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She was like an eternal gemstone, her temperament more and more refined, free of any worldly contamination, pure and flawless.  Anyone standing before her would be humbled and ashamed to gaze upon her.  Clear as ice, pure as jade, skin as white as snow, an alluring face which could topple cities, a delicate yet radiant complexion.  It was as if an immortal fairy had descended to earth, surrounded by a noble and holy aura.

Although she was already his, and he had also been intimate with her, but when they met here, Yang Kai still felt somewhat like he was dreaming.

Su Yan’s nobility and ice-like purity had obviously not suffered in the slightest from being with Yang Kai.

After having suppressed his impulses for so long, the passion buried within his heart all of a sudden exploded out as Yang Kai approached her and unceremoniously embraced Su Yan’s waist, desperately seeking for her lips.

Su Yan quickly reached out to stop him, whispering softly, "Wait till we're below!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Yang Kai jumped down towards Coiling Dragon Stream without the slightest hesitation.

Falling a thousand feet, his Flaming Yang Wings burst forth as he swiftly flew into his secluded cave.

Su Yan's eyes blinked again and again, curiously looking at the radiant wings behind Yang Kai.

Once inside the cave, Yang Kai dismissed his wings, threw his two sacks onto the floor and swept Su Yan up by her waist while his face revealed a meaningful smile, quickly carrying her towards the stone bed.

Su Yan’s heart raced like a small frightened deer, pounding non-stop; although she already had two similar experiences before, but at this moment it was still somewhat embarrassing and she could not help burying her face in Yang Kai's chest.

Arriving at the stone bed, he slowly set her down.

Su Yan embarrassedly looked up at Yang Kai, her face now completely flushed.

Kissing each other, their breaths became heavy and ragged, one body burning like a flame, one frigid like ice, both consumed with an infinite desire for each other.

Light noises sounded, while Yang Kai tried to suppress his wild desires long enough to gently undo Su Yan's clothes, revealing her exquisite porcelain-like figure.

Their clothes flew off, and their hair became a mess.  Yang Kai rolled over and embraced her.

Su Yan gasped for breath again and again, her whole body became weak and felt like it was melting under the heat, on the other hand Yang Kai had become bold and fierce, like a spear-wielding warrior charging into battle, filled with endless physical strength and bursting with spirit, repeatedly clashing over and over again.

Su Yan desperately circulated her Ice Heart Secret Art, but it could not suppress the shyness in her heart one bit.  A steamy red glow surfaced on her snow white body, her hair swayed to and fro, and her sweat released an enchanting fragrance.

"Here… how about like this?"  Su Yan grit her teeth.  Desperately holding back the shyness in her heart, she obediently submitted to Yang Kai’s whims, allowing herself to be put into all kinds of shameful postures above the stone bed.

"Haa!"  Yang Kai fiercely agreed. His hands wantonly grasping.

Yang Kai and Su Yan spent the entire night he had returned to High Heaven Pavilion in each other's embrace.

The memories Yang Kai had made of the murals in Sea City’s Thousand Gold Revelry Floor were fully displayed, practiced, and explored.  A sweet indulgence in unrestrained passion, constantly seeking for more and greater euphoria.

Su Yan had no idea that the bonding between man and woman could undergo so many changes, like a myriad of martial skills.  Each one filled with infinite variation and mystery, each one offering a new, breathtaking feeling and pleasure.

Experiencing all this caused the shameful feelings inside Su Yan to soar, almost to the point where she was too embarrassed to show her face again.

Through these endlessly changing patterns, Yang Kai found that his favorite posture was still one he had inadvertently explored inside the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.

It was where Su Yan's back was towards him.

In this posture, he could see the lifelike Ice Phoenix tattoo on Su Yan's back constantly flowing, like it was gently floating upon her pink flushed skin.

Looking at this Ice Phoenix tattoo, gracefully swimming upon her smooth, silk-like back, all while tightly grasping her elegant waist. Yang Kai always felt an inexplicable excitement and desire.

He knew that since Su Yan's back had this Ice Phoenix tattoo, there was certainly a Fire Dragon tattoo on his own as well, both of which were obtained from the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.

After joining together, the two began their dual cultivation.

Their bodies tightly intertwined.  Circulating the Joyous Unification Art, a full day passed by.  Whether it was Yang Kai or Su Yan, they could both feel their strength experience some growth.  Though the enhancement to their cultivation was small, the greatest benefit they received was that their Yuan Qi had become  purer.

The Joyous Unification Art's purpose was to make their two Yuan Qis blend and refine one another.  As the amount of time they spent in dual cultivation increased, the purity and density of their Yuan Qi would only continue to improve.

After their cultivation ended, Yang Kai was still unrestrained as he ravaged Su Yan once more…

(Rosy: I guess it really isn't good to bottle it up for too long)

Gently helping Yang Kai dress, Su Yan's still flushed face displayed a faint nervous smile, she was truly afraid.  Yang Kai was now like a tireless beast, ferociously seeking for her embrace; again and again leaving her feeling soft and weak.

She was afraid that if she could not dress Yang Kai, she would simply never escape his evil claws.

Having both dressed, the two held each other as they lay on the stone bed.

There was no need for words of love, each clearly feeling the affection within the other's heart.

"Your speculation came true."  Su Yan suddenly said while lying in Yang Kai's arms.

"What speculation?"  Yang Kai asked while running his fingers through her hair, enjoying this tranquility after the storm.

"A few months ago, did you not say that the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance appearance would cause a great stir?"

