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Yang Kai frowned when he noticed this probing, but he didn't say anything about it, simply replying, "I don't know his origins."

"You don't know?"  Yang Li Ting's brow wrinkled as displeasure appeared on his face.  Although he felt that Yang Kai was deliberately concealing something, he also noticed that he didn't show any signs of lying.

In fact, Yang Kai really wasn't clear about Old Demon's origins.  When they had first met in the Inheritance Heaven's Cave, Old Demon was just a weak spirit whose memory was chaotic and disordered; he couldn't even remember his own name.  As time passed, Yang Kai didn't bother asking him about his past so naturally he didn't know where Old Demon was from.

"Although I am not clear about his origins, Junior is certain he is not a person from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land."  Yang Kai also knew what Yang Li Ting was worried about so he quickly added this point.

Yang Li Ting was at a loss for words as he stood there frowning, only speaking again after a long silence, "According to the rules of the Inheritance War, anyone, no matter their origin, as long as they are associates of you Juniors, is eligible to participate; after all, this battle is also a test of your connections.  Since he has some sort of relationship with you, if this old master was to drive him out of War City or kill him directly, you may not be satisfied as it would be akin to us indirectly suppressing you which would run counter to the Inheritance War's purpose."

Each word spoken from this elder made Yang Kai felt disgruntled. Although he was being talked down to, he made sure not so show anything on his face.

"We summoned you here only to clarify his identity.  In any case, we will permit him to participate in the Inheritance War and to stay inside the borders of War City, but our tolerance is limited to that.  If this old master finds out that he had nefarious intentions then whether or not he is your henchman I'll ensure he will never leave this place." Yang Li Ting said indifferently, "In addition, when the Inheritance War ends, he must immediately leave, otherwise this old master won't give you any face."

"Junior understands." Yang Kai responded with a blank expression.

Although he was still young, his future was unlimited, one day he may be able to hold up the sky with one hand and crack the Earth under his foot but for now, Yang Kai was still just a weak Junior. If he were to openly disobey Yang Li Ting he would no doubt suffer.

Although Yang Li Ting was a Yang Family Grand Elder and in name Yang Kai was his descendant, but they had never contact each other before and were essentially strangers. This made Yang Li Ting's words a warning which carried no room for questioning.

"You may go."  After that, Yang Li Ting waved his hand, turned around, and flew back up into the sky to resume his battle with the other seven.

Experiencing all this, Yang Kai felt a bit sullen in his heart, although he was willing to leave, he had no idea how to.

He didn't even know how he came in.

After spending some time unable to find an exit, Yang Kai was about to ask when a booming voice entered his ear, "Why haven't you left?"

Just as the voiced reach him, a huge force slammed into Yang Kai's body.  Unable to resist in the slightest, Yang Kai was sent flying backwards by this thrust and the picturesque scenery around him disappeared.

Looking around, Yang Kai found himself back in the temple's main hall, the round table with the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters sitting around it and the huge glowing ball once again a short distance away.   The eight masters continued interacting with the glowing sphere, exploring the mysteries of the Martial Dao, as if nothing had happened.

*Deng deng deng deng…*

Yang Kai involuntarily retreated backwards, causing Ying Jiu great shock as he stepped forward to help him.

After recovering his balance, Yang Kai discovered that his True Qi was fluctuating somewhat while his Soul felt as if a thousand needles were piercing it.

Only after coughing out a mouthful of blood did he feel better slightly.

Ying Jiu's expression changed, not understanding what had just happened to Yang Kai for him to be injured.

Since coming here, Yang Kai had simply stood there without saying a word while Ying Jiu had remained silent and waited, so this sudden unexpected change was naturally quite confusing to him.

"Let's go!" Yang Kai wiped the blood from his mouth as he narrowed his eyes slightly at the old men around the round table before quickly leading Ying Jiu out.

Inside the mental world, the eight masters stopped their melee temporarily, the other seven of them shaking their heads as they looked at Yang Li Ting.  The slightly fat old man who spoke earlier commenting, "Brother Yang, it's it a bit too much to treat your junior like that?"

"Indeed, although his gaze was a bit overbearing, he's still just a youngster. Which one of them doesn't act somewhat arrogantly?  Besides, it's not like he actually showed you any disrespect."

"If you keep acting like this towards him, he'll definitely have some resentment towards you.  That little brat is quite good, your Yang Family may even have to depend on him in the future, and if your attitude drives him away, wouldn't that be a big loss?"

The seven old men all chimed in, none of them understanding why Yang Li Ting had just dealt with his descendant so harshly.

Yang Li Ting coldly snorted, "So what if he leaves? Does my Yang Family not have any other successors?  When this old master was speaking to him just now, he clearly showed some signs of ignoring me. Making him suffer a bit was just a warning. I presume he now knows not to disregard this old master's words!"

"Even so, Brother Yang still went too far just now. Why should you bother yourself with the antics of a child?"

"Brother Yang's actions really were a bit too much this time.  Him being able to break into our mental construct with his own abilities shows that his aptitude is outstanding; could anyone else from your Yang Family's younger generation accomplish such a feat?  Don't say just your juniors; even the ones from our seven families don't have anyone who could replicate what he just did." The speaker kept shaking his head.

