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Chapter 791,: 791,
From this point alone, it could be seen this young man had gained Her Highness Saintess’ full approval .

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What was even more commendable though was this young man’s cultivation, he was actually already a Second Order Transcendent!

All this time, Xu Hui had been speculating about what kind of cultivation the future Holy Master currently had, feeling like it wouldn’t matter even if he was only reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary . With the Holy Land resources and dedicated cultivation, it would only take a few dozen years for him to reach the peak of the Martial Dao, but reality had given Xu Hui a pleasant surprise .

Such a young Second Order Transcendent was a rarity throughout the entire continent .

Thinking about the message left by Qian Ning before his death, Xu Hui couldn’t help but smile . The more he looked at Yang Kai, the more pleasing he appeared to the eye .

“Right, Your Highness Saintess, how did you escape from the Seven Family Alliance archipelago? As far as I know, that entire island chain was destroyed by Saintess Nan and there were almost no survivors!” Xu Hui asked curiously

An Ling’er glanced over at and upon seeing him nod, she began narrating what happened in the Ancient Ruins beneath the sea .

“A Void Corridor?” Xu Hui brow rose, celebrating in the next breath, “The Heavens truly must be blessing my Holy Land . So, when you came out of the Void Corridor, you found yourselves in the Demon Land?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded quickly, fearing An Ling’er would let slip what happened in the Mysterious Small World, “After arriving in the Demon Land, we accidentally fell into the hands of Xue Li and only managed to escape a few days ago!”

“Demon General Xue Li?” Xu Hui paled at the mere mention of this name, the other three Saints also showing looks of shock, as if they couldn’t believe Yang Kai and An Ling’er could actually escape from such a master, causing them to greatly admire this pair of juniors .

All of them couldn’t help thinking to themselves at that moment that if they fell into the hands of Xue Li, they would certainly have become prisoners for the rest of their lives .

Thinking so, the Saint Realm masters of Nine Heavens Holy Land treated Yang Kai, this future Holy Master, even more respectfully .

Flying past famous mountains and rivers, Xu Hui and the other Saints never once slowed down, crossing several tens of thousands of kilometers every day, having long escaped from Saintess Nan’s pursuit .

On the way, Xu Hui casually inquired about Yang Kai’s origins . Upon learning that he was actually from Soaring Heaven Sect, Xu Hui felt a little surprised .

Soaring Heaven Sect was also considered a powerful force; however, it was quite far from Nine Heavens Holy Land so they had next to no interactions with one another .

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“Soaring Heaven Sect also recently experienced a massive increase in strength; it seems that they all of a sudden had four new Saints . ” At the mention of Soaring Heaven Sect, one of the old men from the Nine Heavens Holy Land team couldn’t help shouting, “Right now, their overall strength may actually be above our Holy Land . ”

“Four new Saints?” Yang Kai smiled slightly upon hearing these words, immediately thinking of Cang Yan, Fei Yu, and his other Martial Uncles . It seems like the medicinal liquid of the Thousand Year Demon Flower from Floating Clouds City really helped them break through .

“I also heard about that, it is said that those four went to Floating Clouds City along with an Alchemist nearly two years ago to compete for the Thousand Year Demon Flower’s medicinal liquid… If I remember correctly, the Alchemist who accompanied them was a young man . En, his description is somewhat similar to the future Holy Master!” Saying so, Xu Hui turned a meaningful look towards Yang Kai .

Yang Kai’s expression however remained indifferent, as if he simply hadn’t heard what was said . Right now, no matter what Yang Kai said, it would only cause more suspicion; this old man Xu Hui had obviously already had some guesses of his own .

However, this old man wasn’t malicious towards him, so Yang Kai was temporarily not worried .

Seeing Yang Kai not respond, Xu Hui just smiled lightly, “There’s no need to envy others . My Holy Land has a new Holy Master, so it won’t be long before our strength recovers to its peak, possibly even growing beyond that!”

“Yes, that’s right!” The crowd quickly shouted out in agreement, all of them seeming to have great expectations for Yang Kai .

Yang Kai frowned at this and solemnly said, “Seniors, I have no desire to inherit the position of Holy Master . Once we reach a safe place, I plan to leave . ”

“Ah?” Xu Hui was stunned, “You don’t wish to become Holy Master?”

Yang Kai nodded, “I have already spoken with An Ling’er about this many times . I learned three of your Nine Heavens Divine Skills without understanding the implications of doing so . From now on, I can swear not to use these three Divine Skills . ”

“This…” A few people suddenly found themselves unable to say anything .

An Ling’er bit her lip lightly and added, “I have a lot of responsibility for this matter, he did not intentionally learn my Holy Land’s Divine Skills, if you wish to blame someone, please only blame me . ”

Xu Hui frowned, glancing back and forth between Yang Kai and An Ling’er, his thoughts were unreadable . Suddenly smiling, he said, “Let’s not discuss this matter right now . Seeing how little brother is from Soaring Heaven Sect, we will not embarrass you . If it is convenient, let us first return to the Holy Land so we may properly entertain little brother . After having a look at the Holy Land with your own eyes, if little brother still insists on leaving, we won’t force you to remain!”

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Yang Kai’s eyes flashed and knew that in front of so many Saint Realm masters he couldn’t just refuse .

Once he rejected their offer, it was likely they would instead use forceful means to detain him . Although they wouldn’t harm him, they would definitely find a way to bring him back to Nine Heavens Holy Land .

Xu Hui had already made the biggest concession he could here . Given his status and strength, if he really decided to force Yang Kai to come with them, it would be impossible for Yang Kai to resist, this alone illustrated Xu Hui’s sincerity .