"Have outsiders already come?" Yang Kai suddenly frowned.

"Yes, the Eight Great Families have not sent anyone, but all the other Families and Sects had heard about the appearance of the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance and dispatched experts to this region.  They are still trying to win over those disciples from the Three Sects who gained opportunities in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.  Whether they are from the High Heaven Pavilion, the Bloody Battle Gang, or the Storm Hall, over the past few months many of their disciples were snatched away."

"Which forces have come to High Heaven Pavilion?"  Yang Kai asked, while a lingering doubt in his heart finally cleared; the night he returned to the Sect, the Divine Senses which had probed him must have been from the visiting masters of those great Families and Sects.

"Xuan Province Dong Family, Yun Province Bai Family, and Quan Province Purple Fern Valley are the three big forces; there are also many forces that are also secretly lurking in Black Plum Town."

Dong Family?  Yang Kai's brow twitched.

"What benefits did they offer you?"  Yang Kai asked.  Su Yan was the true leader of the Three Sect's younger generation disciples, and was also the biggest suspect for who had obtained the inheritance of Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.  Those visiting three great forces would be desperate to grab Su Yan, and the gifts they presented would obviously not be cheap.

"Within two years they guaranteed I will break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, any pills or artifacts in their possession would be freely offered, and my status would be equal to an Elder!"

"Truly generous!"  Yang Kai smiled, "In return?"

"I must marry in!"

"Oh really…"

"I refused."  Su Yan embraced Yang Kai like a spoiled child, "Although they suspect that I received the inheritance, but they have no conclusive evidence, so the pressure is not that great.  It's just these days some representatives have been living inside High Heaven Pavilion."

"Those three great forces have sent their young masters?"  Yang Kai sneered, to chase a beauty, naturally their favored sons had to come forward to win her heart, but all these forces' calculations were clearly a wasted effort.  Su Yan had long since been his woman, and they were also involved in an inseparable relationship.  However, even if they had not been involved together, with Su Yan’s personality, she would never have agreed anyways.

Ice Heart Secret Art emphasized that nothing would disturb one's heart, how could these cheap benefits possibly move her.

"En."  Su Yan nodded as she brushed Yang Kai’s cheek, "You do not have to worry, I will forever be only yours."

"I was never worried."  Yang Kai grinned, "I know if they want to move you, they must have used some underhanded means to do so."

However, after a moment of silence, Yang Kai still frowned, "Even so, it is intolerable.  Damn!  They dare have ideas about my woman!"

Su Yan smiled her heart unable to suppress some sweet fluttering.

Even for someone as calm and poised as her, seeing Yang Kai jealous still let her feel a burst of happiness.

It was only at dawn that Su Yan left.

And so Yang Kai began to take care of his own things which had piled up over time.  Glancing around his secluded cave, he couldn't help but secretly be surprised; he found that his home had undergone a change.

When he left it was only a cold and dark cave, but now, this cave was more like a new home, not only did it have tables and chairs, there were many pots of flowers, calligraphy and paintings hung on the walls, decorations and embellishments filled every corner.

Even on the stone bed there was also warm and comfortable bedding.  Having been engrossed with Su Yan for so long he had still failed to notice.

[This… should be the results of Xia Ning Chang and Su Yan's efforts.]

The transformation was pretty good.

Visiting the cave entrance, the Heaven and Earth Spirit Yin Yang Monster Ginseng was dejected and listless.  Its awkward facial features wrinkled together, like it was trying to express its anger.

 When Yang Kai came back that night, this piece of sentient Heaven and Earth Spirit had warmly greeted him, but receiving no response, it could not help being depressed up till now.

(Silavin: Aww… so cute 😀)

This Yin Yang Monster Ginseng was also well taken care of here, where it could be fed rich Yang Qi and also receive Su Yan's Yin Qi every other day.

Yang Kai wryly smiled, squatting down he fed it two drop of Yang Liquid, causing the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng great joy.

(Silavin: It's like my brother. Give him a toy and he will gladly shut up. Too bad for him, I'm not the type that pampers.)

Sitting next to the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng, a thought flashed, a wordless Black Book appeared in his hand.

These days, after every breakthrough, whether it was a small realm or a great realm, Yang Kai will look at this wordless Black Book, hoping to discover some new mystery or benefit.

But after many times getting his hopes up, he would end up disappointed; the more times this happened, the less enthusiastic Yang Kai became.

The Black Book had already given him plenty of help, and even if he could not get anything more from it in the future, Yang Kai was confident that he could still grow and advance.  With such a thought, his mood had become a lot better. Waiting for handouts was not the way forward, even if the Black Book contained even more miraculous things, if he himself did not work hard it would all be useless in the end.

Yang Kai did not expect to get something from it, but still readily flipped to the fifth page and poured Yuan Qi into the Black Book.

But unlike the previous attempts during his time in the Endless Sea, this time the Black Book actually had a reaction.

"Hmm?"  Yang Kai couldn't help but smile, staring closely at the Black Book while continuing to pour in his Yuan Qi.

A layer of strange ripples spread, immediately followed by the Black Book emitting a golden light, but unlike before, these golden lights did not leap out of the Black Book, but instead connected together, forming a dense complex pattern, similar to an advanced Spirit Array.

After a brief moment, a line of text appeared.

Medicinal King Valley, Myriad Drug Pond!

A few breaths later, this line of text faded out, and the golden light from the Black Book gradually disappeared.

Yang Kai wrinkled his brow; this time was very different from all the previous ones.  The Black Book had not given him anything, but instead had told him the name of a place.

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