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Inside a trivial War City, at this moment, eleven Above Immortal Ascension Boundary top-ranking powerhouses had gathered.  The situation had now developed far beyond either side's ability to control.

Now that things had gotten to this point, it was impossible for anyone to easily retreat.  Both sides had exposed their complete strength, so whoever backed down first would appear weak and timid.

Ling Tai Xu secretly passed a message to Yang Kai warning him to be careful.

Yang Kai silently signaled to his allies to fall back from the battlefield and rally together.

At the same time, Ye Xin Rou issued similar instructions to the remaining seven family forces.

Within a few breaths of time, a kind of no-man's land had formed.

Up in the sky, the eleven old men confronted each other while down below, the cultivator from Yang Kai's house and the masters from the seven family coalitions, separated by a thousand meters, faced off, most of nervously holding their breaths as they waited for what came next.

"Are we really going to fight?"  Meng Wu Ya looked at the eight people opposite him and calmly asked.

"Things have already reached this point; we must at least exchange pointers." Among the eight, a fat old man replied. He was the one who had been quite optimistic about Yang Kai and didn't want this kind of dispute to happen, but with his own backyard on fire, he had little choice but to act now.

After all, as a Grand Elder, he had to stand on the side of the Eight Great Families, so even if he had high expectations for Yang Kai, there was nothing he could do for him.

"Might as well," Meng Wu Ya nodded before smiling temperately, "All at once, single challenge, consecutive fights, how do you want to play?  Feel free to choose whatever method you like, the three of us will accommodate you."

Several of the eight old men couldn't help snorted coldly, their expressions darkening.

Meng Wu Ya saying so clearly indicated he didn't place them in his eyes, naturally this made them somewhat unhappy.

The fat old man calmly grinned, "Your Excellency's tone is quite big."

All of them were Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, people of great status. None of them would easily enter a fight and no one below their level was qualified to challenge them.  But even so, today's battle seemed inevitable; however, if they were to really fight eight against three, once word spread out, their reputations would be severely damaged.

Since a group battle was impossible, they could only choose between issuing challenges or consecutive fights.  Against these three, none of them had confidence in winning a one-on-one challenge, so really, there was only one choice left.

But these eight old men weren't fools. Obviously, they weren't going to answer Meng Wu Ya's words. Doing so would be an admission of their inferiority.

Yang Li Ting suddenly stepped forward and loudly declared, "Sect Master Ling, your relationship with my Yang Family is quite deep.  Two generations of my Yang Family's descendants have been cultivated by your Sect. Since we already have a debt of sentiment, today, this Yang will personally compare notes with Sect Master Ling!"

Ling Tai Xu smiled calmly in return, "Very good. Since I broke through, I have yet to spar against someone of the same level. I hope Brother Yang will show mercy in the coming bout."


As soon as these words were spoken, Ling Tai Xu and Yang Li Ting suddenly shot up into the sky, disappearing in an instant.  A moment later, from several thousand meters above, a series of violent energy fluctuations proliferated, accompanied by brilliantly burst of light.

Naturally, this was the fallout from the two Above Immortal Ascension Boundary's fight, not many gathered here were able to observe any more than this.

"After so many years, Brother Yang is still so anxious."  The fat old man shook his head wryly and grinned, suddenly staring towards Meng Wu Ya and saying, "Brother Meng, let's also go up."

Saying so, his figure flickered and an azure streak shot up into the night sky.

Meng Wu Ya followed soon after.

"Old Devil lord, this old master will accompany you!"  Another person stood forward and called out Old Demon.

However, in response, Old Demon simply sneered, "Since both Ling Tai Xu and Meng Wu Ya have gone up, this old master must remain. If I leave, who will protect Young Master?"

The old man gawked for a moment before angrily shouting, "What do you mean by those words?  Are you implying that after engaging you three in battle we will take the opportunity to act against a mere junior?"

"Was that not what you were planning?" Old Demon cast a taunting gaze towards him and chuckled.

The old man was infuriated and loudly declared, "If you really think so, you look down upon us far too much!  We would not dishonour ourselves with such a shameless action!"

Old Demon simply laughed, "Who knows what you really think."

His steadfast appearance, silently declaring that he would not move an inch from this spot, obviously indicated he was really worried about the issue he just raised.

Old Demon refusing his challenge suddenly made this old man's face turn blue while the other Grand Elders behind him also wore ugly expressions as they glared towards Old Demon, their True Qi welling up.

"Good, I believe that everyone here is an honest and upright individual who would never use such despicable means against my Young Master."  Old Demon sneered and deliberately shouted as loud as he could.

Although he also felt that given these people's status, they would disdain to use such methods, but when forced into a desperate situation, one can never be certain what depths people may sink to, so Old Demon preferred to be more vigilant than not.

However, if he continued to refuse this challenge, it would only intensify the contradictions between them, so he was forced to make do with issuing this statement.

"Young Master, you must be careful. Do not drop your guard."  Old Demon whispered before turning into a bloody streak, his voice echoing from high above, "Come up, this old master is waiting for you!"

The old man who had just spoken to Old Demon quickly flew up.

Six Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters fighting a mid-air battle several thousand meters into the sky, everyone down below couldn't help craning their necks to stare at it but although the strength of these people wasn't low and their eyesight was far more powerful than that of ordinary mortals, the amount they could see was still quite small.

