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"If you really think so, you can try."  Yang Wei said calmly.

Meng Shan Yi couldn't help feeling awkward.

He hadn't thought Yang Wei wouldn't even try to stop him from carrying out this plan but after a moment he smiled and nodded firmly, "Thank you, Eldest Young Lord!"

Yang Wei said nothing and just stared at him with a trace of pity.

"Ninth Young Lord, pardon my offence!"  Meng Shan Yi's expression became solemn as he gave the signal to attack.

In an instant, more than a dozen masters who had at least reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stages attacked Yang Kai.

This was Yang Wei's mansion's main hall, and although the space wasn't small, it also wasn't big!  Meng Shan Yi couldn't arrange too many people to come in, so he went for quality instead. Of the masters he had brought, five had even reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage; with such a luxurious lineup Meng Shan Yi felt confident they could easily take down Yang Kai.

At the same time he gave the command, Meng Shan Yi glanced over at where Ying Jiu was formerly standing.

Ying Jiu didn't appear, but when the crowd of Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators' attacks were just two meters away from their target, Yang Kai's mouth curved into a grin.

A cold gloomy light suddenly bloomed from Yang Kai's body and a dark energy wave burst out.  To the horror of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, all of their Martial Skills seemed to sink into this gloomy light like stones falling into the ocean, causing a small splash before disappearing completely..

Seeing this, all of their expressions filled with shock.

Staring carefully, these masters soon discovered the source of the phenomenon.

In Yang Kai's hands, at some point a small bone shield had appeared.  This roughly plate-sized bone shield was irregularly shaped, and its edges were covered in sharp spurs, while the centre face had a giant open mouth carved into it. Its fangs gave all who stared at them chills.

At this moment, the bone shield gave off a faint glow while Yang Kai simply held it up and stood there quietly, giving off an immovable, impregnable feeling.

Yang Wei's expression cramped and Meng Shan Yi couldn't believe what he was seeing.

This bone shield was clearly the Mysterious Grade artifact that Liu Qing Yao had snatched a few days ago and then threw to Yang Kai.

But it had only been seven days since then, so how had Yang Kai already managed to refine it?

It wasn't easy to overcome the defence of a Mysterious Grade defensive artifact, but that didn't mean it was impossible.  The attacks just now hadn't been everyone's full strength, otherwise, if these dozen or so Immortal Ascension masters all struck in earnest they could definitely wear down this bone shield.

With not much time to think about the problem, Meng Shan Yi once again yelled, "Attack!"

The dozen or so masters no longer held back, all of them using their strongest Martial Skills and artifacts, creating an Earth-shattering wave of attacks that quickly engulfed Yang Kai.

*Hong hong hong…*

The sound of explosions rang out and the hall trembled violently, numerous tiny cracks even began appearing on the surrounding walls.

Yang Kai retreated continuously under the bombardment as his face turned red, he was clearly under tremendous pressure, but his bone shield still firmly guarded his front, none of the Martial Skills or artifact strikes managing to overcome the bone shield and, oddly, the giant open mouth on its face would swallow the resultant energy waves, leaving nothing left.

What made people feel even more confused was that as this energy was swallowed, the bone shield rapidly increased in size.

After a full round of attacks, the bone shield had expanded to three times its original diameter and Yang Kai could now completely hide behind it.

Meng Shan Yi's eyes narrowed. He never thought that a trivial Mysterious Grade Low-Rank defence type artifact could withstand the intense barrage of so many Immortal Ascension Boundary masters!

He too had a Mysterious Grade artifact but its effect was nowhere near as good as this bone shield.

[What in the world?]

As he stared at the bizarre scene before him, he suddenly noticed that Yang Kai's eyes had become dangerous.  Suddenly, Yang Kai lifted the odd shaped bone shield and slammed it down, causing the floor to cave in under it and open up a large pit.

The next moment, the bone spurs around the edge of the bone shield all shot out.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

These spurs were both sharp and swift, the aura the gave off was both awe inspiring and unstoppable.

In a flash, the dozen plus Immortal Ascension Boundary masters' expressions all changed greatly as they hurriedly defended themselves.


From the giant mouth on the bone shield's face, a beam of energy shot out, causing everyone to burst out into panic, it was as if all the energy that had been swallowed was now being spat back at them.

The energy beam that carried a scent of destruction and was as thick as a man's thigh flew straight towards Meng Shan Yi.

The terrifying pressure of this attack descended on him, and in the face of certain death Meng Shan Yi even lost the will to escape.

"Ji Li!" Yang Wei roared.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of Meng Shan Yi, his face was expressionless and only his eyes radiated a strong light.

One of the two Blood Warriors protecting Yang Wei!

As soon as he appeared, he let out a low roar and a dazzling golden light erupted from his burly body, it was as if he had been transformed into a golden statue, his exposed skin shining brilliantly.

Two great fists smashed out and met the energy beam head on.

With a loud bang, Ji Li was flung backwards, the golden light around his body dimming greatly while the energy beam fully dissipated.

Meng Shan Yi stood stiff, cold sweat pouring down his forehead as his expression was still filled with panic.

Slowly managing to turn his eyes towards Yang Kai again, he couldn't help revealing a look filled with fear.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

The dozen or so Immortal Ascension Boundary masters all managed to either dodge or block the bone spurs which promptly returned to the edge of the bone shield and after spitting out the energy beam, the bone shield rapidly shrank back down to its original size.

