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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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When he came outside, Yang Kai couldn't help feeling surprised at the number and strength of the assembled cultivators.

These people should have come prepared, otherwise they wouldn't have put together such a strong lineup.  This was especially true of their leader, who was an old man that gave Yang Kai a great sense of pressure.

He was obviously an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master.

Seeing Yang Kai coming out, countless pairs of eyes fixed upon him.

Li Yuan Chun smiled warmly and took the initiative to inquire, "May I ask, are you the Yang Family's Little Lord, Yang Kai?"

"Indeed, and you are…"

"Supreme Solitary Sect, Li Yuan Chun."

"Asura Sect, Ye Fang."

"Falling Blossoms Temple, Hua Duan Hun… hehe."

"Scarlet Tradition Sect, Xu Qian Hao."

"Gemini Island…"

"Cloud Dragon Island…"

The people from the major Endless Sea Islands Sects introduced themselves one after another as they carefully examined Yang Kai. The more they looked though, the more surprised they felt.  The young woman who had been waiting outside with them had already caused them quite a shock, but now seeing Yang Kai, many of them were genuinely dumbstruck.

The Yang Family's Little Lord was no doubt younger than the young girl from before but he actually had an Immortal Ascension Boundary Second Stage cultivation.

Yang Kai nodded his head as he swept his eyes over the crowd, but when his gaze landed on the young woman standing slight apart from everyone else, his expression suddenly became a bit strange, "Bi Luo?"

The young woman coldly snorted, obviously not happy to see Yang Kai.

Qiu Yi Meng also turned her eyes towards this lone young woman, and after recognising Bi Luo, she was equally astonished, unconsciously casting a glance over at Yang Kai, her pretty face suddenly showing an ambiguous look.

Bi Luo was the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land Beguiling Demon Queen Shan Qing Luo's most trusted maid.  When Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man were put under house arrest by Shan Qing Luo, Bi Luo had been the one they interacted with the most.  Moreover, that one day, when they had intruded on Bi Luo and Yang Kai….

Now seeing this girl again, Qiu Yi Meng couldn't help thinking of the scene that day, recalling the milky white liquid at the corner of Bi Luo's lips…

Suddenly her face went bright red.

Yang Kai's expression also went through a series of changes, involuntarily fixing his eyes on Bi Luo's thin, delicate mouth.

[This little mouth… wasn't bad…]

(Silavin: I have no idea why the  author added this in…)

"So Young Master Yang and this girl are old acquaintances," Li Yuan Chun smiled, "We also met her just now, we didn't come here together."

"I know."  Yang Kai nodded, Li Yuan Chun and others were from the Endless Sea Islands while Bi Luo was from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, and obviously they had not traveled here together.

[But, what is Bi Luo doing here?]  Yang Kai suddenly felt a trace of uneasiness.

"I know why all of you are here; please come inside where we can talk."  Yang Kai gestured, stepping back and opening the way.

Listening to his words, everyone from the Endless Sea Islands smiled happily, the looks they sent him becoming significantly warmer. At the very least, he didn't deny having obtained their Hallowed Treasures.

Did this mean that he was willing to return their stolen property?

Wondering about this in their hearts, everyone entered the house one by one.

"Bi Luo, you come in too."  Yang Kai casually said.

"You go first, I don't want to get too close to you."  Bi Luo spat, since that day's incident where she had eaten such a big loss at Yang Kai's hands, she had developed a deep wariness towards him.

(PewPewLaserGun note: Oh the innuendos!)

Yang Kai laughed awkwardly despite trying not to but didn't insist, simply nodding towards Qiu Yi Meng, "Take care of her."

"En," Qiu Yi Meng gently nodded and walked over to Bi Luo with a smile, "Ms Bi Luo, it's been quite a while."

"It's you."  Bi Luo suddenly smiled charmingly, "It really has been a long time."

Saying so, she rushed up and grabbed Qiu Yi Meng's hand pulling her closer in a very intimate manner.

Although Qiu Yi Meng felt her behaviour was a little strange, she didn't think much of it, brushing it off as Bi Luo acting warmly towards her, allowing her to hold her hand as the two of them walked into the house.