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, wanting to avoid any further disputes for the time being .

Seeing him agree like this, An Ling’er couldn’t help showing a happy smile .

The group continued forward .

Different from the previous harmonious atmosphere though, after learning that Yang Kai did not intend to become the new Holy Master, Xu Hui and the other three Saints suddenly fell silent, constantly meeting eyes while exchanging messages with their Divine Senses, seemingly discussing something .

Yang Kai noticed this but pretended not to .

A short time later, the four Saints suddenly began chattering incessantly, describing the power and heritage of Nine Heavens Holy Land, obviously trying to seduce Yang Kai by explaining all the benefits he could receive by becoming Holy Master .

Yang Kai allowed them to carry on until their tongues grew tired, treating their words like the passing wind, never showing the slightest bit of interest, causing Xu Hui and the others to feel somewhat helpless .

However, from their descriptions, Yang Kai gained a better understanding of just how monstrous this force was .

Although each Nine Heavens Holy Land Holy Master did not live a long life, every one of them became a peak Third Order Saint .

As long as it possessed a Third Order Saint, any force would be considered a top force .

Moreover, the way the Holy Master cultivated was different from ordinary cultivators . Inside the Holy Land, there were some places where only the Holy Master could enter . In these sacred grounds, the Holy Master’s strength would grow extremely quickly . How this worked though was something of a mystery to Xu Hui and the other Saints .

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With multiple Saintesses assisting him cultivation, as many as eight and as few as three, it was difficult for each Holy Master’s strength to not improve rapidly . Every Saintess was carefully selected, each one possessing superior aptitude and beauty . These Saintess were also completely obedient towards their Holy Master .

It could be said that as long as one became Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, not only could he enjoy having three wives and four concubines, but he could also rise to the peak of this world in terms of strength and status .

The only drawback was limited longevity!

Not only was the lifespan of each Holy Master short, so too were the lives of his Saintesses .

The previous Holy Master originally had six Saintesses, but over the past fifty years, five of them had fallen, leaving behind only Saintess Nan .

When the old Holy Master died, Saintess Nan also fell .

The previous generation’s Holy Master and Saintess had all passed on, so now all hope for the Holy Land was pinned on Yang Kai and An Ling’er . How could Xu Hui and the others possibly allow Yang Kai to so easily leave?

“Great Elder, what about Xiao Lian and the others?” An Ling’er realized something from Xu Hui’s words and couldn’t help asking .

Xu Hui’s expression immediately became gloomy, and he hesitated for a while before replying, “All of them died . Of this generation’s four Saintesses, only you remain, the other three were killed by Saintess Nan!”

“Ah…” An Ling’er cover her mouth as her eyes filled with tears .

She had held out some hope that her sisters had also found appropriate candidates to become the new Holy Master which would allow Great Elder Xu Hui to not force Yang Kai into the position, but those hopes were dashed now by this sad news .

But thinking about it carefully, none of the Saintess’ teams had a Saint Realm master with them, so once they were discovered by Saintess Nan, there would be no way they could escape .

She was extremely fortunate to have met Yang Kai and to have coincidentally learned about the existence of a Void Corridor . If not for those two strokes of luck, her fate would likely have been the same as her three sister Saintesses .

“I am deeply sorry, Your Highness Saintess!” Xu Hui quickly consoled, “As such, the Holy Land’s future depends on the two of you . ”

Saying so, he quickly turned to face Yang Kai, “Little brother, please excuse this old master for being so frank, but if little brother refuses to accept the position of Holy Master, I’m afraid within a hundred years the Holy Land will disappear . ”

Xu Hui’s words were spoken in a very earnest and dignified tone .

The other three Saints also quickly pleaded, “We too must ask little brother to accept our rude request, the Holy Land’s inheritance cannot end with our generation!”

Yang Kai gently sighed as he stared off into the distance, “The tides rise and fall, flowers blossom and wilt, such is the way of the world . No force can survive forever, even someone as strong as the Great Demon God has faded into the annals of history . And… someone suited to become Holy Master are not limited to just me are they? It’s just that An Ling’er has not found another candidate yet . ”

“Little brother apparently doesn’t know the whole story, otherwise you would not say such words . Each of our Holy Land’s Saintesses can only choose one candidate to become the next Holy Master, once she had chosen, she will never be able to sense another potential candidate!”

“What you mean to say is that in this world, only I can become your new Holy Master?” Yang Kai frowned, suddenly feeling like the situation had become difficult .

Xu Hui and the others all nodded solemnly .

“If little brother does not agree, then our Nine Heavens Holy Land can only wait for its demise!”

“Little brother, we beg of you, please inherit the position of Holy Master!”

“Don’t try to force me, forcing me will make me angry!” Yang Kai shot them a stern look .

Xu Hui’s expression changed and quickly waved his hands, “We wouldn’t dare!”

Seeing Yang Kai growing impatient, An Ling’er quickly said, “Didn’t Great Elder just say we wouldn’t discuss this matter for now, why are you bringing it up again?”

Xu Hui smiled awkwardly as he said embarrassedly, “This old man was impatient just now, please don’t mind me . Little brother, let us first return to the Holy Land and allow little brother to experience our Holy Land’s culture and livelihood . This old man will certainly entertain you well . ”

“En, at this pace we should arrive within three to five days,” Another person quickly chimed in .

Silavin: Well, kinda a loop to throw out but I was questioning the intent of why they did not quickly dispose of Aunt Nan sooner . However, it seems that her death must be too sudden for them to react . It is possible to be suicide . Though, I don’t think that question will be answered any time soon…

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