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Chapter 1469: 1469
Chapter 1469, Astonishing Revelation

Hearing this, Xue Yue’s expression changed wildly as she stared at Yang Kai in shock, “You wouldn’t…”

Yang Kai’s mouth curled into a grin as he coldly snorted, “I said that if you push things too far, at worst everyone will suffer a loss, but it’s not too late . Let us leave here in peace, otherwise…”

Xue Yue’s face suddenly turned blue as she never expected Yang Kai to be stubborn to such a degree! For a time, she felt aggrieved in her heart and her tender body shivered . She just wanted him to come with her . She had no intention to hurt him and instead wanted to grant him a great opportunity, so why was he refusing her to this extent?

Xue Yue couldn’t even count the number of people who wanted to follow her, but the one man she was actively extending an invitation to was now rejecting her outright . Why couldn’t he understand her pain?

Since Xue Yue was born, she had never been forced into such a passive situation besides when facing her father, President Ai Ou .

A woman was a woman in the end . Even if she wore the appearance of a man now, she couldn’t help being influenced by her feelings . Seeing Yang Kai display an attitude of dying with honour rather than living on in shame, her mood finally settled and she let out a sneer, “Do as you please, just remember, once you do, everyone here but you and me must die!”

As soon as this remark came out, the looks on the six Origin Returning Realm masters’ faces beside Xue Yue changed dramatically as they stared towards Yang Kai nervously .

“Good, good, good!” Yang Kai also smiled angrily, waving his arm wildly as he stepped forward and glared at Xue Yue fiercely, opening his mouth and declaring loudly, “Listen to me, your Third Young Master Xue Yue has a huge secret that I will reveal to you now!”

He was now riding a tiger, so he could only continue forward .

Xue Yue closed her eyes slowly and took a deep breath, not showing any intention to stop him, seemingly allowing Yang Kai to do as he wished .

On the other hand, the Origin Returning Realm masters around her all wore strange expressions, each of them suffering in silence . The conversation between Xue Yue and Yang Kai had not been hidden, so each word had been heard by them .

By now, they obviously understood that once Yang Kai exposed this secret, they would become implicated . Sometimes, even if a certain thing had nothing to do with oneself, just knowing about it could invite trouble, especially when it came to behemoths like Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce which had many secrets that could not be leaked out .

However, these people’s curiosity still somewhat won out over their fear .

Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo were the same, the two of them both opening their ears and eagerly anticipating what would be said next .

Seeing Yang Kai truly want to expose this so-called huge secret, the lead old man who stood beside Xue Yue couldn’t help crying out in anger, “Shut up!”

How could he just stand by and watch this happen? He needed to stop Yang Kai before he could say anything, so as he shouted, his body flickered and he flew towards Yang Kai, swooping down on him like a great Phoenix, his aura full of imposing might .

Yang Kai didn’t even glance at this old man though, instead gritting his teeth and shouting, “Your Third Young Master Xue Yue is in love with me, en, deeply in love!”

When this astonishing revelation came out, the entire world seemed to shake!

Everyone was stunned . Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo couldn’t help covering their mouths with their hands as they glanced between Yang Kai and Xue Yue, a strange light flashing across their beautiful eyes .

The old man who was flying towards Yang Kai actually staggered and fell to the ground, his immense killing intent instantly evaporating, his eyes bulging as he landed .

Everyone else was no better off, their faces filled with utter shock .

This… this news was simply explosive!

“Impudence!” The beautiful woman beside Xue Yue cried out furiously, “What kind of honoured person is Third Young Master? Beautiful women surround him wherever he goes, how could he… could he…”

As the beautiful woman shouted, she cast a glance towards Xue Yue secretly, but what she saw was a pale face that was showing a look of total surprise, but there was also a hint of embarrassment and shame present, as if something that never should have been known had been exposed .

[It… it can’t be, right?] The beautiful woman’s heart clenched .

“Beautiful women surround him wherever he goes?” Yang Kai sneered, “Tell me then, which beautiful woman has he ever shown affection towards? What beauty has he ever shared a night with?”

After hearing Yang Kai say this, the six Origin Returning Realm masters all became dumbfounded . Thinking back carefully, they discovered that this was indeed the case! The Third Young Master always acted humble and courteous to everyone with a smile more refreshing than a spring breeze, his mere presence was enough to fascinate any young woman or girl . He was simply the most desired man in the entire Star Field .

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He never lacked for women; in fact, there would always be beauties trying to win his affection no matter where he went .

But never once did he have any intimate contact with any of these women, let alone spend the night with one .

All of them had thought the Third Young Master simply had excellent self-control and was staunchly defending his righteousness, but now…

Thinking again about the conversation between the Third Young Master and Yang Kai just now, about how a forcefully picked melon was not sweet, and how their Third Young Master had insisted on Yang Kai remaining while giving up on the beautiful enchantress standing next to him, everyone became at least seventy to eighty percent certain what Yang Kai said was the truth!

