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Chapter 1746: 1746

Chapter 1746, Topographical Map

“No!” Luo Lan shook her head solemnly before glaring at Gu Jian Xin suddenly, “Oh? You said your ‘Aunt Lan has lived many years’? Are you saying your Aunt Lan is old?”

“Uh…” Gu Jian Xin scratched his head awkwardly and quickly wore a serious face as he tried to change the subject . “Moreover, according to my observations, he actually used Space Force to sneak attack Li Ming Hai!”

Luo Lan’s attention was on something important, so it took a while to process the additional information and asked, “Space Force? He’s able to use such a strange power in battle?”

“It’s more than that!” Gu Jian Xin recalled the scene at the time and his expression constantly fluctuated as he said solemnly, “His accomplishments in the Dao of Space seem to have reached an unprecedented level . He was able to condense his Space Force into a coherent blade that cut and exiled part of Li Ming Hai’s body to The Void!”

Luo Lan could not help gasping when she heard this .

“Suffice it to say, I only want to make friends with him, and definitely not become enemies, so I will have to ask Aunt Lan to pay some more attention to him in the future . ”

“Rest assured, since he wants a hundred-thousand-kilometre territory here, there will always be opportunities for us to come into contact in the future,” Luo Lan’s beautiful eyes glowed with a strange light, as if she had become interested in Yang Kai, and continued . “Good, tell me in detail about the fight between you and Li Ming Hai . Aunt Lan is very curious . ”

Either Sword Union always moved quickly, or Luo Lan was simply an efficient administrator, but Yang Kai had only stayed in the Azure Tree Palace for a single day before he was summoned by Luo Lan to discuss something .

Yang Kai naturally understood this was about the territory he asked for and did not delay .

Following the messenger who had come to summon him, Yang Kai made his way through the halls of the Azure Tree Palace for a short time before meeting a casually-dressed Gu Jian Xin in a certain corridor . The latter saw Yang Kai and beckoned to him with a smile .

The Left Sword Servant Ling Yue and Right Sword Servant An Xing were standing together with him .

“Brother Gu!” Yang Kai stepped forward and cupped his fists .

“How is Brother Yang’s accommodation?” Gu Jian Xin asked enthusiastically .

“Extremely comfortable!” Yang Kai replied .

“That’s good, this Gu was worried he was not offering good enough hospitality, but since Brother Yang says he is comfortable, I can feel relieved . ”

“En, Senior Luo asked me to see her…”

“It’s as you think,” Gu Jian Xin grinned at Yang Kai before drawing him along with him . “Follow me . ”

Walking down this corridor, the group of four soon came to a light curtain which shrouded the way forward, making it impossible for anyone to see past it . This light curtain was like a waterfall that flickered with countless tiny flowing runes which swam about like small fish, giving it a mysterious and complex appearance .

Gu Jian Xin did not even spare the light curtain a glance and walked straight forward, only pausing for a moment to tell his Left and Right Sword Servants, “You remain here . Execute anyone who dares try to intrude . ”

“Yes!” Ling Yue and An Xing nodded firmly as they stood outside .

Gu Jian Xin then led Yang Kai directly past the light curtain .

After experiencing a flash of light, Yang Kai found himself in a seemingly entirely different world .

The whole place was silent and there was nothing of note except for a huge spherical object positioned in the middle of the space .

This sphere was almost two dozen metres in diameter and had irregular patterns covering it, some of which were yellow, some blue, some green, all of them occupying different areas on the sphere’s surface .

As Yang Kai got close, he noticed the sphere was spinning clockwise at a subtle speed .

Luo Lan was standing nearby and greeted with a smile, “Little Brother!”

“Senior Luo!” Yang Kai hurriedly returned the courtesy, but soon his attention was attracted to the sphere in front of him again .

Luo Lan and Gu Jian Xin did not seem like they intended to explain and simply observed the changes in Yang Kai’s expression with interest .

Soon though, Yang Kai showed a look of understanding, turned to Luo Lan and Gu Jian Xin, and said in surprise, “Is this a model of Azure Tree Star shrunk down countless times?”

“Little Brother’s intuition is sharp!” Luo Lan smiled and nodded, “This is indeed a tiny replica of Azure Tree Star . It took many cultivators from our Sword Union a hundred years to survey all of Azure Tree Star’s environments, measuring each region and categorizing them to complete this design . ”

“Is this the map Senior mentioned yesterday?” Yang Kai asked thoughtfully .

“Exactly!” Gu Jian Xin smiled and nodded, “The map that Aunt Lan was talking about yesterday refers to this thing, which was why we had to wait until today to let Brother Yang see it . ”

“There are many conveniences to this thing,” Yang Kai muttered in surprise as he circled the sphere, soon understanding what the different colours represented .

The yellow colours represented plains, while the blue was water and the green was forest .

There were a small number of other colours also present which obviously corresponded to rarer areas like swamps and deserts .

Sword Union’s methods were impressive, but… taking a hundred years to complete a project like this was something only a super force could afford .

