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Chapter 1284: 1284
Chapter 1284, Some Good Methods

When Yin Su Die coldly snorted, the young dancing girls all directed undisguised hatred towards Yang Kai and charged him while, at the same time, the pink mist barrier welled up and engulfed him .

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Inside the concealing mists, these girls fluttered back and forth like butterflies, their bodies gradually blurring until they disappeared without a trace while the melodious music also became dissonant filled with murderous intent . This assault on Yang Kai’s senses was specially aimed at shaking his heart and disturbing his mind .

At the same time, the pink mist seemed to come alive and tried to silently penetrate Yang Kai’s body through his pores, affecting his judgment and the circulate of his Saint Qi .

Yin Su Die realized that her attempts to confuse Yang Kai were futile and immediately changed to a more aggressive approach .

She didn’t expect to be able to defeat Yang Kai like this and was only planning on delaying him long enough for her Senior Brother Luo to catch Yang Yan .

Inside the pink mist, Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as black flames burst from his body, covering him in a scorching hot aura . The pink mist that had been trying to invade his body was incinerated the moment it came in contact with these flames .

However, this pink mist seemed to be able to regenerate infinitely, so no matter how much of it was burned away by the Demon Flame, it continued to flow towards Yang Kai .

From inside this pink mist, vague figures continuously launched sneak attacks towards Yang Kai . Naturally, these vague figures were the beautiful young girls who had disappeared a moment ago . They would appear from Yang Kai’s blind spots, making them impossible to guard against, and send out pink ribbons that wrapped around him tightly .

Yang Kai remained unharmed for the moment, but the pink ribbons which were binding him were quite strange, completely unaffected by his Demonic Flames .

This point caught Yang Kai’s attention, and upon observing these ribbons closely, he discovered that these pink ribbons were not actually illusions created from the fog but rather an Origin Grade Artifact Yin Su Die had summoned at some point . It was just that the colour and shape of this artifact matched perfectly with her Beguiling Technique, making it difficult for Yang Kai to tell immediately tell what was real and what was fake .

On top of that, these pink ribbons were able to restrain the circulation of Yang Kai’s Saint Qi, causing the layer of Demonic Flame protecting his body to rapidly weaken .

A tender laughter echoed from in all directions, making it impossible to distinguish where the source was, and immediately after, the pink ribbon tightened greatly, seemingly wanting to completely wrap up Yang Kai like a giant dumpling .

Yang Kai coldly snorted, grabbed one of the ribbons wrapped around his arm, and fiercely yanked on it, instantly dragging a beautiful figure out of the pink mist bank .

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Without even waiting for this figure to get close, Yang Kai’s other hand clenched into a fist and punched out towards this tender body .

A pitiful scream filled the air as the tender body of a young girl exploded into a blood flower which rapidly disappeared from Yang Kai’s vision and merged into the pink mist, causing its colour to become slightly thicker .

Seeing the effectiveness of this method, Yang Kai instantly spun like a top, exerting all his might on each ribbon, dragging all the young girls at the other ends screaming towards him .

Demonic Flames burst from Yang Kai’s hands and smashed towards these illusionary figures, raising a series of ghastly screams as these young girls burst into blood mists and instantly disappeared .

The moment all these illusionary girls were destroyed, Yang Kai seemed to hear Yin Su Die snort .

It seemed that his actions just now had caused some damage to Yin Su Die, who was the source of this Beguiling Technique .

Yin Su Die had indeed received a bit of backlash from her Beguiling Technique being forcefully broken like this . She had not expected Yang Kai to be so ruthless and not show the slightest hint of tender affection .

For other men trapped in this Beguiling Technique Bewildering Array, even if they knew that these young girls were fake, they would find it difficult to ruthlessly slaughter them, allowing Yin Su Die to gain some time to exhibit the next step to her technique . This next step not only had the function of restraining an enemy, but also had an extraordinarily strong killing power . Yin Su Die had figured she could stall Yang Kai for at least as long as it took to boil a cup of tea .

But Yin Su Die had not anticipated that Yang Kai would completely disregard the beautiful young girls who had been created by her Beguiling Technique and cleanly slaughter them, disrupting her plans while also causing her to suffer some backlash .

Although the backlash was not strong and wouldn’t affect her combat capability, Yin Su Die’s beautiful eyes still filled with a ruthless colour as she called out sharply, “Senior Brother Hou!”

“Yes!” Hou Jian, who had been meditating behind Yin Su Die to restore himself, heard her call and immediately got up, his figure flickering as he charged into the pink mist .

At the same time, Yin Su Die’s Divine Sense moved, and a number of graceful figures once again appeared in the large mist bank surrounding Yang Kai . These figures however were different from the last ones as each of them was holding a different weapon, each of which were exuding a not weak energy fluctuation . There were even some figures wearing glowing Artifact Armour .