"Enough. How this old master handles affairs in his family is no concern of you all. Now, are you going to keep nagging or are we going to fight?"  Yang Li Ting grumbled unhappily, having the other seven old men here continuously accuse him, of course he wouldn't feel happy.

"Of course we'll fight!  Well, just wait until the day that little brat really walks away. On that day, we'll see if you regret it or not, hahaha!"

"Mm?  What? Something's wrong!" The Qiu Family's Grand Elder, Qiu Dao Ren, suddenly called out in surprise, his expression becoming quite strange.

The other seven people also showed a look of surprise as they looked around at each other.

"It seems like that little brat actually received an unexpected blessing."  The slightly fat old man laughed as he looked at Yang Li Ting with interest.

"It really is an unexpected blessing."

"Brother Yang, this wasn't your original intent?"  One of the seven looked at Yang Li Ting with a puzzled expression.

Yang Li Ting just slowly shook his head as he knit his brow slightly.  Just now he really had only intended to punish Yang Kai a bit for his arrogance so he would realize the gap between the two of them in terms of strength and seniority and also to teach him a lesson not to make friends with such wicked people.

However, he hadn't expected that under the pressure he had just subjected this little brat to, he would actually show signs of breaking through.

[Strange!]  Yang Li Ting frowned.  He didn't know how this younger generation child's depth.  After being attacked, this brat actually managed to clear some kind of obstacle in his heart and grab hold of an opportunity to break through.

Inside the Seal Temple hallways, Yang Kai suddenly stopped, his expression becoming serious as he showed some signs of discomfort.

Ying Jiu also noticed this, thought that perhaps Yang Kai was injured more heavily than he had expected and quickly asked.

In response, Yang Kai simply waved his hand and said, "Go back and tell Qiu Yi Meng that tomorrow's plan will proceed as we discussed and that she will be in command of the whole operation."

"Little Lord, you…"

"I still have something I need to do here."  After saying so, Yang Kai turned around and found an empty room, quickly entering and shutting the door.

Ying Jiu was stunned for a while but then turned around and left the Seal Temple without further hesitation.

The Seal Temple was very large yet there were only eight people inside.  The eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters didn't require anyone to tend to their needs them, so there were no maids or servants.

The room Yang Kai dove into was naturally one that was unoccupied.

After entering the room, he sat down and crossed his legs.

For a while now, Yang Kai had been on the verge of breaking through, but he had yet to reach the limit of his current cultivation. If he were to arrive at said limit, then the breakthrough process would be smooth and simple.

However, Yang Kai's current situation was a bit special.  He didn't have any indications of breaking through, but under the pressure Yang Li Ting had given him, the True Qi and Spiritual Energy had surged to resist.

With the pressure and upsurge creating an unusual state, Yang Kai had touched the threshold of the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage.

A breakthrough was just a step away!

For tomorrow night, Yang Kai hoped he would be able to face the battle with a stronger cultivation.

Calming himself and focusing his thoughts, Yang Kai began circulating his True Yang Secret Art while he closed his eyes and recalled the scene he had seen in that mental world, allowing the True Qi in his body to flow freely.

Although Yang Kai didn't witness much, but every action of the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters had coincided with the movement of the Heavens, each of their action containing their comprehension of the Martial Dao.

Such a scene was of great use to anyone who saw it.

As time passed, Yang Kai's emotions gradually calmed down and as he replayed what he saw over and over again, the mysterious sounds from when he first entered the Seal Temple reaching his ears once more.

The clear mountain river, the gently spring breeze, it was like being in a paradise that allowed one to fully relax and integrate with nature.


Yang Kai Mansion.

As the flickering candlelight jumped, the worry on Qiu Yi Meng's face only grew deeper.  She sat at her table with her hands clenched and her breath held as she carefully listened to the movement inside the mansion, constantly sending out her Divine Sense so that she wouldn't miss the slightest change.

When anyone approached her room, Qiu Yi Meng couldn't help secretly paying extra attention, but every time this happened she ended up disappointed.

During the day, Yang Kai had told her about what he planned to do tonight and she had immediately tried everything she could think of to stop him, but that smelly man didn't give her the slightest bit of face and immediately got rid of her entanglement.

Then, in the evening, he had quietly left the house, putting her completely on edge and more than just a little irritated; she almost hoped that Yang Kai would screw something up and not come back tonight at all!

As she thought about how she was acting right now, she couldn't help feeling like she was an abandoned wife who was waiting for her husband to come back after he had gone out for the night.

Thinking so, Qiu Yi Meng's face went bright red as her temperature rose and she quickly shook her head of such thoughts.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.  Qiu Yi Meng frowned and called out, "Who is it?"

"Young Lady Qiu."  Ying Jiu's voice came from outside.

Qiu Yi Meng immediately wore a smile, quickly got up and opened the door, but all she saw was Ying Jiu's pair of sharp eyes shining in the darkness while in front of and behind him there was no one else, "Is that bastard not with you?"

Ying Jiu slowly shook his head.

"What happened?" The Qiu Family First Young Lady's beautiful face couldn't help going pale.

Ying Jiu was always with Yang Kai, but now he was alone and Yang Kai was missing. Could it be…

Qiu Yi Meng didn't dare to think about it anymore.

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