Looking closer, there were many large and small city-like signs on this sphere, which were obviously settlements where cultivators on Azure Tree Star gathered .

With this, Luo Lan would find it much easier to manage Azure Tree Star .

While Yang Kai observed, Luo Lan took the initiative to explain to him . As Yang Kai expected, the different colours really did correspond to different geographical environments, and depending on the colour’s depth, one could tell the richness of the ambient World Energy in those areas .

The lighter the colour, the thinner the World Energy and vice versa .

After briefly explaining to Yang Kai about this map, Luo Lan said, “The piece of land Little Brother wants, a piece of land a hundred thousand kilometres is neither big nor small, so this Queen has selected a few locations for you to choose from . Of course, these are just areas this Queen thinks are suitable . If Little Brother is not satisfied, he is free to choose any other spot on Azure Tree Star!”

Yang Kai was grateful and cupped his fists, “Junior will be accepting Senior’s good intentions then . Please advise me . ”

“Little Brother need not be so polite,” Luo Lan smiled, stretched out her hand towards the large spherical map in front of her, spun it slightly then halted it at a certain position . Luo Lan pointed to a certain place and said, “This is the first place this Queen selected . This area is surrounded by mountains and rivers and is rich in materials as well as World Energy . There is also a city nearby, which would fall under Little Brother’s jurisdiction . ”

“A city? Is that alright?” Yang Kai asked in surprise .

He only wanted a piece of land that was not too barren and never expected he would actually be given an entire city to control .

“It’s no big deal, it’s just a single city,” Gu Jian Xin grinned .

“Indeed, on Azure Tree Star, even if there aren’t ten thousand such cities, there are at least eight thousand . Having Little Brother assume command of it would be this place’s blessing,” Luo Lan also added with a smile . Yang Kai did not know what Gu Jian Xin had told her yesterday, but he could tell that Luo Lan’s attitude towards him had changed subtly and was much more enthusiastic .

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“If Little Brother is not satisfied with this place, then how about here,” Luo Lan waved her hand and spun the map again, pointing to another spot and explaining, “This place is also quite good . This Queen has been here before and can attest to its beautiful scenery and numerous great beauties…”

Seeing Yang Kai remain indifferent, Luo Lan immediately introduced him to the next place .

After introducing seven places in a row, Yang Kai still had nothing to say .

Strictly speaking, the places Luo Lan selected for Yang Kai were indeed quite good, with rich World Energy and numerous other advantageous conditions, each one an extremely generous proposal .

But Yang Kai did not seem to be satisfied with any of them, causing Luo Lan to be a little puzzled, not knowing exactly what he was looking for .

“Senior Luo, is there a suitable place on the sea?” Yang Kai saw that she was about to introduce the next place and quickly asked .

“On the sea?” Luo Lan raised her brow before smiling, “So Little Brother would like to live next to the sea! What do you think about this position?”

Half an hour later, Yang Kai walked out of the mysterious space with a content look upon his face .

After making a few comparisons, he finally chose a place called Twin Shark Island .

It was difficult to classify Twin Shark Island as a single island or two, because if one looked from above, they would see that, although narrow and shallow, there was a connection between them . When viewed from the side, this island, or islands rather looked like two sharks advancing side by side through the sea, a very vivid image .

Hence the name, Twin Shark Island!

The area was very in line with Yang Kai’s requirements, no more, no less, exactly one hundred thousand kilometres in total .

Additionally, there was a medium-sized seside city five hundred thousand kilometres away from Twin Shark Island!

This island was relatively remote on Azure Tree Star, and Luo Lan and Gu Jian Xin could not understand why he chose such a place; after all, compared with the locations Luo Lan introduced to him before, Twin Shark Island’s only advantage was its rich World Energy aura .

It seemed like Yang Kai was going around the sun to reach the moon and intentionally took a bad deal .

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But since Yang Kai had already decided, they did not try to persuade him otherwise .

And so, Twin Shark Island became Yang Kai’s territory from now on . As long as the faction Gu Jian Xin led still controlled Sword Union, no one would be able to take Twin Shark Island away from him .

This was also Gu Jian Xin’s commitment to Yang Kai .

Yang Kai did not care too much though; now that this site belonged to him, if someone dared try to take it from him in the future, they would first have to weigh the consequences .

The next day, Yang Kai bid farewell to Luo Lan and Gu Jian Xin and prepared to leave for Twin Shark Island .

Outside the Azure Tree Palace, Gu Jian Xin wore a slightly guilty expression as he said, “Brother Yang, unfortunately, this Gu cannot take you there in person . I have come to Azure Tree Star on important business, so my time is quite limited . ”

“Brother Gu doesn’t need to pay it any mind, I can find my way to Twin Shark Island . Moreover, with this token given to me by Senior Luo, travelling and making arrangements will be convenient,” Yang Kai smiled lightly .

Gu Jian Xin nodded, “Indeed . ”

Then, making a mysterious smile, he added, “But Brother Yang, there are a few people here who would like to travel with you to Twin Shark Island . I hope you won’t refuse . ”

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