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Chapter 1299: 1299
Chapter 1299, Succeeding

As Yang Yan continued to wear a strained expression, seemingly unable to find a solution to this problem, the source of the malevolent pressure rapidly closed in . Soon, the approaching enemy closed to within a couple of kilometres and Yang Kai could now even hear its hurried footfalls .

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Yang Kai sighed as he realized it would be too late if he didn’t immediately leave . Although ordinary Corpse Soldiers wouldn’t dare to get close with the Sun’s True Essence here, there was no way to know if this Corpse General that had cultivated for two thousand years would be subject to the same restrictions . If he and Yang Yan continued to linger, they would only be putting themselves in grave danger .

But before Yang Kai could speak up to suggest they withdraw, Yang Yan’s eyes suddenly brightened as if she just remembered something and hurriedly called out, “Xiao Xiao!”

Hearing her call, the Stone Puppet which had been devouring the piles of Saint Crystals and ores rushed over without hesitation . At this moment, of the dozen or so hill like piles of ores, the Stone Puppet had swallowed more than half .

After the Stone Puppet arrived, Yang Yan pointed at the Sun’s True Essence in front of them and asked softly, “Can you swallow it?”

The Stone Puppet’s seemingly always indifferent face showed a hint of hesitation and fear as its eyes flashed a dignified light .

The Stone Puppet had an innate ability to devour all kinds of ore and absorb their essence . Even Space Spirit Crystals could be swallowed effortlessly, but in front of this melon-sized Sun’s True Essence, the Stone Puppet hesitated .

Obviously, even for it, this thing was extremely dangerous .

Seeing this, Yang Yan showed a look of helplessness and didn’t try to force it . After all, for Yang Yan, although the Sun’s True Essence was truly invaluable, the Stone Puppet was equally irreplaceable . This little thing had repeatedly cooperated with Yang Yan to temper Artifact Refining materials, and she had already developed a deep affection for it . It was impossible for her to treat it like a simple tool now .

However, to Yang Yan’s surprise, after hesitating for an instant, the Stone Puppet suddenly let out a great roar and its body shone brightly as a series of mysterious glowing ruins flowed across its rocky Battle Armour .

The Stone Puppet’s aura underwent a rapid and dramatic change, suddenly giving off an incredibly sturdy feeling, as if nothing in this world could harm it .

Both Yang Kai and Yang Yan were dumbfounded, neither of them having expected the Stone Puppet to possess such an ability .

The mysterious runes only appeared for a moment before sinking into the Stone Puppet’s body . At the same time, its Battle-Armour-like skin now shimmered brilliantly and looked extremely powerful .

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A crackling sound came from all the joints of the Stone Puppet, and under the stunned gazes of Yang Kai and Yang Yan, its tiny body grew to ten metres in height .

In a few giant steps, the Stone Puppet arrived in front of the Sun’s True Essence and stretched out its big hand, grabbing the rock with a dignified expression .

A terrifying ray of fire leapt out from inside the Sun’s True Essence and transformed into a fire snake that struck towards the Stone Puppet’s approaching hand . The Stone Puppet flashed a strange grin and used its giant hand to grasp this fire snake and seemingly easily crush it, scattering a dazzling light in all directions .

Even so, Yang Kai noticed that the Stone Puppet’s big hand had slightly melted, shocking him greatly .

Without the hindrance of the fire snake, the Stone Puppet directly grabbed the melon-sized Sun’s True Essence, opened its mouth wide, and swallowed it . In the next moment, a dull roar burst from Stone Puppet’s throat, as if it was suffering from unimaginable torture, and the surface of its body glowed a bright red light . The runes surfaced on its mighty Battle Armour again and rapidly began bursting, changing into a mysterious kind of strength that poured back into its body and suppressed the terrifying heat .

Completing all this, the Stone Puppet’s body shrank down again, and in a flash, it returned to its original look .

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai took the Stone Puppet into his Black Book Space .

He had previously experienced the horrifying power of the Sun’s True Essence so he hadn’t dared to put it into his Black Book Space at will, but now that the Stone Puppet had swallowed it, this was the natural choice .

What happened here was not missed by the two Corpse Soldiers standing at the door who had been constantly observing Yang Kai and Yang Yan .

Seeing this pair that had invaded the Corpse Cave actually possessed a method to take away the Sun’s True Essence, these two Corpse Soldiers could no longer stand idly by, so with a great roar, they charged into the Secret Cave .

The female Corpse Soldier’s fingernails released a dark glow as they extended and her hair shot out like snakes to grab Yang Kai .

At the same time, the male Corpse Soldier inhaled deeply before spewing out a cloud of Corpse Qi that flew over to engulf Yang Kai and Yang Yan .

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Yang Kai just coldly snorted and with a flick of his wrist, a golden thread flew out towards the female Corpse Soldier while he simultaneously waved his other hand to release a black blade-like attack towards the male Corpse Soldier .

“A Space Force blade!” The male Corpse Soldier had already learned about some of Yang Kai’s methods from his companion, so the moment he saw this black blade which emitted no discernible aura, he was naturally terrified and frantically dodged . The female Corpse Soldier wasn’t as lucky and was directly penetrated by Yang Kai’s Golden Blood Thread which instantly restrained her in place .

