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Seeing Li Rong appear, Guan'er hurried saluted her.

However, the beautiful woman gently waved her hand, indicating that she didn't mind, before turning to look at Yang Kai somewhat helplessly.

Yang Kai smiled and said, "If there's resentment, there's vengeance, if there's a grudge, seeking revenge is natural. Your clansmen being worked up over this matter is only natural."

"You're not afraid at all?" Li Rong was amazed not seeing the slightest fear on Yang Kai's face.

"There's no reason for me to be afraid," Yang Kai replied indifferently, "If Senior Li wasn't prepared to intervene in this matter, you wouldn't have appeared in front of me.  Since you're present now, it means that you will handle it, naturally I don't need to be afraid because Senior Li seems to be quite good to me!"

Li Rong's look suddenly became a bit unnatural, and Guan'er couldn't help covering her mouth as she stared at Yang Kai in shock.

No one had ever dared speak such frivolous words in front of Senior Li, much less a little human brat, but not only did Senior Li not become angry, she instead wore an acquiescent expression.

"Might I ask why this is?  What exactly is it that causes Senior Li to favour me so much?" Yang Kai cocked his head to the side and stared at the mature beauty in front of him curiously.

Li Rong lightly coughed, "Anyone who is sent here by Coffin Slave Senior, I will not treat him badly, because perhaps one day, this person will help set my clan free."

These words were obviously only a half-truth, even Guan'er understood that, so how could Yang Kai not?

However, since Li Rong didn't want to explain, Yang Kai didn't push the matter any further.  Think about it, Li Rong's attitude had only changed to she had seen the Solitary Golden Eye in his Knowledge Sea.

Before then, although she hadn't treated him poorly, it was only to the extent of a business partner, but now things were clearly different.  Regarding every aspect of his daily life and his cultivation, Yang Kai could tell that Li Rong was sincerely trying to support him.

Yang Kai wasn't arrogant enough to think that such a dignified and graceful lady would be interested in him; after all, she was a powerful Saint who had innumerable years of experience.  By now, love and attraction were probably nothing but transient clouds in her eyes, so there must be some other reason, but the only thing Yang Kai could think of was that it had something to do with the Solitary Golden Eye.

Yang Kai just couldn't understand why seeing the Solitary Golden Eye had had such a profound impact on her.

"In any case, your analysis is correct, since I've decided to appear here, I will handle this matter. You don't have to worry about it.  I have already told the Elders restrain the people so they won't find trouble with you in the future, just remember not to stir up problems for no reason in the future.  Just because I am protecting you this time doesn't mean I will allow you to act impudently without consequence!"

"I never take the initiative to find trouble with others," Yang Kai chuckled.  Probably trying to cover up her previous gaff, this mature beauty was intentionally using a cold tone to warn him.

"That's for the best," Li Rong nodded lightly, no longer said anything, turned around, and walked out of the stone room.

A moment later, Yang Kai heard Li Rong reprimand the assembled Ancient Demon Clan outside and soon the crowd dispersed.

Guan'er rushed up to Yang Kai and spat out her tongue, saying with genuine admiration, "You really have some skill, but your arrogance isn't proportional to your strength. You break through to the Transcendent Realm as quickly as possible, and it won't be too late for you to act wildly then, hehe…"

With a big smile, Guan'er also turned around and left.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, right now he was the one beneath the eaves, so he could only helplessly accept this situation.

He knew that in this damned place, besides a select few, all of the members of the Ancient Demon Clan regarded him as an outsider. If there wasn't someone powerful sheltering him, he would die a miserable death sooner or later.

This time, Pan Lang came to trouble him and he was able to cope with it on his own, but if the next time it was a Transcendent Realm master?  Or what if a Saint took aim at him?

Having considered all of this, Yang Kai had spoken without reservation towards Li Rong's in order to determine her attitude towards him; he wanted to make clear once and for all to what extent she would protect him.

Fortunately, his guess had been correct.  Despite her efforts to hide it, Yang Kai could tell that Li Rong fully intended to shelter him.

Regardless whether she had some ulterior motive for doing so, for now, Yang Kai had to use her identity and status to ensure his safety.

After pondering over everything for a moment, Yang Kai scratched his head and remembered he had forgotten to ask Li Rong about the so called Demon Crests.

This had been on Yang Kai's mind for several months now.  This issue had been of particular concern to him ever since he first saw these crests on one of the Ancient Demon Clan, but because he wasn't familiar with anyone at the time, he decided to not ask unnecessary questions to avoid stirring up trouble.

But now that he was certain Li Rong was acting favourable towards him, he had a chance to explore this issue.

Yang Kai was very interested in the Demon Crests of the Ancient Demon Clan because when he used his Devil Transformation, he would experience a similar change, just far more exaggerated than the one Pan Lang had undergone.

Not getting anywhere on his own, Yang Kai simply decided to wait until Guan'er came back to find an opportunity to ask her.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai set this issue aside for now and turned his attention back to improving his Alchemy skills.


After Li Rong left the stone room and dispersed the crowd of people here to seek trouble with Yang Kai, a slightly vacant look appeared on her pretty face.

On that day, when she saw the Solitary Golden Eye and the golden light had swept over her, she felt a kind of resonance from her Ancient Demon Clan bloodline.  After returning to Demon God Citadel, she had gone straight to the treasure chamber and checked the ancient books, quickly discovering a record that was very similar to her own experience.

