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Qiu Yi Meng and the others suddenly showed a nervous look when they realized the change in Yang Zhao's expression.

Moreover, under the influence of the pervasive malicious intent radiating from Yang Kai, Yang Zhao's mental state had obviously become somewhat unstable, making it difficult for him to make a rational decision.

He had already been subtly affected.

Both of them were direct descendants of the Yang Family. One was the second oldest while the other was the youngest, yet at this moment, the latter realized his achievements were far less than his little brother's, inevitably giving birth to some feelings of envy.  This negative emotion was then further magnified by the surrounding environment, causing Yang Zhao's eyes to take on a reddish hue.

"Second Young Lord, his breakthrough will definitely fail if you can disturb him!"  Xiang Chu coldly shouted, striking while the iron was hot.

Yang Zhao finally made up his mind and nodded heavily, waving his hand towards the sky as he ruthlessly ordered, "Stop him at any cost!"

The two Blood Warriors beside Yang Zhao both grimaced, showing distressed expressions.

As one of them had said before, everyone from the Blood Warrior Hall was very grateful to Yang Kai. However, at this moment, Yang Zhao had actually ordered them to stop Yang Kai from breaking through. In an instant, they were uncertain about what to do.

Yang Kai was now at a very critical juncture. If he was disturbed and really failed during this promotion process, it was quite possible for him to die, his body and soul both being completely erased.  Even if the result wasn't so extreme, it would at least halt his cultivation at the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage.

How could the two Blood Warriors be willing?

But although they felt disgruntled and disappointed at this course of action, Yang Zhao was still their current master, the Young Lord they had chosen to follow, so they had no choice but to obey his command.

"Since when did this old master not exist?"  Old Demon grinned fiercely and let out an evil laugh.  Watching this situation develop, Old Demon's blood had already begun to boil, eager to cause some mayhem.  At this moment, seeing Yang Zhao recklessly issue such an order, he joined together with Tang Yu Xian to block the two Blood Warriors.

"Yang Zhao, you're insane!"  Qiu Yi Meng angrily shouted, swiftly signaling to the cultivators behind her and forming a human wall around Yang Kai, vowing to protect his safety.

"Whoever dares to block me dies!"  Yang Zhao also issued commands to his allies to launch a comprehensive assault.  After having the darkness in his heart amplified, Yang Zhao no longer hesitated.

At the rear of the crowd, Xiang Chu laughed insidiously as he stared towards the seemingly immobile Yang Kai who could only float there to accept the World Energy's baptism, snickering visibly.

Yang Kai obviously did not miss this, turning his eyes towards him and coldly declaring, "Nan Sheng is dead, you won't escape either!"

Xiang Chu couldn't stop himself from stumbling backwards, only stabilizing himself after taking a number of steps, immediately trying to put up a strong front, "Yang Kai, don't try to frighten me! First cross your current tribulation before trying to talk big!"

The cultivators on both sides had already engaged in a full scale conflict, Old Demon and Tang Yu Xian had joined forces to resist not only the two Blood Warriors around Yang Zhao, but also more than a dozen Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the latter's allies.

Although Qiu Yi Meng and Yang Kai's allies were fewer in number, they had all gathered together around Yang Kai, so they were able to coordinate and assist each other, ensuring they wouldn't be defeated in short order.  The brilliance of various artifacts and Martial Skills suddenly cut through and illuminated the darkness in War City.

Great explosions rang out as an intense battle suddenly erupted!

Inside the tea house, Yang Wei shook his head slowly, "Second Brother has gone too far."

Liu Qing Yao also nodded lightly.  Although the Inheritance War encouraged ruthlessness, this moment was of critical importance to Yang Kai. If an accident were to occur, it would affect things for the rest of his life.

Saying so, Yang Wei quickly stood up and threw off his cloak, revealing his original appearance.

"Does Eldest Young Lord intend to interfere?"  Liu Qing Yao narrowed his eyes and faintly asked.

"En."  Yang Wei nodded firmly, "As the Yang Family's Eldest Young Lord, I must take action!"

After leaving these words, he leapt from the tea house, his guardian Blood Warrior following close behind, and rushed to the battlefield.

Liu Qing Yao suddenly laughed, "Eldest Young Lord, you truly are a man of honour."

Yang Wei said he was interfering as the Yang Family's Eldest Young Lord, meaning that this time he would not be acting as a competitor in the Inheritance War, but as a member of the Yang Family.

Yang Wei could have taken this opportunity to mobilize his own allies and attack Yang Kai's mansion, or join forces with Yang Kai to attack Yang Zhao.

But he did not choose either of these options, obviously he prioritised stabilizing the situation rather than taking advantage of it, a decision Liu Qing Yao deeply respected.

A moment later, Yang Wei arrived nearby Yang Kai's forces; when Qiu Yi Meng noticed him, she immediately became alert as she loudly challenged, "What is Eldest Young Lord's purpose in coming here?"

Seeing the suspicion and concern in her eyes, Yang Wei said nothing and simply nodded towards his guardian Blood Warrior, the latter charging straight into Yang Zhao's lines, sending the already superheated battlefield further into chaos.

Witnessing this, Qiu Yi Meng couldn't help blushing slightly as she respectfully called out, "Many thanks Eldest Young Lord for your assistance!"

Yang Wei simply nodded before stepping back, indicating he had no other intentions here.

This scene was also clearly seen by Yang Kai, causing him to feel slightly heartened. Nodding gratefully to his big brother, the two brothers only exchanging a silent glance with no need for superfluous words.

Down below, Xiang Chu continuously incited conflict while doing his best to taunt Yang Kai, hoping to interfere with his state of mind.

