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Charm Monster!

When Yun Xuan called out this name, Yang Kai was startled and realized that this woman's identity wasn't ordinary.

"What is a Charm Monster?"  Yang Kai lowered his voice and asked suspiciously.

Although he had whispered this question, he couldn't conceal his actions from this seemingly delicate woman, the latter turning a beautiful and enchanting gaze lacking any kind of impurity towards Yang Kai and softly smiling, "You haven't heard of us Charm Monsters?"

Yang Kai grinned slightly and nodded, "Nope, I came from a small remote place and don't know much about the outside world."

"Hehe…"  The Charm Monster giggled, "Interesting, I never expected there were still some people who hadn't heard of us, en, let me see…"

Saying so, she placed one of her jade fingers onto her red lips, showing a face filled with a contradictory mix of innocence and enticement, capable of seducing any man who saw it, "Young man, your courage isn't small, since you want to know, before you die, I'll satisfy your curiosity.  That little sister over there seems to know a lot about us Charm Monsters, she can explain."

"Young man?" Yang Kai was amazed, "Just how old are you, miss?"

"A woman's age is her greatest secret," The Charm Monster smiled happily, her expression filled with a perfect balance of seduction and embarrassment; cause Yang Kai's pulse to race.

This woman's lethality towards men was even stronger than Shan Qing Luo's.

Zhou Luo had already lost all control of his rational mind and could only stare towards the Charm Monster with a look of pure admiration.

When the Charm Monster glanced at him and saw this, she simply snorted, a thick meaning of disdain apparent on her face.

"Yun Xuan, what is a Charm Monster?"  Yang Kai turned and looked at Yun Xuan.

"What's wrong with you?!"  Yun Xuan brow twitched as she shouted out in annoyance.  Now, in this life or death crisis, this brat still wanted to learn more about this Charm Monster, this kind of sexual obsession was really awe inspiring.

"Since we're going to die anyways, I'd like to at least know what it was that killed me," Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

Yun Xuan looked at the Charm Monster in front of them and smiled bitterly, "Fine, since we're dead either way, I'll explain.  Charm Monsters… they belong to the Monster Race and are a very high-ranking existence, each of them is born beautiful and has their own unique markings, whether it be an icy temperament, a bewitching smile, or a pure innocence. In short, Charm Monsters are the ultimate nemesis of all men, whether they belong to the Monster Race, Demon Race, or Human Race, no male can resist the enchantment of a Charm Monster."

"Charm Monster's physiques are different from other members of the Monster Race.  Their bodies are relatively weak and they are quite few in number, so their rate of survival is actually quite low, but once they fully mature, they become terrifying enemies because their true strength lies not in their bodies but in their Souls!  Compared to other cultivators in the same realm, a Charm Monster's Spiritual Energy is significantly stronger; Uncle Sun and all the others should have been killed by her Divine Sense attacks!"

As she explained, Yun Xuan glared towards the willowy girl in front of them and clenched her fists, a look of hatred blazing in the depths of her eyes.

The Charm Monster smiled and made no attempt to stop Yun Xuan from revealing her secrets, a gloating expression that was already declaring victory never leaving her face.

But hearing Yun Xuan's explanation, Yang Kai's heart jumped as he suddenly saw a chance to turn things around.

This Charm Monster's Spiritual Energy was definitely stronger than his own, so if he couldn't somehow lure her into his Knowledge Sea, he could only count on his superior physical strength.

Yun Xuan just said that Charm Monster's bodies were very delicate, and just from looking at the one in front of him, Yang Kai could tell it was true.

Concealing these thoughts as best he could, Yang Kai continued to listen to Yun Xuan's introduction.

"I heard that Charm Monsters like to drink the blood essence of people," Yun Xuan said, a blush suddenly appearing on her face.

Even Ruan Xin Yu's expression became a little unnatural, a hint of pink appearing on her neck while crimson filled her cheeks, pupils flitting about randomly.

"Interesting taste," Yang Kai smiled but suddenly became confused, "So why did she just kill everyone from Bold Independent Union?"

If she wanted to drink their blood essence, it would naturally be better for her to capture them one by one, so Yang Kai didn't understand why she had instead slaughtered almost all of them.

"I don't want just any blood essence," The Charm Monster smiled and said with great meaning.

Yun Xuan's face became redder and exuded a mature charm mixed with shyness that made her seem incredibly attractive.

"What she wants to drink is… the blood essence of men and women who are emotionally intoxicated…" Yun Xuan voice became as quiet as a mosquito.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded and hesitated to ask, "What do you mean?"

Yun Xuan stamped her foot and bitterly cried out, "Can't you already understand what I mean?"

Saying so, she glared at him hatefully.

"No way…" Yang Kai's face twitched as he turned to stare at the Charm Monster, "You're tastes area really is too interesting."

However, the Charm Monster simply giggled and ignored the bitterness in his voice.

Yang Kai's expression became pensive for a moment before playfully grinning, "So what you mean to say is that before we die you need all of us to reach a point of ecstasy?"

"En," The Charm Monster gently nodded, staring at Yang Kai with great interest, "What's wrong, aren't you afraid?"

"Of course I'm afraid!"  Yang Kai readily admitted, but quickly continued, "But we humans have a saying,  'Dying in the arms of a woman will let any man die without regret!'"

No wonder she had left the four of the them alive, specifically choosing two men and women, it turns out she had this idea all along, at this moment, Yang Kai finally understood.