"That little girl with the big chest?"  Bi Luo's beautiful pair of eyes flashed a brilliant radiance as she asked Qiu Yi Meng.

"You mean Xiao Man?"  Qiu Yi Meng showed a faint smile, "She's also here. You can see her later."

"Really?  Great!" Bi Luo smiled, her expression filling with expectation.

Inside the main hall, the Endless Sea Islands visitors all took a seat and Yang Kai had the maids serve everyone tea.  The scene was peaceful, as if all of them were indulging in the tea's flavour, seemingly not in any rush to discuss the purpose of their visit.

Yang Kai also didn't take the initiative to say anything, instead just sipping his tea while watching Bi Luo act slightly discourteously towards Qiu Yi Meng.

The Qiu Family's First Young Lady also noticed that something was wrong as Bi Luo persistently held and stroked her hand, praising her skin for its smoothness while asking her how she maintained her beauty, from time to time even boldly touching her waist and chest.

Qiu Yi Meng complexion was a deep shade of crimson by now.

Unfortunately, under the gaze of such a big crowd, it was not appropriate for Qiu Yi Meng to make a fuss. Therefore, the only thing she could do was send pleading glaces to Yang Kai for help. 

Of course, Yang Kai pretended he saw nothing.

After a while, Li Yuan Chun smiled and said, "Young Master Yang is really a dragon amongst men.  Although we have heard a lot about the Yang Family Inheritance War on our way here and know of some of Young Master Yang's accomplishments, upon arriving at your house today, this old master fully realized that the rumors were not hollow.  Young Master Yang's mansion is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons, it is truly astonishing."

"Senior flatters me too much."  Yang Kai said lightly, "The Inland cannot compare to the Endless Sea Islands.  The Endless Sea Islands are full of rich World Energy and contains countless Precious Treasures; it is a cultivation paradise I greatly envy."

Li Yuan Chun laughed happily, "The Endless Sea Islands has the conveniences of the Endless Sea Islands while the Inland also has its unique advantages; however, listening to Young Master Yang's words, it seems you really have been to the Endless Sea Islands before."

"En, a few years ago I visited the Endless Sea Islands once and almost met misfortune at the hands of Red Cloud Sect."

Li Yuan Chun eyes narrowed slightly, "The Red Cloud Sect that was destroyed by Ancient Cloud Island?"


"Ancient Cloud Island's Island Master, Gu Feng found his Sect's Broken Moon Transformation Art which they had lost three hundred years ago in the hands of Red Cloud Sect several years ago.  So everything was arranged by Young Master Yang."

"En, I had some grievances with Red Cloud Sect, but at that time I was too weak so I had no other option but to use Ancient Cloud Island to destroy them."

Li Yuan Chun inhaled a sharp breath, "Young Master Yang's methods are impressive!"

Everyone else in the room also wore slightly solemn expressions.

Three years ago, how old was the young man in front of them?  However, using a single little trick he had actually caused the destruction of an entire Sect. Such decisiveness and ability was really not something an average man could possess.

"Since Young Master Yang found the Broken Moon Transformation Art, did you also happen to obtain several other treasures?"  Li Yuan Chun stared at Yang Kai expectantly.

"I indeed obtained many treasures."  Yang Kai smiled and summoned a crimson sword to his hand and a blood red flower filled with murderous intent atop his other palm.

A touch of floral fragrance soon filled the air.

"Asura Sword!"

"Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia!"

Asura Sect's Ye Fang and Falling Blossom Temple's Hua Duan Hun's faces lit up as the leapt to their feet and stared greedily at the Heaven Grade artifacts in Yang Kai's hand.

Their Sects had been searching for more than three hundred years for these Hallowed Treasures but had never discovered any trace of them.  Now that they had appeared in front of their eyes, how could they not be excited?

"Sit down!"  Li Yuan Chun lightly shouted.

Ye Fang and Hua Duan Hun's expression became unwilling, but after hesitating for a moment, both of them returned to their seats. However, their eyes never left their respective Sect's Hallowed Treasure.