Even Yang Kai was only able to sense a small portion of what was transpiring during this profound battle.

These six combatants each had their own unique understanding of the Heavenly Way which was reflected in their every move and attack.

If one could perceive even a tiny portion of this understanding it would be of great help to their future cultivation.

Everyone stood there, silently watching and observing, trying to imprint these profound and mysterious images into their minds in the hopes of one day being able to thoroughly understand them.

The battle seemed to be getting fiercer and fiercer as the burst of light high above them became even more brilliant and dazzling, soon blanketing the entire night sky in a faint radiance amidst which some indistinct figures flickered back and forth.

Some of the more intelligent spectators present quietly snuck a peak at the faces of the strongest masters from the seven family coalition, soon discovering that all of these top rank powerhouses either had nervous or helpless expressions.  They suddenly realized that the grand battle happening high up in the sky was apparently going quite poorly for the Eight Great Families.

This discovery shocked many people.

The eight Grand Elders who resided in the Seal Temple had always been regarded as some of the most powerful figures in the world, but now they were being suppressed by three unknown men from Yang Kai's house.

The Above Immortal Ascension Boundary was a realm shrouded in mystery. Without actually reaching it, no one could truly understand its profundities, even top level masters like Tu Feng didn't really comprehend what it meant to be an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator.

So after learning that the Eight Great Families' Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were at a disadvantage in this fight, everyone couldn't help feeling shocked by the strength of the Ling Tai Xu trio.

Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon had clearly reached this level through some strange methods while Ling Tai Xu had only broken through to his current realm less than a year ago, but apparently all of them were superior to the top masters from the Eight Great Families.

Each of these Grand Elders had achieved their current cultivation at least fifty years ago, so did that mean the strength they gained from fifty years of hard work wasn't even equivalent to that of someone who just broke through?

Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, just what kind of realm was it?

Just as everyone was filled with curiosity and shock, one of the contests high above them seemed to have reached a conclusion.

A moment later, the two figures flew down, it was Meng Wu Ya and his opponent.

Meng Wu Ya's expression was calm and relaxed, but the fat old man's face was blue, and although he seemed quite unwilling to do so, he still hurriedly cupped his fists to Meng Wu Ya and bowed, "Many thanks for your instruction."

"En." Meng Wu Ya nodded gently.

Neither of these two had any signs of injury after their battle, which meant that either they had been calmly comparing notes or the gap in power between them was insurmountable.

The former possibility was highly unlikely.  From the conversation before the battle, the dangerous air was apparently to all. Even if it hadn't reached the level of a life or death struggle, it was impossible for them to have competed peacefully.

As for the latter possibility… no one dared to imagine it.

A while later, Ling Tai Xu and Yang Li Ting also flew down, both of them panting for breath as they stared at one another.

"Sect Master Ling's methods are profound, this Yang has lost."  Yang Li Ting threw out these words and then stepped back.

The audience was dumbstruck.

Meng Wu Ya had won, Ling Tai Xu had also won, were these Ancestor level characters from the Eight Great Families really no match for these two old men from Yang Kai's forces?

What about the last battle?

As many people were about to turn their eyes back up to see, they heard the sound of a heavy object falling through the air and before anyone could react, a loud bang resounded and a deep pit was opened up in the ground before them.

After the cloud of dust from this impact settled, everyone peered into the newly formed crater and was shocked by what they saw.

They discovered the old man who had previously challenged Old Demon stand above a pit of his own making, his face extremely aggrieved, his complexion pale, and fresh blood overflowing from his mouth; obviously he had suffered some internal injuries.

Old Demon swooped down and stop a dozen or so meters above him, overlooking his opponent while smirking, "I apologize, this old master is a bit boorish and isn't used to controlling his strength as well as Sect Master Ling and Meng Wu Ya."

The man raised his head and stared at Old Demon for a moment but didn't say anything, quickly retreated to his camp, sitting down, and circulating a healing technique. After a while, he opened his mouth and spit out a reddish black breath.

This breath was filled with a strange evil aura and should have been the residual energy left inside his body from when Old Demon wounded him.

Three fights, three defeats!

The audience was stunned, and everyone's expression incredulous.  Were the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Eight Great Families actually so vulnerable?   Didn't they stand at the peak of the Martial Dao?

"Looking at your faces, you don't seem to be convinced yet.  Fine, let's go again; we'll settle things here today." Old Demon smiled grimly.

It seemed as if Old Demon was provoking them, but everyone knew that since the top level masters from the Eight Great Families had appeared, they wouldn't retreat unless a definitive conclusion was reached.

Even if three of them had lost, there were still five of them left!  Everyone tacitly understood this point.

As if responding to Old Demon's words, three more people came out.

Ling Tai Xu sighed and Meng Wu Ya shook his head helplessly as both of them flew upwards for the second time.

The fierce battle between six Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters once again appeared while the masters from the seven family coalition couldn't help but secretly pray that this time wouldn't end with their completely defeat again.

These eight old men from the Seal Temple had always been the object of worship for the world's common people. If they were to all be defeated, by a group less than half their number no less, the prestige of the Eight Great Families would collapse.

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