He wasn't a little kid, so although Yun Xuan hadn't been explicit, he knew what this Charm Monster wanted.

The Charm Monster on the other hand was amazed, not having expected this little brat to have such an open-mind, lightly nodding her head in appreciation, "Good. Seeing how obedient you are I'll reward you with a choice."

"What kind of choice?" Yang Kai stared at the Charm Monster and smiled.

"Of these two women, you can choose which one you want to spend your last moments with!"

As soon as the Charm Monster said these words, Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu's faces paled, both of them unconsciously turning vigilant eyes towards Yang Kai. Ruan Xin Yu even clutching her robes tightly while Yun Xuan's tender body trembled in fear.

Although she had just explained the special interests of this Charm Monster to Yang Kai, when the time came for the act to be carried out she still couldn't bring herself to accept it.

"Can I choose both of them?" Yang Kai asked with a smile.

"Hehe…" The Charm Monster let out a lovably giggle, she had never encountered such an interesting man before. At the point of death, he was still thinking about grabbing as many beauties as possible, "Your appetite isn't small young man, but you can only eat one. Now choose, the other one will be given to that guy."

Saying so, she pointed her finger towards the glossy eyed Zhou Luo.

Yang Kai put on a disappointed expression as he turned his eyes towards Ruan Xin Yu, a smug look appearing on his face.

Being stared at by him like this, Ruan Xin Yu couldn't help feeling like she had been stripped naked, unable to hide anything in front of Yang Kai's eyes, immediately shouting at him angrily, "If you dare choose me I'll kill you."

"I'm going to die anyways, what do I care?" Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and snorted, "But don't worry, I'm not familiar with you nor am I interested in you, I prefer women who are more mature."

Saying so, he turned his eyes decisively towards Yun Xuan.

Yun Xuan beautiful face changed paled, hurriedly cursing, "You bastard!  At this time you dare have such despicable intentions; you still owe me a favour yet this is how you choose to repay me?"

"There's no other way," Yang Kai shook his head helplessly, "People must bow beneath the eaves. Even if I try to fight back or rebel, would that change anything?"

"A wise choice," Charm Monster gently nodded, "Your Human Race has always been despicable like this. When your lives are threatened, all the wicked and evil thoughts you keep buried inside burst out, I've seen this too many times already."

"You say that as if your Monster Race is above such worldly affairs," Yang Kai sneered.

"We're at least better than you degenerates," The Charm Monster smiled slyly.

As the two bantered back and forth, Yun Xuan's well rounded the chest heaved up and down as a look of struggle appeared on her face only to suddenly become calm and determined as she coldly shouted, "Even if I die, I won't let you cheap animals feel any better."

Saying so, she rapidly pushed her True Qi and her aura becoming dangerous, apparently intending on blowing herself up.

Yang Kai's complexion changed but before he had an opportunity to move, the Charm Monster had already shot her unique Spiritual Energy into Yun Xuna's Knowledge Sea.

In an instant, the cold and ruthless look on Yun Xuan's face disappeared and was replaced by a fascinated expression that was staring straight at Yang Kai, an intoxicated light flashing across her blurry eyes that was mixed with traces of fear and resistance.

"In front of me, none of you should even think about committing suicide!"  The Charm Monster coldly snorted, in the next instant looking at Yang Kai tenderly, "Good, she's already been poisoned with my Spiritual Energy toxin, no female can resist it.  Being able to enjoy such a good woman, young man, you've really won big. Don't let me wait too long, start moving already."

Yang Kai smiled lowly as he wore a lewd expression, "Can young miss help me with a little something first?"

The Charm Monster was obviously getting impatient and coldly asked, "What do you want?"

"Having a pair of spectators makes me a bit nervous, can you make them faint?" Yang Kai pointed his fingers towards Zhou Luo, who had basically been ignored by everyone up to this point, and Ruan Xin Yu, who was now completely frozen with fear.

The Charm Monster wrinkled her brow cutely and hesitated for a moment before agreeing, "Fine."

Saying so, with a wave of her hand, a barrier that separated Yang Kai from Yun Xuan from everything else around them appeared, leaving behind only the two of them and the Charm Monster herself.

"There, now you don't have to worry about being seen."

"Good, and can you…"

"Enough!" The Charm Monster snapped, another pulse of Spiritual Energy shooting out from between her brows and submerging into Yang Kai's mind.

In the next moment, Yang Kai's Knowledge Sea tumbled and a strange foreign energy began stimulated his Soul, causing his blood to boil and his heart to race, hot air leaked from his nose as his breathing became rough, his thoughts becoming blurred as his primal instincts became stimulated.

"Get started, let me see what kind of skills you possess!" The Charm Monster laughed happily, her big beautiful eyes staring at the play before her, her long scarlet tongue licking her delicate lips as she whispered to herself, "The blood essence of a man and woman at the point of climax is too delicious."

Her base and low smile was filled with a cruel madness, her previous soft and gentle temperament instantly disappearing.

Yun Xuan's breathing had also become heavy by now and her face was flushed bright red, an intense heat flowing through her lower abdomen as her slender legs clamped awkwardly, her balance crumbling causing her to fall to the ground.

Yang Kai also felt an unstoppable fire rampage through his body, the mature, seductive aura Yun Xuan currently emanated becoming an irresistible temptation to him, causing all his self control to crumble as he pounced upon her, locked his lips with hers, and began wantonly pressing himself onto her tender body.

As this erotic scene began heating up, even the Charm Monster's breathing became slightly ragged as she spectated the battle taking place in front of her.

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