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Chapter 1283: 1283
Chapter 1283, Beguiling Technique Illusion

Listening to Yang Kai say this, Yin Su Die giggled coquettishly before saying, “Please don’t be in such a rush Little Brother! Junior Sister came here this time especially to invite Little Brother to visit Myriad Crystal Peak . Junior Sister is quite curious about Little Brother’s relationship with Senior Sister Dai Yuan . If possible, I’d very much appreciate it if Little Brother can come back with me . Little Brother must know that Senior Sister Dai Yuan does not communicate with others in the Sect, even Junior Sister has difficulty having a good conversation with her . On the other hand, Little Brother is the first guest she brought back in the past two decades . Not only am I curious about this matter, even my Honoured Master has taken an interest in it . Junior Sister has actually come here to request Little Brother come back on my Honoured Master’s orders . ”

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“On your Honoured Master’s orders?” Yang Kai looked at Yin Su Die with a smile, seemingly pondering for a moment before replying, “It is not that I wish to refuse Senior Gong’s invitation, but this Yang truly has some important matters to attend to that cannot wait . Would it be acceptable for this Yang to pay his respects to Sister Yin’s Honoured Master when he visits Coloured Glass Sect in the future?”

“In the future… who knows when that future date will be . Junior Sister thinks that instead of waiting, it would be best for Junior Brother to accompany me back today,” Yin Su Die did not back down and instead became much more forceful in her words to Yang Kai, seemingly implying she would not relent no matter what .

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly; the other party pestering so incessantly had naturally made him a bit disgruntled . It seemed that this matter could not be settled so easily, but thinking about it carefully again, Yang Kai realized he was being naive . Since Yin Su Die had chased him all this way, it was naturally impossible for her to simply give up and retreat .

Letting out a light sigh, Yang Kai asked solemnly, “If I insist on not following you back?”

“You want to refuse?” Yin Su Die giggled as she looked at Yang Kai with interest, exhaling an orchid scent as she said, “I’m afraid that decision is not one Little Brother can make . ”

As soon as her voice fell, Yang Yan, who was standing about a thousand metres from Yang Kai, suddenly let out a shout, as if she had encountered a sneak attack .

Yang Kai eyes instantly became cold as he quickly turned around to look .

He didn’t know when it had happened, but a male cultivator wrapped in a bright white light had at some point moved to capture Yang Yan, but he had clearly failed in his initial attempt and was instead repelled by one of Yang Yan’s defensive artifacts . At this moment, this male cultivator stood in place with a deep frown on his face, his hand still stretching out in a grasping position, seemingly competing with a fiery red light being emitted from Yang Yan’s body .

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he immediately recognized that this male cultivator was the one that had been following Yin Su Die .

Hurriedly turning his head back to look behind Yin Su Die, the figure that had been standing there a moment ago had mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind only a white glow that was rapidly dissipating .

Yang Kai was genuinely shocked!

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He had no idea when this man had left Yin Su Die’s side and gone off to sneak attack Yang Yan . The secret technique cultivated by this man was obviously quite unusual and was even capable of deceiving Yang Kai’s sharp senses .

It was conceivable that if Yang Yan had not been wearing so many artifacts she had personally refined, this man’s sneak attack would have succeeded . If Yang Yan had been captured, Yang Kai would have immediately fallen into an extremely passive situation, and even if he did not want to, he would have had to follow Yin Su Die back to Coloured Glass Sect .

After realizing he had fallen for the other party’s scheme, Yang Kai became furious . Ignoring Yang Yan’s situation, his eyes flashed a sharp light as he glared coldly towards Yin Su Die .

The artifacts Yang Yan had on her were all outstanding, and although Yang Kai did not know the exact number she was wearing, he was confident that no Third-Order Saint King would be capable of even touching her .

Even an ordinary Origin Returning Realm cultivator may not be able to seize Yang Yan, that was how outstanding her self-protection ability was .

The moment Luo Min attacked Yang Yan, Yin Su Die also acted against Yang Kai . With the sweet, crisp, silver bell-like laughter, the pink cloud she had summoned once before appeared again, this time transforming into a large pink mist barrier that completely enveloped Yang Kai .

