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Chapter 1427: 1427
Chapter 1427, Conveniently Founded Sect

Seeing how it was Qian Tong who had asked, Yang Kai certainly wouldn’t refuse to answer, smiling lightly as he politely cupped his fists and said, “Junior greets Elder Qian, greets City Lord Fei . ”

Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu exchanged a glance and saw the happiness in each other’s eyes .

They could clearly tell that Yang Kai didn’t show them any less respect just because he now possessed such a powerful Starship . This boy still regarded them as his Seniors and even greeted them courteously as decorum dictated .

Realizing this, both of them unconsciously relaxed .

“Brother Wei, Sister Dong, you’re here too!” Yang Kai next turned to a young man and woman who were standing behind Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu and greeted them with a smile .

The two of them returned the greeting politely but couldn’t hide the surprise in their eyes, seemingly still unable to believe the scene they had just witnessed .

“Yang Kai, that rumour…” Qian Tong asked again, unable to restrain his curiosity .

A ray of light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes before he declared loudly, “Haha, the outside rumours are true: I, along with a small group of friends and disciples have indeed settled down inside this Flowing Flame Sand Field . ”

Although he did not shout, Yang Kai spoke loudly enough to allow everyone in the vicinity to hear him, and when this statement came out, it immediately triggered a great uproar with many people expressing doubt, envy, and even awe .

“Great!” Qian Tong was both shocked and was happy for Yang Kai, “Having a place to stay is for the best, and such a wonderful paradise at that! It seems that those kinds of unfortunate matters will never happen again . ”

The inside of the Flowing Flame Sand Field could be said to be the most secure location on Shadowed Star, allowing one complete peace of mind without fear of being attacked . In order to get to Yang Kai, one had to first get through an impenetrable Flame Area . Who could possibly do this?

At the very least, no one on Shadowed Star had such ability .

“Many thanks for Elder Qian’s concern, Junior also believes that in the future, there won’t be any blind fools who dare disturb my peace,” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, his eyes intentionally and unintentionally sweeping a number of masters among the crowd .

While this caused many people’s expression to become gloomy, none of them dared to comment .

“Junior should have sent word of his status earlier, but these days, I have simply had no free time; fortunately, two Seniors have come here in person . Since you’ve arrived here, why not come inside so we can chat? Of course, Brother Wei and Sister Dong are also invited . There are some things this Junior wishes to ask about after all,” Yang Kai suggested earnestly as he really did have some questions to ask .

“Enter inside?” Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu heard this and couldn’t help showing happy looks, both of them nodding without hesitation, “Alright, us old masters had such intentions but were worried you would not welcome us . ”

“Senior must be joking, how could this Junior not welcome you?” Yang Kai stepped to the side and beckoned, “This way, please!”

Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu smiled at each other and did not hesitate to accept the invitation, both of them flying up and entering the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle’s hatch . Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er also hurried to keep up . The Flying Shark Battle Shuttle did not look very big from the outside, but inside, it could easily accommodate twenty or thirty people without feeling crowded . There were also many rooms inside, so upon entering, Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu couldn’t help looking around with great interest, constantly leaking praises from their lips .

After noticing Ye Xi Yun standing behind Yang Yan though, the two of them hurried forward to offer their greetings .

Facing Ye Xi Yun, neither of them dared put on airs . Strictly speaking, both of them were much younger than Ye Xi Yun, so if anyone deserved to act aloof here, it was Ye Xi Yun alone .

“No need for excessive politeness, just find a place to sit down and wait for the Sect Master to handle matters outside then we can return together,” Ye Xi Yun waved her hand lightly .

Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu responded quickly, found a chair, and sat down obediently .

With their two Elders trembling like they were sitting on thin ice, how could Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er dare say anything? Standing up straight behind Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu, the two of them made sure to not even breathe loudly .

Outside the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle, Yang Kai stood in place, upright and with an expression of indifference . Although the masters on the scene all possessed higher cultivations than his, this was his site, so how could Yang Kai show any fear?

After remaining silent for a moment, Yang Kai declared loudly, “Previously, this Yang’s words must not have been heard by everyone . From now on, this Flowing Flame Sand Field is my High Heaven Sect’s territory . Please do not linger here for long, otherwise, I will consider it a provocation of my High Heaven Sect, and the consequence, heh heh…”

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“High Heaven Sect?”

“What Sect is that?”

“Was there such a Sect on Shadowed Star?”

Many suspicious voices began clamouring in confusion, but Mo Xiao Sheng, Cheng Peng Xuan, and several others immediately frowned, vaguely guessing something .

“High Heaven Sect is a Sect which I conveniently founded for myself and my like-minded friends . Its headquarters is located inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field . Do you all understand now?” Yang Kai shouted again, taking advantage of this opportunity to announce High Heaven Sect’s establishment to the rest of the world .

“Founded a Sect?”


The doubting voices only grew louder after Yang Kai’s curt explanation .

It wasn’t surprising that these people responded like this though . Founding a Sect wasn’t something that could just be casually done; at the very least, one needed to have a powerful enough master to assume command of the Sect . Even the smallest Sects on Shadowed Star were founded by Origin Realm masters . Occasionally, there would be a Saint King who didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth who tried to found a Sect but none survived very long, disappearing into the long river of history for one reason or another .

As such, no one took this new High Heaven Sect seriously, just as they didn’t take a mere Saint King Realm Junior like Yang Kai seriously .

