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Chapter 2158, Illusion Array

Gong Wen Shan muttered as he walked over to the entrance.

Kong Qi couldn’t help being stunned on the spot.

His intention really was to get Gong Wen Shan to go up and see if there was some kind of Spirit Array arranged at the entrance, but he never imagined the other party would agree so readily and without any obvious objections.

This was inconsistent with Gong Wen Shan’s usual personality…

Thinking this way, Kong Qi’s expression changed slightly and he hurriedly stepped forward, catching up with Gong Wen Shan and saying, “How could I let Brother Gong take risks alone? This Kong is willing to accompany you as your brother, experiencing joy and sorrow together as one!”

“Are you sure?” Gong Wen Shan tilted his head and looked at him teasingly.

“Uh…” Kong Qi’s heart was filled with anxiety, mainly because the other party’s expression was too unnerving, making him feel anxious in his heart. He didn’t know which answer to give in order to satisfy Gong Wen Shen, but in the end, he trusted his gut, grit his teeth, and nodded, “Yes.”

“Good,” Gong Wen Shan shrugged and continued to move forward, saying, “Follow me closely.”

Hearing this, Kong Qi was overjoyed, knowing that his answer just now was the right one, while on the surface maintaining a calm façade as he said, “Of course, Brother Gong must also be careful.”

As the two people spoke, they arrived in front of the only entrance as everyone else watched.

By now, the cultivators who were meditating and resting in the main hall had turned their attention to Gong Wen Shan’s movements and were closely observing, lest they miss some important clue now. Gong Wen Shan’s ability to crack barriers had been witnessed by everyone earlier, so if there was really a hidden Spirit Array at this entrance, everyone had faith that Gong Wen Shan would find it.

For a moment, everyone held their breath, waiting for the results to appear.

Gong Wen Shan stood at the entrance and carefully observed it for a time, his expression constantly changing, putting everyone else on edge. Only after a long time did he mutter, “As I thought, this entrance is just an ordinary entrance, there’s no danger here!”

Saying so, he stepped forward directly towards the entrance.

Kong Qi hurried to keep up.

The two disappeared from sight the next moment.

“Playing cheap tricks!” Xiao Chen snorted, dissatisfied. Before seeing Gong Wen Shan’s expression change a few times, he too had thought the former had discovered something, but it turned out to be nothing, making Xiao Chen feel like he had been tricked.

Lan Xun smiled slightly and said, “Brother Gong… is a man who takes great pride in his talents!”

“Speaking of which, did anyone notice that…” Xiao Bai Yi suddenly came over to the two of them, looked around for a while, and said with a solemn expression, “Wu Chang is not here!”

Xiao Chen frowned, “What do you mean? What does it matter to us if he is here or not?”

Xiao Bai Yi glanced at him briefly before turning his eyes to Lan Xun.

“What’s the meaning of your look just now, are you disdaining me?” Xiao Chen was immediately unhappy.

Lan Xun frowned, but thinking of something, she muttered, “Brother Xiao Bai means… Wu Chang failed to enter here because of Gong Wen Shan’s machinations?”

Xiao Bai Yi nodded seriously, “I think so. Gong Wen Shan may not have just cracked the barrier around the temple, he might have also taken control of it. Basically, everyone else has come in, but Wu Chang for some reason was excluded. There’s only one explanation for this situation, Gong Wen Shan didn’t let him in!” At this point, Xiao Bai Yi let out a depressed sigh as he looked sincerely at Lan Xun and said, “Princess, this one is Azure Sun Temple’s Xiao Bai Yi, not… Brother Xiao Bai!”

“I know who you are…” Lan Xun smiled, “But you and Xiao Chen have the same surname, so I can’t call you Brother Xiao. I heard Yang Kai call you Xiao Bai before, so I just… figured calling you Brother Xiao Bai was a good idea. Do you not like that name?”

“I don’t!” Xiao Bai Yi denied vehemently, a cold light flashing across his eyes as he muttered, “After we leave this place, I’ll rip that bastard’s mouth off!”

“If we delay any longer, everyone else will leave. We need to move.” Xiao Chen found it hard to intervene in this conversation, so he could only change the subject forcefully.

Lan Xun turned her head and found that most of the cultivators in the hall had already disappeared, with only a few still standing around. Nodding, she agreed, “We should go too.”

Xiao Bai Yi signalled to Murong Xiao Xiao, who nodded in return before the two used their Movement Skills to rush towards the entrance.

“Ah, I fell into a trap!” Yang Kai couldn’t help muttering as soon as he rushed into the entrance.

Because the world in front of him suddenly distorted and transformed into an empty grassland.

This grassland was rich and fertile, with no trace of danger anywhere. In Yang Kai’s field of vision, there were blue skies, white clouds, and the green grass as far as the eye could see, which was obviously not a scene from inside the Flowing Time Temple.

“An Illusion Array?” Yang Kai frowned, stopping in place and not moving.

He was not surprised by the scene in front of him because he had a faint premonition something like this would happen before he entered.

The reason was naturally due to the first person entering this hall being Gong Wen Shan.

Judging from his previous methods and style of dealing with Wu Chang, Gong Wen Shan was definitely not as approachable and carefree as he seemed on the surface. On the contrary, this guy seemed to be untrustworthy and sinister.