Could the Third Young Master really have such special tastes?

Glancing over at Xue Yue, and seeing his face flushed bright red, a clear look of guilt covering his expression, the beautiful woman was unable to say anything more, simply feeling deep regret in her heart .

How could such a superb young man like other men?

The expressions of the other masters were basically the same . These people had each lived many years and were incredibly observant and insightful, so Xue Yue’s current expression and attitude were enough to illuminate the truth .

A peal of breathless laughter suddenly rang out as Shan Qing Luo could no longer help herself . When this laughter entered Xue Yue’s ears though, it only made her feel even more awkward and ashamed, making her want to find a hole in the ground, crawl inside, and never appear again .

Although she was a woman in truth, the outside world only knew of her as a man, so such words being said by Yang Kai were incredibly disgraceful to her; however, she was unable to refute them either, causing her tender body to shiver uncontrollably as her blood boiled .

Yang Kai’s move just now had exceeded her expectations . She had never expected him to be shameless to this extent, not even caring about his own reputation .

“You… you’re actually so wicked!” Xue Yue’s face twitched as veins became visible on her forehead . Ground her teeth, she glared at Yang Kai and screamed . “You dare slander this Young Master!”

“Whether it’s slander or not, you know, I know, and the Heavens know,” Yang Kai laughed like a wily rascal .

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“Argh!” Xue Yue’s body trembled slightly as she ground her teeth and waved, “Capture them, especially that shameless bastard! This Young Master must rip his mouth off and let him taste the world’s most brutal torture!”

The Origin Returning Realm masters heard this and gawked before silently complaining to themselves .

The Third Young Master had never given out such benevolent orders before . Usually, he only called for his enemies to be killed ruthlessly, but he wanted them to capture these three alive today, so he obviously wasn’t willing to hurt them .

It seemed the words this little brat spoke really were not slander . Otherwise, why else would the Third Young Master allow them to live after being angered to such a point?

Furthermore, if it was truly just slander, given the Third Young Master’s demeanour, he would not have even paid it any mind, much less gotten angry .

The six Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters looked at each other and all felt that this matter had become a bit tricky, but the lead old man eventually collected himself and shouted, “Pardon our offence!”

Saying so, he along with the other masters swarmed towards Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo, summoning their artifacts and releasing their Secret Techniques . Although their manner was fierce, they did not display any murderous intent, simply trying to complete Xue Yue’s order and capture these three alive .

Originally, they thought that with their numbers and strength, capturing these three wouldn’t be the slightest bit difficult, with only the Third-Order Origin Realm enchantress possibly giving them some trouble .

However, as the fight progressed, these masters discovered that their thinking had been too naive .

This enchantress was quite extraordinary and cultivated some kind of profound Secret Art that allowed her to use the surrounding World Energy in combination with her own Saint Qi to form a massive spider web which covered the entire hall . She was able to easily move about this web, but for others each time they touched even a strand of its silk they would immediately be restrained, greatly impeding their mobility . In fact, just after the fight began, one of them had been caught up in this web and transformed into a giant dumpling, unable to escape even now .

This woman having such strength however could be accepted; after all, she did possess such cultivation .

The young man named Yang Kai, however, was the truly astonishing one . Obviously, he was just a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, but every move he made had incredible power behind it, especially the golden silk threads that shot from his hand and were capable of cutting through Shi . He also had a giant fiery red bird which circled overhead, a stone giant which swung around a jet black stick, and a sword which transformed into a giant dark green dragon…

All on his own, Yang Kai was fighting three Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters evenly .

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This young man was extraordinary! No wonder Third Young Master Xue Yue was willing to abandon gender distinctions and hold affection towards him .

On the other hand, Bi Luo was the most inconspicuous, hiding behind the layers of spider threads the moment the battle began and concealing her aura to the point where no one could find her . At most, she would occasionally launch sneak attacks from her hiding place before quickly disappearing once more .

Xue Yue observed all this from a distance with a bitter smile on her lips . Giving praise where praise was due, while Yang Kai’s words just now had thoroughly angered her, she was still somewhat thankful to him for not revealing her actual secret .

It was for this reason that Xue Yue did not want to take things too far .

At this moment, standing back and watching, she found that Yang Kai’s growth after more than a decade had actually been more terrifying than she imagined, causing her to become excited and strengthening her desire to bind him to her side .

Such a talent could only be trained properly if they joined Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and accompanied her . Only then would he have a broader, brighter future .

As for that enchantress… Xue Yue’s eyes turned to Shan Qing Luo and a look of unwillingness filled her face .

During the time she was with Yang Kai, she had learned that he had other women in his heart, so she mistakenly thought that Yang Kai leaving Rainfall Star was because of Shan Qing Luo at this moment .

Xue Yue wanted very much to fight Shan Qing Luo one-on-one right now so that she could show Yang Kai who was the better woman, but if she were to do this, it was quite likely that his opinion of her would only become poorer, causing Xue Yue to hesitate while bitterness filled her heart .

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