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Chapter 693,: 693,
When he heard that High Heaven Pavilion’s current Sect Master had become a Second Order Transcendent, Chu Ling Xiao couldn’t help smiling brightly .

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He knew just what the conditions of that world were like . Anyone being able to break through to such a realm must have extremely good aptitude and natural talent .

When Chu Ling Xiao departed, he hadn’t left much behind, only a single Universe Bag; the very same one Ling Tai Xu had given Yang Kai and which was currently in Su Yan’s hands .

“It turns out you were from one of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families . When this old master was over on that side, I had heard much about their strength,” Chu Ling Xiao nodded lightly .

“There’s no comparison between them and this side though,” Yang Kai shook his head, any random force here was stronger than all of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families combined .

“How did you come to this side?” Chu Ling Xiao asked curiously .

Yang Kai went on to describe how he had found a Void Corridor with Shui Ling and made the subsequent trip here .

“Water Spirit Temple, good, this old master has heard about them, a Sect that specializes in Water Attribute Secret Arts,” Chu Ling Xiao nodded slightly, “You’ve indeed worked hard to be able to arrive at this step . ”

“This is just the path this disciple has chosen,” Yang Kai replied righteously .

“What plans do you have for the future?” Chu Ling Xiao kindly asked .

“Nothing for the time being; however, there are two people I want to find . ”

“Who are you looking for?”

“My two Senior Sisters, they also crossed over to this side,” Yang Kai replied .

Chu Ling Xiao smiled and nodded, “What characteristics do they have? I can let the Sect’s people help pay attention to any news about them . ”

Yang Kai quickly described the features of Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, adding on after, “Strictly speaking, they are actually four people I am looking for . In addition to my two Senior Sisters, there is also a Devil Lord who possessed the body of the Demon General Ancestral Founder sealed in High Heaven Pavilion all those years ago . ”

“A Devil Lord?”

“Ancestral Founder can rest assured, he shouldn’t be a member of the Demon Race, it’s just that his cultivation techniques are somewhat evil . He has helped me a lot and I consider him my friend . He calls himself Old Demon, as for his real name, he’s never mentioned it before . ”

“Old Demon? I’ve never heard of him, but I’ll believe in your vision, and the last one?”

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“An old foggy name Meng Wu Ya, he’s a very mysterious person . ”

“Meng Wu Ya?” Chu Ling Xiao expression changed dramatically, “Did you say Meng Wu Ya?”

“Does Ancestral Founder know him?”

“I do know someone named Meng Wu Ya, but I don’t know if it is the same person, what does he look like?”

Yang Kai quickly described the appearance of Meng Wu Ya . Chu Ling Xiao’s expression became weird as he murmured, “Is it really him? He was supposed to have died already but now it seems that old fox is alive and kicking and also escaped to that side . ”

Yang Kai was also quite surprised, “Ancestral Founder seems to be quite familiar with Treasurer Meng…”

“I am indeed familiar with him, I’ve even fought with him several times, but there’s no hatred between us, both of us were just exchanging pointers . That guy… en, he’s a tough character to handle . About two hundred years ago, he and the Demon Commander fought a great battle after which he disappeared . We all thought he was dead . ”

“He and Ancestral Founder fought one another?” Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help bulging, “What realm had he achieved that he could exchange moves with you?”

“The Saint Realm obviously,” Chu Ling Xiao was surprised by Yang Kai’s reaction, “Why? What’s wrong?”

Yang Kai mouth twitched a few times before he managed to reply, “Several years ago, when I first met him, his cultivation was only at the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary . When we last separated though, his strength had risen to somewhere around the Second or Third Order Transcendent Realm, but his full strength still seemed to be suppressed by some kind of seal . ”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Chu Ling Xiao burst out into laughter, “That old fox got what he deserved, he must have been struck by the Demon Commander’s Profound Heavenly Seal, a powerful three layer seal, and from what you’ve described, it seems he’s already unlocked the first layer of the seal . It’s quite a feat he managed to escape from the Demon Commander with his life in that kind of state . It seems his luck is as good as ever . ”

Yang Kai was thoroughly shocked, unable to accept this new information for quite some time .

It was no wonder he always felt that Treasurer Meng was surrounded in mystery, it turns out he was actually a top-level Saint Realm master . Lifting the first layer of the seal binding his cultivation had allowed him to restore his strength to the Transcendent Realm . If he could lift the second layer of restrictions, he will be able to return to the Saint Realm, and if he managed to break through the last layer of the seal, he would definitely return to being an apex master even by Tong Xuan Realm’s standards .

“You’ve brought me some good news,” Chu Ling Xiao said happily, “But it wouldn’t be easy to find him . When he fought with the current Demon Commander, the latter ate a small loss . The Demon Race is quite vengeful, so before that old fogey’s strength is completely restored, he won’t easily show his face; after all, he is also a famous character . Once the Demon Race become aware of his return, it will be difficult for him to escape their pursuit . ”

Yang Kai was stunned .

“I’ll let the Sect’s people pay attention to news about the movements of your two Senior Sisters . If we learn anything, I’ll let you know . You are also a disciple of my Soaring Heaven Sect . From now on, you can stay here with peace of mind, no need to feel restrained, just treat this place as your own home . ”

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“Disciple understands,” Yang Kai took a deep breath and nodded firmly .

After learning that this old man was the Ancestral Founder of High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai truly didn’t feel he was an outsider .

Fortunately, Chu Ling Xiao had sensed the faint presence of the Devil Sealing Chain and thus found him, otherwise, Yang Kai would still be a homeless wanderer .

“Cang Yan,” Chu Ling Xiao called out .

