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Chapter 862,: 862,
The five Great Commanders of the Ancient Demon Clan eagerly looked towards the direction Yang Kai and left and were unable to calm themselves for quite some time .

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“Senior Li, we should spread the word to our fellow clansmen,” Hua Mo said quietly .

“En,” Li Rong gently nodded, “It’s time . ”

Saying so, she turned her pretty eyes towards Wu Jie and smiled warmly, “Master said your name was Wu Jie, correct?”

“Yes,” Wu Jie’s expression was a little cramped and uneasy . Half an hour before, he and Yang Kai were being chased down by a Demon General and were forced to escape into this Mysterious Small World, yet not there were actually five Demon Race Saints standing in front of him . Wu Jie couldn’t help feeling a deep sense of despair, as if he had escaped from the tiger’s cave only to enter the wolf’s den .

Fortunately, these people didn’t seem to hold any malicious intent towards him and their relationship with Yang Kai also didn’t seem shallow .

“Since you are master’s friend, you are not an outsider . Please come with me, we need to ask you about the outside situation,” Li Rong gently nodded before leading the way into the Citadel’s depths .

“Please!” Han Fei also motioned coldly .

Wu Jie let out a forced laugh before quickly following behind Li Rong .

In truth, he too had many questions he’d like to ask these Demon Race masters .

… . .

Deep beneath Demon God Citadel, in a familiar underground chamber, Yang Kai did not immediately begin refining the Saint Pill, and instead sat cross-legged in meditation .

Steadying his breathing, he slowly calmed and adjusted himself .

This secret room was where he had cultivated the Demon God Transformation, so he was quite familiar with the environment .

With Yang Kai’s current Alchemy level, he could be said to have reached the limit of the Saint Grade Low-Rank and was just one step away from the Mid-Rank .

However, that did not mean he was incapable of refining a Saint Grade Mid-Rank pill .

With the appropriate auxiliary Spirit Arrays and his Myriad Drug Liquid, refining a Saint Grade Mid-Rank pill shouldn’t be too difficult .

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Emptying his mind and settling his pulse, Yang Kai entered into a state of tranquility, various insights into pill refining flashing across his thoughts as he immersed himself in the Alchemic Way .

The knowledge and experiences he had comprehended from the True Alchemic Way as well as his own personal hardships and achievements in the field of Alchemy all coalesced and crystallized in Yang Kai’s mind .

It was like he was an outsider, silently observing his own growth in the Alchemic Way, from when he first began refining the lowest Common Grade pills, to his experiences with Earth Grade, Heaven Grade, Mysterious Grade, Spirit Grade, then finally Saint Grade pills…

In a flash Yang Kai reviewed his own rapid growth in the field of Alchemy, each pill he had refined seeming like a brand new life, full of vigor and vitality .

Before he knew it, he had grown to the point where he could easily refine Saint Grade Low-Rank pills .

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly shot open and an unwavering self-confidence pulsed from his body . He was certain that in his current state, he would successfully refine the required Saint Grade Mid-Rank pill .

Pulling out the various Spirit Grade and Saint Grade herbs he had collected over the years, Yang Kai carefully arranged them in front of himself .

Pouring his Spiritual Energy into his small pill furnace, Yang Kai swiftly began portraying an exquisite Spirit Array to promote the chance of successfully refining a pill .

Taking hold of one of the herbs, a burst of golden light erupted as Yang Kai gathered his True Qi into his hand, creating a blazing hot inferno which burned away all of its impurities .

A short time later, a green teardrop sized ball of pure medicinal liquid was all that was left, a potent fragrance and aura wafting from it .

Wrapping this drop of medicinal liquid in his True Qi, Yang Kai suspended it next to his pill furnace before picking up the next spirit herb and repeating the process .

As he continued refining the spirit herbs, Yang Kai also completed the Spirit Array inside his pill furnace .

One spirit herb after another was refined in an orderly manner .

Now, in front of Yang Kai’s eyes, there was only the world of Alchemy, the herbs in front of him, his pill furnace, and nothing else . Yang Kai had even temporarily forgotten the important purpose of the Saint Pill he was refining, not allowing any stray thoughts to affect his current mood, his movements remaining smooth and undisturbed .

Inside the underground chamber, a potent medicinal fragrance began to spread .

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Inside the main hall of Demon God Citadel, the five Great Commanders of the Ancient Demon Clan all sat with dignified looks upon their faces . After learning about the current situation in detail from Wu Jie, all of them clearly realized why Yang Kai was so eager to return and refine the Saint Pill which would restore their freedom .

To put it simply, time had run out and he now had no choice but to act now .

“Xue Li should have found the Coffin Carrying Man and if my assumptions are correct, she should currently be fighting with him now,” Wu Jie said as he swept his eyes over the five powerhouses before him .

“The Demon General called Xue Li, is she a Third Order Saint?” Li Rong frowned slightly .

“Yes, she is one of the top masters of our world, each of the Demon Race’s four Demon Generals are on a similar level!”

“Senior Li, Coffin Slave Senior should have only been a Second Order Saint before he died and his body has obviously degraded after so many years . He won’t be able to hold off that Demon General for long,” Han Fei said, her voice filled with anger, anxious to rush out right now and assist Coffin Slave Senior .

“Coffin Slave Senior indeed shouldn’t be that woman’s opponent, but so long as that woman wants to inquire about Great Demon God’s secrets, she won’t use extreme methods… so we shouldn’t need to be too worried, we also only need to hold out for three days,” Li Rong said softly, a moment later suddenly remembered something, “But according to Master, that woman inadvertently obtained some Demon God Golden Blood a long time ago and successfully refined it . I just hope she won’t display any of Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities; if she does, things will become troublesome . ”

“Demon God Divine Abilities?” Wu Jie’s eyes narrowed as he hesitated before finally deciding to ask, “Are you referring to… the legendary Great Demon God?”