The scene suddenly became silent and no one dared to make any rash movements.

Yang Kai had successfully blocked all of their strikes and even launched a counterattack with his Mysterious Grade artifact, while Ying Jiu, who was hidden in the shadows, had yet to attack!

This time, even if they could take down Yang Kai, the price they would have to pay would be enormous.

"Capable of both offence and defence. Ninth Brother, you got a good artifact."  As if nothing had happened, Yang Wei stared at the bone shield on Yang Kai's arm and said enviously.

"Surely Big Brother's artifact isn't bad either, right?" Yang Kai smiled and put the bone shield away.

Yang Wei let out a laugh but said nothing back, both of them knew that although Yang Wei's artifact definitely wasn't bad, it wouldn't compare with the bone shield.

Judging from what just happened, this bone shield had a special ability that could swallow attacks, store them, and then send them back. Very few such artifacts had ever appeared in this world.

Yang Wei's brow furrowed as he thought about it.  In different people's hands, this bone shield would definitely play different roles.

"Ninth Young Lord," Meng Shan Yi spoke hesitantly, still somewhat unsettled as he looked straight at Yang Kai and asked in a deep voice. "Just now… did you really want to kill me?"

The damage caused by that energy beam was too great. Even though Meng Shan Yi had a Mysterious Grade artifact, it wouldn't have been enough to save him.

If he had taken that attack head on, he might very well have died.

During the Inheritance War, death wasn't unusual, but those who died were normally ordinary masters and disciples. As for the Young Lords and Young Ladies from the Central Capital's Eight Great Families, no one dared to kill them.  As proof, over the years, no leading member of the younger generation from the Central Capital had ever died in the Inheritance War, even instances of them being heavily injured was quite small.

However, a moment ago, if it wasn't for Ji Li defending him at a critical moment, Meng Shan Yi was afraid he would become the first to break this tradition.

Whether or not Yang Kai really intended to kill him, Meng Shan Yi had his concerns.

"What do you think?" Yang Kai gave a non-answer as he grinned at him.

Meng Shan Yi's expression went black, his heartbeat speeding up a lot. It seemed like the Ninth Young Lord… really had some killing intent towards him.

"Big Brother, that's how it is. Ninth Brother will take his leave."  Yang Kai nodded towards Yang Wei before wearing his face covering hat and walking towards the exit.

No one stopped him; Meng Shan Yi didn't dare order another attack, and since Yang Wei didn't have any intention of blocking Yang Kai's way, the dozen or so Immortal Ascension Boundary masters naturally wouldn't act rashly.

After Yang Kai had left, Yang Wei patted Meng Shan Yi's shoulder and said, "Ninth Brother just wanted to give you a warning, he didn't really intend on killing you."

"Who knows?" Meng Shan Yi took a deep breath and calmed his frayed nerves, "In any case, I now know just how crazy the Ninth Young Lord is."

Grinning wryly as he shook his head, "But as said, Ninth Young Lord daring to come here really was because he was certain he could leave. That bone shield… it's too strange, even if it is a Mysterious Grade defensive artifact, it shouldn't have been able to display such power."

If all Mysterious Grade artifacts were so powerful, what would the point in cultivating be?

In general, a Mysterious Grade defence type artifact shouldn't have been able to withstand the attacks from so many masters.

"I'm afraid Fifth Brother is out of luck!" Yang Wei said solemnly.

"Indeed." Meng Shan Yi nodded in agreement.

Refining a Mysterious Grade defensive artifact so many days ahead of everyone else and Ying Jiu suddenly breaking the Qi Binding Seal restoring his peak strength, Yang Kai now had an overwhelming advantage over Yang Kang.

How could Yang Kang resist?

When Yang Kai brought his troops to attack Yang Kang, the latter most likely would still be trying to refine his own artifact.  One was prepared, one would be caught off guard, and coupled with the difference in quantity of Blood Warriors and artifacts, Yang Kang's defeat was all but assured!

"Shan Yi, you're not suited for using plots," Yang Wei frowned and said, "If I were you, I wouldn't have used our own people to launch an attack here, I would have secretly sent word of Ninth Brother's whereabouts to my other brother's houses and then just sat back and watched the show."

Listening to Yang Wei's plan, Meng Shan Yi couldn't help feeling stunned, turning a look of surprise towards Yang Wei.  He had never thought that this blunt and stoic young man could actually come up with such sinister ideas.

But as he thought about it, Yang Wei's proposal really was the perfect solution!  If he had done so just now, he could have just relaxed and watched his enemies fight amongst themselves.

Suddenly feeling annoyed, he couldn't help complaining, "Eldest Young Lord, since you had such an idea, why didn't you tell me?"

In response, Yang Wei slowly shook his head, "I will settle things with him in the future.  Before the end of the Inheritance War, I won't attack Ninth Brother!"

"Understood." Meng Shan Yi nodded lightly. Recalling the scene where he had just been exposed to mortal danger, he still felt slightly cold, and no longer dared to object.

Outside Yang Wei's house, Yang Kai walked alone through the darkness. Such a big movement had obviously attracted many people's attention.

When he snuck out he quickly hid himself and fortunately he didn't seem to arouse anyone's attention.

Ying Jiu followed close by in the shadows.  Yang Kai quickly ducked into a dark alleyway and paused, taking several deep breaths to calm the raging blood in his chest.

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