It was for this reason that Li Rong's attitude towards Yang Kai had changed so dramatically.

But over the past few months, through her secret observations, she found that things were not quite as she had thought.  Although this human boy was mysterious and powerful in his own right, it was far from the extent she had anticipated.

[Was it really that?]  Li Rong couldn't make up her mind.

At this time, one of her clansmen came up and reported to her that Hua Mo and Han Fei had arrived and brought with them a large number of herbs.

Li Rong's expression became happy once more as she walked in the direction of the main hall.

Because of Yang Kai's rapid progress in Alchemy consumed countless herbs, what was stored in Demon God Citadel was not quite enough.  Fortunately, the other territories also had also accumulated a large number of herbs over the years, so over the past few months Hua Mo and Han Fei had their subordinates collect them and they had finally come to deliver.

After seeing Hua Mo and Han Fei and receiving their collected herbs, the three Saints sat down and chatted.

"Senior Li, what about Chu Jian? Did he sent over any herbs?" Hua Mo asked.

"He did send some, but there were not many.  Chu Jian said that the soil in his territory these past few years has been quite poor so not many herbs had been produced and he could only collect these few," Li Rong rubbed her forehead.

"Only speaking nonsense," Hua Mo coldly snorted, "There is a great mountain range in Chu Jian's territory, how could there possible be no herbs there?  He is becoming less and less respectful towards Senior Li these days."

Han Fei is also coldly added, "He doesn't place our clan's future in his eyes at all, he just wants to rule over this Mysterious Small World. He's really nothing but an ignorant fool!"

The two Great Commanders continued to point out Chu Jian's recent arrogant actions while trying to pursued Li Rong to give Chu Jian a painful lesson so he would stay in line.

But as always, Li Rong just listened quietly and didn't express any opinion on the matter.

After a while, Hua Mo and Han Fei both saw that their efforts were getting them nowhere and didn't mention the matter anymore.

"Right, Senior Li, I just heard that human brat caused some trouble?"  Hua Mo asked suddenly, "Senior Li has always been fair and just, how come you suddenly decided to speak out in favour of that outsider this time?"

Han Fei also looked at Li Rong slightly strangely. Regardless of what had led to Yang Kai and Pan Lang's fight, who was right and who was wrong, since their clansmen had suffered losses, naturally the guilty party should pay a price, especially considering he was just an outsider, but Senior Li had actually intentionally sheltered him instead.

Li Rong chuckled, "You received word of this fairly quickly."

Hua Mo waved his hand, "Everyone in the Citadel is talking about it, even if I didn't want to inquire about it specifically I would definitely have gotten word of it."

Han Fei's spoke in her usual icy tone, "Senior Li, because of this incident, many of our clansmen have begun to express some complaints. Was it really worth it?"

Li Rong's face suddenly became serious and her tone became solemn, "If my guess is correct, it is worth it!"

"Guess?  What guess?" Hua Mo asked doubtfully.

"I can't say for certain right now, I'm still in the process of observing, but I guarantee if you saw what I saw, you would definitely make the same choice.  When everything becomes clear, I will inform you."

Hua Mo and Han Fei nodded lightly, after associating with each other for so many years, they firmly believed in Li Rong's vision and judgment.  Since she had chosen to favour an outsider, she must have a compelling reason.

The trio talked for a while longer before Hua Mo and Han Fei left.

Although they were all people of Demon God Citadel, and each of them was a Great Commander, because the four branches were all based in separate locations, Hua Mo and Han Fei had to return to their own territories promptly.

The purpose of their trip this time had mainly been to deliver their collected herbs.


After the incident where Pan Lang had come to seek trouble but was instead beaten up, most of the Ancient Demon Clan's attitudes towards Yang Kai became increasingly bad, but Yang Kai was too lazy to deal with them, only concentrating on refining pills in his stone room every day.  His Alchemy technique continued progressing rapidly and a large number of pills were produced every day. Simultaneously, his consumption of herbs was quite astonishing.

Yang Kai could sense that outside his stone room there was a powerful master protecting him from the shadows.  Although this person had hidden himself very well, with Yang Kai's many years of experience, he had slowly discovered some traces of him.

This person should have been sent by Li Rong to guard him.

Perceiving this, Yang Kai felt relieved.

On the other hand, his relationship with Guan'er had also become quite harmonious.  This Demon Race girl seemed to be very curious about the outside world so when Yang Kai wasn't busy, she would always pester him to tell her stories about the outside.  These wonderful tales only seemed to increase Guan'er's desire to see them though.

She also vigorously supported his efforts in Alchemy, hoping that one day Yang Kai would be able to refine Saint Grade pills and free her clan from its imprisonment.

Yang Kai also learned a lot about the Demon Crests from Guan'er.

According to Guan'er, their Ancient Demon Clan was a pure blooded and noble member of the Demon Race, incomparable to others of the Demon Race.  Their Demon Crests were an innate ability and not something that could be acquired after birth. When they activated their Demon Crests, their strength would be increased and the more they comprehended and developed their Demon Crests, the greater this increase would be.

Pan Lang and his lackeys could transform their Demon Crests twice, similar to Guan'er herself. Yang Kai only knew of this because he caught a glimpse of her Demon Crest Pattern before. 

After Guan'er, who was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage cultivator, activated her Demon Crests to their fullest, the intensity of her Demonic Qi and Blood Force reached a level equivalent to a Peak Immortal Ascension master.

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