Listening to the various voices of scorn and mockery, Yang Kai simply curled his lips into an indifferent sneer .

“Boy,” An authoritative voice suddenly called out, and upon hearing it, Yang Kai turned to its source and saw that it was actually Mo Xiao Sheng of Heaven Battling Union looking at him with a sombre face, “Is what you just said true?”

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“What does Senior Mo think?” Yang Kai didn’t answer the question directly . Although Mo Xiao Sheng had participated in the siege of Dragon Cave Mountain last time, Yang Kai wasn’t interested in settling accounts with him now; after all, his personal strength was still a little insufficient to do so . Yang Kai figured he could take his time to deal with this old man; after all, Heaven Battling Union was a great force that wouldn’t disappear suddenly .

Mo Xiao Sheng’s eyes narrowed, remaining silent for a moment before asking, “This old master does not believe you are cracking a joke, but may I ask who your noble Sect’s Sect Master is?”

“This Junior is somewhat unworthy, but he currently holds the position of Sect Master . In the future, I may need to ask Seniors for advice regarding this matter,” Yang Kai smiled meaningfully .

“I see…” Mo Xiao Sheng wore a grave expression as he muttered to himself . Although he knew that Yang Kai would definitely not simply forgive him for what had transpired between them, at this moment, he also had no intentions of making trouble, a moment later putting on a smile and speaking enthusiastically, “Little Friend Yang is a dragon among men, so there is nothing wrong with holding the position of Sect Master of a newly established Sect . En, your noble Sect will surely become a great force not inferior to my Heaven Battling Union in time, possibly even exceeding us one day . Congratulations, congratulations, this is truly an event worth celebrating . ”

A light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes as he wore a faint grin and replied “Senior Mo is too polite . High Heaven Sect was founded simply because this Yang and his friends wished for a place to belong . High Heaven Sect’s policy is and always will be the same as this Junior’s . We have neither lofty ambitions nor desires, we simply wish to live safely and peacefully in our little corner of the world . If others don’t provoke us, we won’t provoke them!”

[Old Dog, trying to direct public hatred towards me is simply shameful . ]

While maintaining a smile, Yang Kai cursed Mo Xiao Sheng out in his heart . Although this old dog’s expression was one of geniality and his tone was pleasant, his words were clearly suspicious . There were essentially two great forces on Shadowed Star vying for dominance, Heaven Battling Union and Thunder Typhoon Sect, so if another force with even or stronger power were to emerge, what room would there be for other great forces to survive?

Mo Xiao Sheng’s intentions were clearly to have the masters gathered here direct their animosity towards High Heaven Sect . Really, each of these old dogs was not easy to deal with .

“Good, ‘if others don’t provoke us, we won’t provoke them!’” Mo Xiao Sheng’s eyes flashed with a hint of anger . Naturally, he understood the meaning of Yang Kai’s words . Clearly, this boy was telling him that he would not let the matter of him attacking Dragon Cave Mountain simply drop . However, now wasn’t the time to break this stalemate, so after pausing for a moment, Mo Xiao Sheng asked, “Since your noble Sect has just been founded, you must surely have many things to attend to . If you could allow this old master to enter though, perhaps he can be of some assistance . What does Sect Master Yang think?”

“I’m afraid such a proposal is not appropriate at this time,” Yang Kai shook his head slowly, not even bothering to give Mo Xiao Sheng any face, “Senior Mo is well aware that my Sect has just been founded and has no time to entertain guests . Perhaps in the future, we will extend an invitation to Senior to visit, if there is an opportunity . ”

Mo Xiao Sheng fell silent; wanting to enter High Heaven Sect wasn’t because he wanted to inquire about its secrets or status, but rather because the Emperor Garden had suddenly appeared here . If he could get closer to it, he certainly wouldn’t want to wait outside the Flowing Flame Sand Field .

Otherwise, once the Emperor Garden really opened, the people inside who were closer would gain an advantage over those outside . Even with their fastest speed, it would take half a day longer for those outside the Flowing Flame Sand Field to bypass the flame barrier and arrive at the Emperor Garden .

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After all, the area occupied by the Flowing Flame Sand Field wasn’t small .

One mustn’t underestimate this half a day’s worth of time . Perhaps it would be the difference between obtaining some huge opportunity inside and obtaining nothing .

Not just Mo Xiao Sheng believed so, most of the other masters here had similar thoughts .

Seeing Mo Xiao Sheng’s attempt at negotiation fail, Cheng Peng Xuan stepped forward and shouted, “All of us have come from so far away, so why is Sect Master Yang being so unaccommodating, refusing to allow anyone to approach? Why not lower this barrier and invite us inside your noble Sect for some tea?”

“That’s right, we should all sit down and discuss this matter slowly . ”

“Yes, Sect Master Yang should show some hospitality!”

Immediately, shameless shouts rang out, each and every one of these old masters taking advantage of their age and position to try to force Yang Kai to give them face .

Naturally, Yang Kai paid them no heed, simply standing in place indifferently as he waited for the noise to gradually subside before declaring, “It is not that this Yang does not wish to invite others to visit his Sect, but how would your Sect’s react if you suddenly discovered so many outsiders lingering within your Sect’s territory without your permission? Wouldn’t you immediately expel these loiterers by force? However, since this Yang’s Sect is newly established and has not had a chance to inform the world of its presence yet, and considering this is your first offence, this Yang will not hold you accountable . However, I must insist you depart quickly . ”

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