“Indeed!” Hua Mo nodded firmly .

Wu Jie’s mouth twitched and he didn’t dare to ask anymore, the matters surrounding the Great Demon God were not things someone of his level could casually inquire about, and the more he knew, the more difficult his life would become .

Just as the few people were speaking, a violent aura suddenly appeared outside and with a creaking sound, the entire Mysterious Small World seemed to be tremble slightly .

Li Rong’s pretty face went cold as she swiftly got up from her chair and moved outside, carefully staring up at the sky .

The rest of the group also rushed out .

“It’s begun…” Li Rong said faintly, “It should be the fallout of that Demon General and Coffin Slave Senior’s fight affecting us . ”

“Daring to raise her hand against Coffin Slave Senior, just wait for me to get out of here and I’ll make her pay!” Han Fei coldly snorted .

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Wu Jie suddenly remembered that he and Yang Kai had entered this place through the blood red coffin behind the Coffin Carrying Man and couldn’t help worrying, “If Coffin Slave Senior is defeated, and the blood red coffin behind him is destroyed… what will happen to this place?”

Li Rong glanced over at him and grinned, “This Mysterious Small World was forged by Great Demon God himself using one of his most powerful Divine Abilities . That blood red coffin you spoke of acts as both the seal and vessel of this place so if it is destroyed, everything in this Mysterious Small World will be exiled to The Void with no hope of ever escaping . ”

Wu Jie’s face went pale as he muttered under his breath, “I hope that Coffin Slave Senior can sustain…”

Everyone present, including the various leaders of the Ancient Demon Clan, had similar worries, but the one who was most unsettled was by far the outsider Wu Jie .

The five Great Commanders apparently had some confidence in Coffin Slave Senior and were also convinced that Xue Li would not rashly destroy the blood red coffin .

That is, unless she gave up on unlocking the secrets of Great Demon God .

The changes inside the Mysterious Small World caused panic to spread amongst the Ancient Demon Clan clansmen so Hua Mo and Yin Ya and Xue Ji all had to appear personally and calm them while simultaneously relaying Li Rong’s proclamation that Yang Kai was currently refining the Saint Pill which would allow them to finally leave this place .

Upon learning this, the Ancient Demon Clan went from panicking to celebrating .

One day passed, two days passed…

As time flow by, the Mysterious Small World became increasingly unsettled until two days later all the shaking stopped and everything became calm once more .

Perceiving this change, Li Rong and the other Great Commanders wore sad expressions .

They know that that either Coffin Slave Senior had managed to repel that Demon General, or Coffin Slave Senior had been defeated by her .

The latter was far more likely as Coffin Slave Senior’s opponent was a top ranked Third Order Saint .

Coffin Slave Senior had guarded this Mysterious Small World for countless years and although none of the Ancient Demon Clan who currently lived here knew what he looked like much less met him, each of them had a profound respect for him in their heart .

It was because of him that every ten years, a candidate who could free their clan from this eternal prison would be sent in, ultimately leading to Yang Kai’s arrival which allowed Li Rong and others to finally see hope of freedom .

But now, before the Ancient Demon Clan could escape from this place, Coffin Slave Senior encountered a powerful enemy, causing Li Rong and the other Great Commanders to become quite on edge, wishing they could leave right now and see just how Coffin Slave Senior was doing .

However, until Yang Kai finished refining the required Saint Pill, none of them could leave, so even if they were incredibly anxious, there was nothing they could do about it .

Just then, the World Energy inside the Mysterious Small World once again became disordered and began rapidly flowing towards a particular direction .

Everyone was shocked by this development and quickly began investigating, further surprised by what they discovered .

The place where they perceived all of this World Energy was flowing towards was actually the underground chamber Yang Kai was currently using for Alchemy .

There was also a vague fresh pill scent wafting towards them from that direction .

Realizing what all this could mean, everyone’s mood became tense .

A short time later, the flow of World Energy subsided and a figure soon appeared before everyone’s eyes; it was none other than Yang Kai .

“Master…” Li Rong called out hesitantly, her voice trembling somewhat .

Yang Kai grinned before stretching out his hand towards her, “Fortunately, I did not fail my mission, and the refinement was successful . ”

Atop his palm was a longan sized pill that was exuding dense rays of light .

Several pairs of eyes stared fixedly at this Saint Pill . Hua Mo’s eyes even began watering up .

“As for how this is supposed to be used, I’ll leave that up to you,” Yang Kai frowned and solemnly handed the Saint Pill to Li Rong .

After all, there was only one Saint Pill but thousands of Ancient Demon Clan members, Yang Kai really didn’t know how to distribute the effects of this Saint Pill to all of them .

“Han Fei and I will handle that,” Li Rong carefully clasped the Saint Pill before shooting Han Fei and quick glance, the two of them nodding firmly before flying up to the highest point of the citadel .

“We must convene all of our clansmen,” Hua Mo said, taking Yin Ya and Xue Ji with him to spread the word .

Yang Kai looked up and observed as Li Rong and Han Fei stood mid-air above the citadel, seemingly arranging some kind of Spirit Array, an exquisite and mysterious energy pulsing from their location s they worked .

Heeding the call of Hua Mo and the two new Great Commanders, all of the Ancient Demon Clan quickly began to gather .

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