Cang Yan, who had been waiting outside the door, immediately came in, “Disciple greets Martial Ancestor . ”

“En, take care of your new Martial Nephew . ”

“Disciple understands . ”

“Right, Ancestral Founder, disciple has something to request,” Yang Kai suddenly spoke .

“Oh, if you have something to ask, feel free to speak . ”

“For certain reasons, I need to quickly improve my proficiency in Alchemy, so I would like to ask the Sect to provide me with some herbs to concoct pills . ”

“Let Cang Yan arrange it, this is also a good deed for my Soaring Heaven Sect!” Chu Ling Xiao smiled and nodded .

Yang Kai volunteering to perform Alchemy for the Sect was something Chu Ling Xiao was more than happy to see .

After bidding farewell to Chu Ling Xiao, Yang Kai and Cang Yan left the secluded house and Cang Yan gave Yang Kai a curious look, “Are you from that other realm?”

“Yes . ”

“No wonder I’ve never heard of you before . I always wondered how such an outstanding young talent like you could be completely unknown, but now I understand . Good, from now on we are all one family . Martial Uncle will definitely take care of you, if anyone dares to mess with you, Martial Uncle will help you to exterminate his whole family,” Cang Yan grinned .

Yang Kai’s face went a little black at this terrifying comment which was made in such an offhanded manner .

When he returned to his temporary courtyard, Yang Kai discovered a red-faced Fei Yu lying down lazily on a bench in the corridor, her exquisite curves and tall peaks clearly outlined by her thin, messy robes, simulate one’s fantasies .

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She had a bottle of wine in her hands and was drinking happily .

“Drinking again,” Cang Yan slowly shook his head and whispered to Yang Kai, “Your Martial Aunt here doesn’t behave like a woman at all, all she does is drink all year round, and I bet no one will want her for her entire life . ”

Before he had finished voicing his thoughts, Fei Yu’s wine bottle flew over towards him . Cang Yan caught it, sniffed, and muttered in dissatisfaction, “Not your Thousand Safflower Wine?”

“Hmph,” Fei Yu got up and squinted at Cang Yan, “There’s no share of my Thousand Safflower Wine for a jerk who enjoys slandering me behind my back . ”

“But you promised me before,” Cang Yan grumbled .

“I already gave that bottle of Thousand Safflower Wine to this little brother . ”

“Gave it to him?” Cang Yan stared blankly at Yang Kai before breaking out into a flattering smile, “Martial Nephew, you see… Martial Uncle worked hard for two months searching for you, shouldn’t you offer me some thanks as a show on sincerity?”

Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “I want to keep good things for myself . ”

Cang Yan blinked for a moment, apparently not having thought Yang Kai would actually flat out refuse him .

Fei Yu, on the other hand, frowned slightly as she asked suspiciously, “How did it suddenly become Martial Nephew? Did this little brother join our Soaring Heaven Sect?”

“Strictly speaking, he has always been a disciple of our Soaring Heaven Sect . ”

“Oh, what happened?” Fei Yu was quite surprised as she stared curiously at Yang Kai .

Cang Yan gave a brief explanation of what had just happened, causing Fei Yu to suddenly rejoice, “So that means I’m also this boy’s Martial Aunt?”

“En,” Cang Yan nodded .

“Haha, it seems we’ve picked up another Martial Nephew,” Li Wan said, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, his head not even reaching past Yang Kai’s shoulders as he crossed his arms and examined the latter from top to bottom like a wise old soul, his eyes fill with bright light as he nodded slightly, “Not bad . ”

“Greetings, Martial Uncles, Martial Aunt,” Yang Kai cupped his fists .

The three people glanced at each other and laughed, Fei Yu smiling even more brilliantly than before, obviously feeling very happy .

All of a sudden, Li Wan declared, “Good, I think we should celebrate Martial Nephew’s recognition of his ancestors and return to his roots . ”

“Good idea!” Cang Yan nodded in agreement, continuing, “I think Serene Resplendent Peak would be the perfect place to hold a celebration . ”

“No!” Fei Yu’s complexion changed rapidly as she hurriedly tried to object .

However, Cang Yan had already used his movement skill to fly away, his voice travelling back from afar, “I’m going to hunt for some fresh meat . ”

Li Wan had similarly disappeared as he said, “I’ll go find Fei Jian . We can’t let him miss out on the celebration . ”

In the blink of an eye, only Fei Yu and Yang Kai were left behind .

The beautiful woman bit her lip as she stared off in the direction Cang Yan and Li Wan disappeared, cursing under her breath, “You bastards!”

After scolding them for a while, she smiled helplessly and shook her head, “They just want to get their greedy hands on my Thousand Safflower Wine, a group of shameless men . ”

Sighing, she then turned to look at Yang Kai and said, “Let’s go, if I don’t give them what they want this time, they’ll just squat on my Serene Resplendent Peak and bother me until I give in such a headache . ”

“Am I going too?” Yang Kai was still a little dumbstruck .

“They’re taking advantage of your name to do all this, of course, you have to go,” Fei Yu nodded, swiftly reaching out and grabbing Yang Kai’s collar before flying off with him towards a mountain in the distance .

As soon as she flew up though, Fei Yu suddenly felt an intense weight dragging her down, her pretty face cramping up as she quickly increased her strength to compensate .

Shooting a glance towards Yang Kai, Fei Yu knit her brow and asked, “Are you wearing my Primordial Shackles on your body?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded .

“Stop injecting your True Qi into them, it’s too difficult to fly like this,” Fei Yu gave him a dirty look . Just now, she had almost embarrassed herself .

Yang Kai silently chuckled and took back his True Qi, the speed of the pair suddenly increasing a lot .

After a brief flight, the two arrived atop a beautiful mountain peak .

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