were flying towards him suddenly weakened .

Down below, the Transcendents all felt like their heads were splitting when they heard the tolling of the bell, looks of pain filling their faces as they felt their blood flow become disturbed, threatening to burst from their bodies at any time .

Li Rong waved her hand and dispelled the pressure surrounding them, allowing the Transcendents to recover, each of them sending her a gratefully look .

Chou Xu’s Spiritual Energy burst out as he controlled his large bell artifact, releasing its full power, using it as a shield to block Yang Kai’s attacks as he charged forward .

Obviously, he wanted to launch a desperate counter-attack in the hopes of creating a mutual loss . If at that moment he could capture Yang Kai, it would be even better .

“A Spirit Grade Top-Rank artifact?!” Yang Kai snorted, ignoring the impact of the sound wave from the bell and not only not retreating, but moving forward to meet it .

True Yang Yuan Qi erupted and like a giant fireball, Yang Kai slammed into the large bell head-on .

A moment later, a loud bang rang out .

The sound of the bell echoed throughout the entire Central Capital, causing everyone’s vitality to uncomfortably tumble .

Chou Xu, who had been hiding behind the large bell, was struck by a terrifying impact and sent flying like a paper kite, blood gushing from his wounds as his face paled and his eyes filled with shock .

Despite feeling it with his own body, he couldn’t believe what had just happened .

The Third-Order Transcendent Realm young had actually used his flesh and blood body to not only block his artifact’s all-out attack but even forcefully repelled it, sending Chou Xu flying .

On the other hand, the young man was only forced back a dozen steps before he stabilized his footing .

Just how tyrannical did one’s flesh have to be to stop an artifact with their body?

It wasn’t until this moment that Chou Xu fully understood how monstrous the combat strength of the young man before him was . Although this youth’s cultivation realm was lower than Chou Xu’s, he was actually the kind of monster that could easily fight above his own level .

Chou Xu’s eyes dimmed as he tumbled through the air, a moment later screaming out, “Wu Zheng!”

Yang Kai grasped the large bell in his hand for a moment before tossing it aside and disappearing, his figure flickering and quickly re-appearing in front of Chou Xu, a ferocious grin forming on his face as he stated, “It doesn’t matter who you call for now, you’re still going to die!”

A blast of pure True Qi crashed into Chou Xu and despite his best efforts he was unable to resist .

Scotching heat flooded Chou Xu’s body, boiling his blood and turning the surface of his skin bright red .


Chou Xu’s body burst open like a blossoming blood-red flower, his death extremely miserable .

Xiu Li’s tender body trembled fiercely as her heart filled with fear . She had witnessed the entire battle from start to finish but was still unable to understand just how a Saint Realm master was so easily killed by a mere Transcendent Realm youth .

This scene had completely subverted her perception of a cultivator’s strength .

Staring at this terrifying youth’s imposing back, Xiu Li couldn’t help feeling terrified .

“Master, how should we deal with this woman?” Li Rong asked softly .

“Kill her!” Yang Kai responded faintly .

“Understood!” Han Fei nodded, her figure flickering and appearing beside Xiu Li in the next instant before sending out a few light palms .

In the blink of an eye, Xiu Li’s body was covered in a layer of ice, transforming her into an incredibly life-like ice sculpture, the fear on her face perfectly preserved .

This ice sculpture fell down right after and shattered into a million pieces .

Xiu Li had died, leaving not a single trace of her corpse .

“Who dares commit murder here?” A roar echoed from far away and a moment later a red-faced old man leisurely appeared, his face filled with anger as he swept his eyes over the surrounding .

After clearly seeing Yang Kai though, his face paled, “Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Holy Master?”

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