He didn't dare to rush up and face him head on so he could only use this despicable method to vent his hatred and cover his fear.  Right now, his only wish was to disturb Yang Kai's focus and cause his breakthrough to fail.

Everyone on Yang Kai's side wore angry expressions as they listened to Xiang Chu's stream of foul language, but no one had any spare capacity to shut him up, only further emboldening him.

Glaring at Xiang Chu menacingly, Yang Kai suddenly reached out and summoned a small doll with light blue hair into his hand, flicking its forehead with his finger a few times.

In the distance, among the spectating crowds, a seemingly petite woman wrapped in a black robe suddenly called out in pain, covering her forehead with her two delicate hands as she resentfully stared up into the sky.

On the other end of her gaze, she saw Yang Kai bend his fingers again.

Not daring to delay any longer, the woman shot up into the air and loudly shouted, "I'm here already, don't flick it!"

Yang Kai's movements stopped when he heard this ire filled voice.

Seeing him no longer preparing to flick the doll's forehead, Shui Ling let out a sigh of relief before directing a sullen look towards Yang Kai, grinding her teeth as she spat, "What the hell do you want?"

"Help me this time and this thing is yours!"  Yang Kai shouted as he lifted the little doll, seemingly enduring great pressure as he spoke.

"Really?"  Shui Ling was suddenly overjoyed, her eyes shifting back and forth between the doll and Yang Kai's face, clearly filled with anticipation.

Seeing her expression, Yang Kai tossed the doll made from her hair to Shui Ling, who reflexively grabbed it, tightly holding on to it like a precious treasure, unable to stop herself from laughing happily.

Since enduring the torture of this Soul Binding Curse, Shui Ling had hated this little doll to the extreme and had spent every waking moment imaging how she would steal it from Yang Kai and regain her freedom.

In order to facilitate this, she had remained in War City and secretly looked for opportunities.

But after such a long time, no such change appeared as she did not dare to easily set foot in Yang Kai's mansion, but all of sudden she had easily obtained the prized object she had even dreamed of.

Shui Ling suddenly felt that the invisible layer of shackles which bound her disappear, the link between her and the little doll vanishing. At this moment she was once again free!

Solemnly putting the doll into her pocket, patting it lightly to make sure it was secure, Shui Ling then calmed down and turned her eyes curiously towards Yang Kai and sneered, "Aren't you afraid that I'll just take this thing and run?"

"Feel free!  Even without your help I'll be fine, but remember that those who dare betray me never have good ends."  Yang Kai coldly snorted.

Shui Ling spat disdainfully and snorted, "Even at such a time, you're still trying to talk big, hmph!"

Though she said that, after a short pause, she continued, "But you're in luck, you haven't seen wrong. This girl is not the kind of person who doesn't pay her debts."

Although Yang Kai had tortured her that night, he had still been quite calculative as he did so.  He had only let her feel some pain and never actually wounded her. Moreover, even after such a long time, Yang Kai had never used the little doll to embarrass or coerce her. If he had wanted to shame or disgrace her, Shui Ling knew she wouldn't be able to resist.

Over time, Shui Ling realized that this man wasn't a despicable villain, his only motive in controlling her was because he was truly afraid of her.

"Tell me, what do you want me to do?" Shui Ling asked.

"Capture that man for me."

Yang Kai stared towards Xiang Chu in the distance.

"A simple matter."  Shui Ling snorted pridefully and flicked her wrist, a nearly transparent stream of water suddenly shooting out from her hand.  This stream of water was like a sentient rope, bypassing the chaotic crowd and honing in on its target, instantly wrapping up the still cursing Xiang Chu.

Xiang Chu was shocked and immediately pushed his True Qi in order to resist, but against the methods of an elite Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage cultivator, what could Xiang Chu's resistance possibly achieve?

No matter how hard he tried, the stream of water binding him didn't budge.

"Come here!"  Shui Ling let out a light shout and gave the water rope a tug, the panicked Xiang Chu quickly being dragged in front of her.

"Stop struggling, or else!"  Shui Ling frowned as she lightly snorted, hitting Xiang Chu's shoulder before casually tossing him to Yang Kai like she was tossing away a piece of garbage, the whole sequence of events really just a simple matter for her.

Seeing Yang Kai's cold indifferent face up close, all the colour drained from Xiang Chu's face as he hurriedly shouting, "Ninth Young Lord, forgive me!"

Yang Kai sneered, "Trying to repent now?  Too late!"


From the dark clouds covering the sky, a tremendous bolt of energy fell onto Yang Kai.  Under this raging torrent of World Energy, Xiang Chu, who was in close proximity to Yang Kai, had his True Qi sealed, and was place directly under this bolt of energy. Once it hit, Xiang Chu's figure quickly swelling up as his skin started to show cracks on it. The damage was so large that his eyes started to bulge out and all of his flesh peeled from his bones. However, this gruesome scene was only on display for a split second.


With a muffled bang, Xiang Chu exploded into a bloody fog, with not even his bones remaining.

The fierce battlefield suddenly stopped for a moment and everyone stared incredulously at the bloody cloud drifting through the air, all of them seemingly stunned that the Young Lord of the Xiang Family would die so miserably.

Nan Sheng had been killed first, and now Xiang Chu had died without any hope of burial. Yang Kai… he really did what he said he would.

Even Yang Zhao couldn't protect these two people.

"All our debts have been cleared."  Shui Ling said triumphantly to Yang Kai, the latter simply nodding before slowly closing his eyes. His breakthrough was fast approaching and he no longer had time to pay attention to outside affairs.  At this moment, he could only focus on fully withstanding the World Energy baptism while waiting for the opportunity to open his Knowledge Sea and officially enter the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

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