With a single thought, Yang Kai transformed this single Golden Blood Thread into a golden net which quickly wrapped up the female Corpse Soldier in a blinding golden radiance .

“Impossible!” The female Corpse Soldier screamed out in shock, as if she had just witnessed something impossible . After the golden light faded, this female Corpse Soldier’s body had actually be cut into hundreds of pieces and scattered about across the floor .

After the male Corpse Soldier witnessed how his companion, who was equal in strength to him, was instantly killed by the other party, a terrified light flashed across his ghastly green eyes . He didn’t dare confront Yang Kai any longer and hastily fled towards the exit to this Secret Cave .

At that moment though, a tall and majestic figure wearing a blood red robe suddenly appeared in the entrance to the Secret Cave . Although this figure was still a bit thin, he resembled a living person quite closely . With a relatively normal looking face and the typical black and white eye colour, were it not for the intense Corpse Qi coming from him, this man could likely have passed for an ordinary cultivator .

As soon as he appeared, he eyes landed on Yang Kai who was currently taking away the Ten Thousand Year Ice Jade Pedestal . Noticing its escaping subordinate, this figure waved its fist towards him and the male Corpse Soldier who had just barely managed to escape Yang Kai Space Blade burst apart and was smashed into dust .

Yang Kai’s eyes shrank as he witnessed this scene and shouted, “Corpse General!”

This figure was obviously the powerful Corpse General Yang Kai had sensed approaching, but the moment it appeared, it had instantly killed one of its subordinates, so it was clear to see it was quite enraged .

On the other hand, the Corpse General saw the Ice Jade Pedestal disappear and was unable to sense any trace of the Sun’s True Essence, so how could he not know what had happened?

Immediately, a low roar burst from his mouth .

Yang Kai trembled involuntarily and he suddenly felt as if he was being torn in two . At the same time, his Knowledge Sea tumbled violently, like it was on the verge of boiling over .

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Yang Yan was in even worse shape . A halo of light appeared around her but shattered instantly, after which her small face went white and she coughed up a mouthful of blood . Obviously she had received a serious injury .

“Return what you stole!” The Corpse General snorted and took a big step towards Yang Kai .

With no time to hesitate, Yang Kai flung out a dozen Space Blades and at the same time ripped open a Void Tear . Taking advantage of the Corpse General’s surprise, Yang Kai grabbed Yang Yan and rushed directly into The Void .

It wasn’t until that moment that the approaching Corpse General seemed to realize that something was wrong, and with a terrifying roar, he shot out a giant yellow Corpse Qi hand towards the Void Tear .

However, he was too late . By the time his Corpse Qi hand reached the tear, Yang Kai and Yang Yan’s figures had completely disappeared, and although this attack managed to affect the stability of this Void Tear, it still couldn’t stop them from escaping .

[Space Force!] The Corpse General was stunned, but in the next moment became furious, sending out an enrage howl as his face filled with unwillingness .

If it wasn’t for the other party having cultivated Space Force, how could he have allowed them to escape with such a massive gap in their strength? As long as he was given three breaths, he was confident he could grind these two intruders into patties and retrieve what they had stolen .

Shortly after, other figures appeared in Secret Cave, all of them looking around the now half empty room somberly . Each of these figures exuded an aura not inferior to the first Corpse General who had arrived here . They were all peak Origin Returning Realm masters, four of them in total .

Other Corpse Generals who were equal to Second-Order Origin Returning Realm masters also soon arrived, making the entire Secret Cave quite a bustling scene .

“Where’s the Sun’s True Essence?” One of the Corpse Generals dressed in azure robes glanced at the spot where the jade pedestal originally stood and asked .

“It was taken away,” The first red-clothed Corpse General who rushed here replied angrily .

“What? The Sun’s True Essence was taken away?” The other two peak-level Corpse Generals shouted in disbelief, “Was the person who came a peak Origin Returning Realm master? But just a moment ago I only detected a Second-Order Saint King . ”

“It really was just a Second-Order Saint King . As for how he took away the Sun’s True Essence, I don’t know,” The red robed Corpse General replied .

“You couldn’t stop a trivial Second-Order Saint King? Junior Brother Long, did you rot after sleeping for so long?” The azure robed Corpse General looked at the former with a sneer .

The red robed Corpse General simply glanced over at this man and replied indifferently, “The other party cultivated the Dao of Space, and it seems his attainments in it are extremely high, allowing him to directly tear space and flee . Does Senior Brother Mo think he could have stopped him if he were here?”

“The Dao of Space?”

“Tore space?”


The other three Corpse Generals exclaimed, their eyes overflowing with shock .

“There are still some residual distortions in the space here . Whether I am telling the truth or not, you should be able to tell for yourselves . ” The red robed Corpse General didn’t seem to want to explain any further and simply stopped talking .

The other Corpse Generals heard this and all released their Divine Senses to investigate . After a while, their expressions turning ugly . They were indeed able to sense a slight Space Force fluctuation, so it was obvious the red-robed Corpse General wasn’t lying .

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