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Chapter 1446: 1446
Chapter 1446, Are You Going To Fight Or Not

“What benefit do you want then?” The young woman seemed a little displeased that Yang Kai actually wanted to bargain with her at this time .

Before Yang Kai could answer though, Kong Wen Dong cut in . How could he sit back and watch Yang Kai be drawn over to the young women’s side? With an aggressive look on his face, he loudly shouted, “Boy, this Kong gave you an opportunity! Since you insist on courting death, you can only blame yourself! If this Kong wants to kill a trivial First-Order Origin Realm brat, who here can block me?”

Saying so, Kong Wen Dong pushed his Saint Qi and released a burning aura from his body, causing the surrounding temperature to soar .

He looked like he was about to unleash a killing blow, but he was actually just putting up a front, hoping to make Yang Kai retreat . Since he had offended this Yang Kai the moment he appeared, Kong Wen Dong naturally didn’t want him to remain, but before understanding Yang Kai’s details and background, he didn’t really dare start a fight .

His plan was quite good, and his reasoning was sound, but the young woman opposing him was also no fool . How could she let Yang Kai just leave now? Without waiting for Kong Wen Dong to even finish what he was saying, she shouted, “If you think you have the skill just try it!”

A chill radiating from her tender body as she glared towards Kong Wen Dong without fear .

Yang Kai frowned as he shot a gloomy look towards this beautiful woman .

Just listening to this young woman’s words, she didn’t seem to be saying anything wrong, even showing some intentions to shelter him, but if Yang Kai wasn’t wrong, it seemed she didn’t have such pure intentions .

On the contrary, this woman seemed eager for Kong Wen Dong to attack him!

If this burly bald-headed man really attacked him, Yang Kai would inevitably be pushed towards the three women’s side! At that time, whether he wanted to or not, in order to survive, he would have to join forces with them!

This woman… wasn’t clear as ice or pure as jade as she seemed, instead she was quite manipulative . This greatly reduced Yang Kai’s impression of her .

The key now was whether or not Kong Wen Dong would act on her provocations! With things reaching this point, Yang Kai could only look towards the burly bald-headed man again and sigh to himself .

Since this man declared himself to be from Brilliant Flame Sect, obviously he must cultivate a Fire Attribute Secret Art . Most cultivators that cultivated this attribute of Secret Art had short tempers, irritable personalities, and aggressive impulses . This had nothing to do with their personalities but rather was connected to the innate qualities of their Secret Arts .

The young woman’s few words truly provoked Kong Wen Dong Shi, and with him already being prone to violence, how could he hesitate? What’s more, he really didn’t put a trivial First-Order Origin Returning Realm boy in his eyes, otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried to expel Yang Kai with no trace of politeness when he just arrived .

Grinning, Kong Wen Dong snorted, “Boy, don’t blame father here, when you arrive in the nether world, blame this cheap slut for forcing my hand!”

Saying so, he stretched out his hand and made a grasping motion towards Yang Kai .

Fire Attribute energy in the surroundings immediately began gathering together above Yang Kai’s head, condensing into a blazing palm in the next instant, then slammed down towards Yang Kai without a hint of mercy .

Seeing this scene, the women on the other side all narrowed their eyes as they showed dignified looks on their faces . Although they had fought with Brilliant Flame Sect’s cultivators for many years, this was the first time they had witnessed such an imposing attack . Kong Wen Dong had clearly achieved a high degree of mastery of his Fire Attribute strength!

While slightly fearful, witnessing this attack, the leading young woman was not about to let this rare opportunity pass!

Just as Kong Wen Dong attacked Yang Kai, and almost everyone’s attention had been attracted, this young woman suddenly formed a seal with her hands while condensing an ice-cold strength from her body to form a pure white spear . With a soft shout, this ice spear shot out at tremendous speed towards the Brilliant Flame Sect’s weakest cultivator .

The cultivation realm of this cultivator was the same as Yang Kai’s First-Order Origin Returning Realm, the weakest existence among these seven people .

Better to cripple a weak enemy than merely weaken a strong one . This young woman appeared gentle but was actually ruthless and merciless .

The pitiful scream rang out as the cultivator targeted by the young woman coughed up blood . Although they had instinctually dodged at the last moment, avoiding instant death, they still had an ice spear penetrate straight through their lower abdomen, suffering a critical blow!

This wasn’t surprising though as he was sneak-attacked by a cultivator two Minor Realms above him . It was lucky for him to even be alive at this moment . Even so, most of his combat strength had been lost, so if a fight broke out, the role he could play would not be big .

With her attacking going well, the young woman’s beautiful face showed a satisfied smile .

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After a moment of shock, Kong Wen Dong’s face suddenly distorted with rage as he cursed, “Cheap slut, this was your plan all along!”

He had underestimated the viciousness of this young woman . He thought that after he attacked, this young woman would show goodwill by rescuing Yang Kai, thus drawing him over to her side and turning the situation into a four versus four .

But instead, this woman had not paid any attention to whether Yang Kai lived or died, not even attempting to rescue him and instead taking advantage of the situation to cause heavy losses to one of Kong Wen Dong’s allies .