Yang Kai smiled slightly and didn't show the slightest bit of tension, casually placing the Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia, remaining calm and composed even as all the Endless Sea Islands masters stared towards him.

Li Yuan Chun lightly coughed and asked seriously, "Young Master Yang, you said that all of our Hallowed Treasures are currently in your possession, so why can this old master not sense his Sect's Supreme Solitary Seal?"

Even if Yang Kai had managed to somehow refine the Supreme Solitary Seal and take it into his body, Li Yuan Chun should still be able to perceive its presence.

The Supreme Solitary Seal was the Hallowed Treasure of the Supreme Solitary Sect.

"The Supreme Solitary Seal requires Supreme Solitary Sect's unique Secret Art in order to refine it so I obviously haven't. Instead, I stored it and all of the other treasures I obtained in a safe location," Yang Kai responded with a light smile.

All of these things were currently stored in his Black Book space, so Li Yuan Chun and the other Endless Sea Islands' masters naturally couldn't sense them.

"So that's how it is."  Li Yuan Chun nodded lightly, his confusion abating, "This old master greatly admires Young Master Yang frank and sincere transparency about these matters."

Before coming here, they were afraid that the other party would refuse to acknowledge anything, so they had first prepared to approach the situation with courtesy and then force. Otherwise, they would not have sent out more than fifty Immortal Ascension Boundary masters lead by an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary powerhouse.

It could be seen from this show of force just how much importance they attached to this matter.

Just as Yang Kai had suspected, a few years ago, when Ancient Cloud Island suddenly found their long lost Broken Moon Transformation Art on Red Cloud Island, the other Endless Sea Islands' forces all sent representatives to Ancient Cloud Island to inquire about their own Hallowed Treasures; unfortunately, they didn't learn anything useful at the time.

After everyone calmed down and analysed the situation, they felt that the Broken Moon Transformation Art suddenly appearing on Red Cloud Island was unnatural and inferred someone had planted stolen goods in order to shift blame onto Red Cloud Sect.

But since someone had used this trick of planting stolen goods and genuinely obtained Ancient Cloud Island's Broken Moon Transformation Art, it was possible he had also obtained all of their Hallowed Treasures as well.

Over the past three years, the Endless Sea Islands forces had frequently sent people to inquire about Inland news and Yang Kai frequently using the Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia had naturally allowed them to glimpse a few clues.  After obtaining confirmation of this information, seeing a glimmer of hope, all of them had assembled this group and rushed here.

Now that their suspicions had been confirmed, everyone was inevitably very excited.

"Young Master Yang must know that although these items aren't too valuable, some of them even having no use for cultivators, they all hold special significance for our Endless Sea Islands Sects.  Each of these items is a treasure passed down from our Sects' Ancestral Founders and many of them are even considered to be our Sects' Sect Master tokens." Li Yuan Chun did not rely on his age, cultivation, or identity to oppress Yang Kai but instead spoke in a sincere tone.

Yang Kai nodded lightly. He had long known this information.  Some of the things that he had obtained on Hidden Island were really useless and could only be used as tokens.

"As such, the purpose of this old man and these various elders, Young Master Yang must be clear about."  Li Yuan Chun paused for a moment to carefully consider his words, hesitating for a moment before asking, "Might I ask, Young Master Yang, what conditions do you have in order to return these items to us?"

"That depends on what all of you can offer."  Yang Kai slowly shook his head and intentionally didn't set an opening price.

He really didn't care about what these things he had obtained on Hidden Island. Even the Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia weren't too important to him anymore.  With the improvement of his strength, these two artifacts now had little value to him, but him handing all of these things over for free was also impossible.

He wasn't a charitable man, if they wanted these Hallowed Treasures back, they had to show him some sincerity.

Especially at this time. Yang Kai had been entangled by so many things, which added frustrations onto more frustions. Finally, when the Endless Sea Islands forces and ran up to him, Yang Kai had already locked his schemes onto them. 

"This…" Li Yuan Chun suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.  This time, when they had set out on this journey, none of them had brought along anything precious or valuable things, so hearing Yang Kai suddenly ask for a show of sincerity, they naturally felt a bit helpless.

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