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Yang Kai could not help but feel stunned for a moment .

Although he looked down on Yin Su Die for twice trying to use her Beguiling Technique to deal with him, he also knew that this woman would not be stupid enough to keep repeating the same mistake again and again . He had just smashed these figures with ease a moment ago, so why had she suddenly summoned more of them?

What drew Yang Kai’s attention most though were the weapons these newly emerged figures held in their hands .

Just as he was feeling some doubt, one of the young girls next to him waved a small fan in her hand towards Yang Kai .

This little fan wasn’t very eye-catching, only having some birds and beasts embroidered on it .

But when this fan was waved, the sound of beast roars immediately rang out and a black light suddenly flew out from its surface, transforming into several large and small Monster Beasts .

These Monster Beasts were the same as the embroidered pictures on the small fan, and after they appeared, the fan itself became completely empty .

There were more than thirty of these Monster Beasts, some of them as big as buildings while others were as small as ordinary snakes, and as soon as they appeared, they all rushed directly to Yang Kai .

“An illusion?” Yang Kai’s brow furrowed but his expression soon took on a look of shock as he condensed a Demonic Flame sword in his hand and released a series of slashes .

In an instant, the more than half of the thirty Monster Beasts descending upon Yang Kai were splint into halves by the sword waves, but some of them were more flexible than the others and avoided this attack and pounced onto their prey . As for the Monster Beasts that had been split apart transformed into clouds of Black Qi, gathered together, and actually reappeared, seemingly unharmed .

However, if one looked closely, they would notice that the colour of these reconstituted Monster Beasts was significantly dimmer than before .

In a blink of an eye, Yang Kai was surrounded by a dozen Monster Beasts and one of them, which was the size of a small building and modeled after a Qilin, lifted its giant front claws and pressed them down towards Yang Kai .

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Before these claws even fell, a suffocating pressure enveloped Yang Kai, seemingly trying to press him into a meat patty .

Yang Kai didn’t dodge though, and in order to verify his guess, he actually punched upwards to meet this attack head on .

A fist wrapped in Demonic Flame impacted the claw of this giant Monster Beast and knocked it flying, but at the same time, Yang Kai was forced back a few steps . The other Monster Beasts took advantage of this opening and pounced upon Yang Kai .

Seeing this from the outside, Yin Su Die wore a smug smile on her lips, but this smile went stiff just as fast as it blossomed .

Inside the pink mist, this group of Monster Beasts which had piled onto Yang Kai were themselves enveloped in a black light, releasing pitiful wails as they were blasted out in all directions .

“They’re not illusions! Amazing, it seems the top disciple of Coloured Glass Sect has some good methods!” Yang Kai’s appraising voice called out .

Only now was he able to determine that the fan and these Monster Beasts were not mere illusions . The fan was an artifact, and the Monster Beasts it released were a part of its power, both of which were tangible existences . Not only this fan though, it seemed all the weapons the girls were holding were real artifacts .

Inside this pink mist, only the young girls themselves were created by Yin Su Die’s Beguiling Technique, existences that straddled the line between real and illusionary .

“Little Brother should stop struggling pointlessly and obediently come with me!” Yin Su Die saw Yang Kai was more difficult to deal with than she anticipated and shouted coldly .

“If you want me to follow you, you first need to have prove you have the skill!” Yang Kai sneered, and as soon as his voice fell, his figure flickering, disappearing from its original position in a crack of thunder .

The instant Yang Kai’s figure reappeared though; a flash of light pierced towards him . Although this flash of light was extremely fast, Yang Kai could still clearly see its true appearance . It was a dagger-like artifact that had been thrown by one of the illusionary girls towards him with near perfect timing .

Yang Kai roared angrily as he stretched out a hand covered in burning hot Demonic Flame and grabbed this dagger .

With a cold snort, Yang Kai pushed his Saint Qi fiercely, causing his Demonic Flames to completely envelop the dagger .

At a speed visible to the naked eye, this dagger, which was a genuine Saint King Grade High-Rank artifact, melted like a snowflake under the sun .

In a flash, this dagger had been reduced to a molten metal and slipped through Yang Kai’s fingertips .

Now that he had determined that these artifacts were all real, Yang Kai naturally knew what to do . Yin Su Die pestering him endlessly like this had annoyed him greatly, so he was planning on teaching her what fate awaited those who crossed him .

When they saw this Saint King Grade artifact so easily destroyed, the expressions on the faces of the remaining young girls changed to shock . Perhaps they were connected to Yin Su Die’s mind so they would reflect her expression at the moment .

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Kai grinned and struck towards these girls .

In the next instant, cries of surprise sounded out, and the girls all spread out, urging the power of the artifacts in their hands to simultaneously attack Yang Kai .

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