Exchanging the life of an unknown, unrelated boy for the fighting strength of an enemy, Ice Heart Valley had made a huge profit on this sale!

Kong Wen Dong’s face became extremely ugly, as if he had just been forced to eat a fly .

The young woman, on the other hand, smiled radiantly as she said leisurely, “Kong Wen Dong, if you know your limits, hurry up and leave, otherwise don’t blame this Queen for acting ruthlessly . ”

“Bitch!” Kong Wen Dong cursed, “You think you can not place father here in your eyes? You don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

“Hmph, take a look at what this is!” The young woman didn’t pay any mind to the other party’s insults, instead waving her hand and summoning an exquisite looking drum into her palm, one that gave off astonishing energy fluctuations .

“Profound Yin Heart Shattering Drum!” The burly bald-headed man’s eyes shrank when he saw this and was nearly stunned silent . Seemingly recognizing this artifact and finding it impossible to believe it was in this young woman’s hands, he cried out in disbelief, “How could you have this thing!?”

The young woman simply giggled lightly, “Since we planned to enter the Emperor Garden, we would naturally bring some good artifacts to protect ourselves . What? Don’t you have an Origin King Grade artifact?”

These few words almost caused Kong Wen Dong to choke . He and this young woman had similar cultivations, and their status in their respective Sects was almost the same, but now, she had an Origin King Grade artifact while he did not . Comparing himself to her, Kong Wen Dong suddenly felt somewhat poor and unvalued .

How he felt though, wasn’t of any consequence, the key was the power of this artifact . Since it was an Origin King Grade artifact, it certainly possessed great lethality, and understanding the peculiarities of this Profound Yin Heart Shattering Drum, Kong Wen Dong couldn’t help showing a look of fear on his face .

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But soon, he let out a snide laugh, as if he had just figured out something, and taunted “Slut, don’t try to pretend in front of Father . If you could use the full power of this Profound Yin Heart Shattering Drum, why didn’t you just take it out from the start? You haven’t fully refined that thing, have you?”

This time, it was the young woman’s face that turned gloomy .

It was indeed as Kong Wen Dong said, this Origin King Grade artifact had been specially given to her by her Sect’s Elders for this trip to the Emperor Garden; after this expedition was over, she would need to return it . Having only received it a short time ago, naturally, she had yet to fully refine it, so at most she could exert half of this artifact’s power . If this wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have wasted so much time with Kong Wen Dong and instead used it directly to repel him .

Seeing the young woman’s face changed slightly, Kong Wen Dong immediately knew he was right and laughed even harder, “Taking out an artifact you haven’t refined to scare this Kong? Bitch, you think this Kong Mou is so easily fooled?”

“So what? An Origin King Grade artifact is still an Origin King Grade artifact . If you want to try its might, I’d be happy to accommodate you . If you don’t have the courage, then hurry up and scram!” The young woman coldly declared .

Kong Wen Dong frowned and fell silent for a moment, not knowing what decision to make .

On the one hand, he very much wanted whatever treasures were hidden inside this secluded home, but on the other hand, he was wary of the Profound Yin Heart Shattering Drum . He really didn’t want to test its power, so his expression became hesitant .

“Hey, are you guys going to fight or not? If you aren’t, I have other things to do,” An exasperated voice suddenly called out from nearby, instantly drawing everyone’s attention, causing them to stare dumbfounded towards a certain spot .

At the spot where all of them were staring was a whirl of flame, the very one that Kong Wen Dong had condensed from the surrounding Fire Attribute energy a moment ago . But before everyone’s eyes, the roaring flames were quickly dispersed, revealing a figure hiding within them .

“How is that possible?” Kong Wen Dong almost bit his tongue, unable to believe his eyes .

There, the First-Order Origin Returning Realm boy who he attacked was standing calmly; not only had this brat not died, he actually seemed completely unscathed .

How could that be?

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Kong Wen Dong was well aware of the power of his attack just now . Forget about a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, even if it was a Third-Order Origin Realm master they shouldn’t have been able to simply shrug off this blow . As for this First Order boy, he should have been instantly burnt to ash .

The other party hadn’t summoned any kind of defensive artifact at all, nor did he seem to use his Saint Qi to shield himself, so how was he able to remain unhurt?

Kong Wen Dong almost thought he was dreaming .

Not only was he shocked, but the three young women from Ice Heart Valley were thoroughly stunned as well, their eyes filled with surprise .

Yang Kai, on the other hand, wore a helpless expression . Originally, after being attacked by Kong Wen Dong, he had concealed his aura and was planning on sitting atop the mountain while watching the tigers fight . But now it seemed that this idea was somewhat unrealistic . The strength of these two parties was now essentially equal, so their stalemate was likely to drag on for quite some time unless something happened to tip the balance again .

With no other options, Yang Kai could only reveal himself .

Now, however, not only was Kong Wen Dong’s expression quite ugly, the lead young woman’s expression was also somewhat bitter .

When Yang Kai had been attacked just now, instead of trying to help him she had used him as bait to launch a sneak attack on her enemy . While the words she spoke were righteous, when Yang Kai actually faced danger she had stood by and done nothing, so she was naturally feeling somewhat embarrassed .

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