After just a few threatening words from Wu Chang, Gong Wen Shan had locked him out of the Wu Chang and made him watch as others entered, tormenting him both physically and mentally. Obviously, Gong Wen Shan was a man who sought revenge for even the slightest grievance.

Kong Qi had asked him to investigate the entrance, and Gong Wen Shan readily agreed, causing Yang Kai to have some suspicions.

Gong Wen Shan was clearly not a noble and selfless character who would do something to solely benefit others.

Of course, this was also human nature.

And sure enough, this entrance was different from what Gong Wen Shan had announced out loud. It had a pleasant surprise waiting for everyone.

The only question was whether Gong Wen Shan had arranged this Illusion Array or it was something native to the Flowing Time Temple.

If it was the former, it would be easy to handle. In such a short time, even if Gong Wen Shan was a Spirit Array Grandmaster, it would be impossible to arrange too profound of an Illusion Array in such a short time. Perhaps Gong Wen Shan had simply set up an Array Plate to slow down those who followed after him.

If that was the case, this Illusion Array could be destroyed quickly; after all, Gong Wen Shan couldn’t have exerted too much strength to arrange it.

However, if this was a feature of the Flowing Time Temple itself, it would be scary.

This was because even Gong Wen Shan hadn’t noticed any clues before and had walked in confidently. If this Illusion Array was so subtle that it was even able to deceive someone like Gong Wen Shan, how could it possibly be simple? Worst case scenario, this Illusion Array was so powerful that all who fell into it would be trapped here for a lifetime.

Thinking so, Yang Kai took a deep breath, calmed his nerves, and tried to comfort himself, “I hope this is just another one of that guy’s tricks…”

Saying so, he slowly closed his eyes before snapping them back open.

His left eye had now turned golden and released a solemn, majestic aura that seemed capable of piercing through the void and seeing through all illusions!

Yang Kai slowly turned his head and looked around, after a short while breathing a sigh of relief while a look of joy filled his face.

Now, he was able to determine that this Illusion Array was not part of the Flowing Time Temple itself, but just a temporary arrangement made by Gong Wen Shan, because under his Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai was quickly able to see through the weaknesses and distortions in this Illusion Array.

After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai decided against breaking this Spirit Array forcefully and simply walked out along one of its weak points.

At the same time, in almost the same illusion, Lan Xun held a light pearl in her hand. This pearl exuded a soft light and was dispelling the illusory scenes around her, allowing her to see her true surroundings as she walked forward.

Xiao Chen followed her step by step, coldly snorting as he said, “Why does Princess insist on going through all this trouble. It’s just a trivial Illusion Array, allow me to break it directly.”

Lan Xun smiled and said, “One should show proper respect for others’ hard work. Gong Wen Shan did not hesitate to use an Array Plate to place an Illusion Array here just to delay others a little bit. If we were to destroy this Spirit Array, wouldn’t everyone else benefit from our hard work while we gain nothing? I don’t plan on doing charity work here.”

“Your Highness, you…” Xiao Chen stared at Lan Xun’s back in amazement, not having expected that after just a few days in the outside world, this innocent and kind-hearted Princess had been contaminated by such wickedness. In his heart, he felt a great deal of pain!

On the other side, Xiao Bai Yi and Murong Xiao Xiao had both closed their eyes, as if they were blind, and were slowly groping their way through the Illusion Array. The directions they walked seemed random, but in actual fact, they were slowly moving forward. As for how they achieved this, it was unknown.

“An Illusion Array? Ridiculous, in the face of absolute power, nothing else matters!” Luo Yuan had always adhered to the truth that strength was supreme, so even after falling into this Illusion Array, he did not flinch and instead pushed his Source Qi violently to blast his surroundings.

However, those attacks, which should have been strong enough to kill an ordinary Dao Source Realm cultivator, did not even cause a ripple when they landed, like stones sinking into a violent sea.

Although this Illusion Array was hurriedly arranged by Gong Wen Shan using an Array Plate, how could it be violently broken so easily? The Gong Family was famed for its proficiency in Spirit Arrays, and Gong Wen Shan had already taken into account the combat power of Luo Yuan and the others when he set up this Illusion Array to ensure that even if they used brute force to crack it, it would still take them some time.

The reactions of the other Dao Source Realm cultivators were identical to the top Masters after falling into the Illusion Array.

Those who know a little about Spirit Arrays tried to find Array Nodes to quickly crack the array.

Those who didn’t understand Spirit Arrays used violence.

As for those like Yang Kai and Lan Xun, they were able to find weaknesses in this Illusion Array and easily escape with the help of special abilities.

After consuming less than a cup of tea worth of time, Yang Kai had already emerged from the Illusion Array and the scene before his eyes once again distorted and changed, the blue sky, white clouds, and grass fields suddenly disappearing and being replaced by a dark and deep passage.

Yang Kai immediately withdrew his Demon Eye of Annihilation and kicked the ground to rush to the end of this hallway.

Arriving at a certain point, Yang Kai’s brows couldn’t help furrowing as he was forced to stop, “There are so many paths?”

In front of his eyes, there were at least a dozen forks in the hall, each of them too dark to see down and giving off an unsettling aura, as if they were all paths of no return.

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