In the next moment, Yin Su Die exhaled a fragrant breath into this pink mist barrier . The pink mist barrier immediately tumbled as if it had come alive while the sounds of delightful music and tender laughter echoed throughout it .

As soon as these voices came out, the originally pale Hou Jian who was standing behind Yin Su Die immediately blushed red as his blood boiled and his eyes filled with burning fire as he stared into Yin Su Die’s Beguiling Technique obsessively .

Seemingly feeling his fiery gaze, Yin Su Die frowned, turned around, and smacked Hou Jian’s head, causing his glazed over eyes to once again restore their clarity .

“Compose yourself! Disgraceful!” Yin Su Die snorted disapprovingly, causing Hou Jian’s face to turn even redder .

He had embarrassed himself twice today so, in the future, he would not have the face to lift his head in front of Yin Su Die . This Beguiling Technique had not been aimed at Hou Jian, so with his strength and cultivation, it shouldn’t have been difficult to resist, but having been injured by Yang Kai, causing his Saint Qi flow to become unsteady and his mood to swing wildly, Hou Jian had actually failed to maintain a clear state of mind .

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Hearing Yin Su Die’s harsh rebuke just now, Hou Jian felt his heart sink and his only thought now was to return to Coloured Glass Sect and enter an extended retreat .

“There will be a place where Senior Brother Hou’s strength is needed later, so focus on recovering for now!” Yin Su Die saw Hou Jian’s embarrassed look and quickly offered some words .

After hearing this, Hou Jian’s eyes flashed, and a stern look returned to his face as he restrained his embarrassment . Nodding once, he sat down cross-legged and took out a few bottles of pill from his Space Ring, pouring them into his mouth and swallowing them before taking out two High -Rank Saint Crystals, holding them in his palms, and circulating his Secret Art .

Seeing this, Yin Su Die showed a slight look of satisfaction on her face while continuing to manipulate the pink mist barrier in front of her, enhancing the power of her Beguiling Technique .

Inside the pink mist barrier, Yang Kai stood still and observed his surroundings . The place he was standing had changed dramatically . Originally, it had been a vast wilderness, but now Yang Kai actually found himself standing inside a grand palace .

In front of him right now was a huge pool filled with crystal clear water that carried strong scent of wine that seemed to penetrate directly into Yang Kai’s nose .

Beside the pool, there were more than twenty young girls in revealing dresses who were dancing playfully . Each of these young girls had a soft waist, graceful figure, overall outstanding appearance, but none of them were the same, all of them having their own particular charm . Some of them boldly sent Yang Kai’s passionate gazes while others shyly avoided making eye contact .

Some of them had chilly auras, making them appear like cold, inviolable goddesses .

Others were bold and flirtatious, showing off the amazing fullness and elasticity of their twin peaks and milk white bottoms as they twirled about enticingly .

Still others wore shy, innocent looks that would elicit feelings of pity from even the coldest of men .

A soft, melodious music filled the air which in conjunction with the dancing poses of these beautiful young girls gave people the illusion that they had arrived at the most glorious flower garden, involuntarily pulling on their hearts as they were drawn in by these alluring sights and sounds . It made one wish to immerse themselves in this paradise and never leave .

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Yang Kai, however, just stood on the spot and looked at everything around him indifferently, not showing even the slightest interest in the young dancing girls .

After suffering such a big loss using her Beguiling Technique to deal with Yang Kai last time, Yin Su Die apparently had not learned her lesson and was attempting to use the same strategy again . It was hard to imagine what she was thinking .

However, this Beguiling Technique did have some impressive features to it . If it was an ordinary Saint King Realm cultivator standing here, they would definitely have their mind thrown into chaos . But Yang Kai’s Soul and Divine Sense were astonishingly powerful and this was not the first or second time he had dealt with Beguiling Techniques, he could even be called an experienced expert in this field, so looking around at this scene filled with flaws, how could his mind be shaken?

Yin Su Die also seemed to realize that Yang Kai had not fallen into confusion and after a while, she changed her tactics . The pink mist barrier suddenly roiled and the expressions on the more than twenty young girls who had been singing and dancing gleefully just now all changed and became filled with sorrow and sadness, the music filling the air also slowing and becoming more somber .

With this sad music in the background, these young girls seemed to transform from enchantresses to abandoned young women filled with sorrow and dissatisfaction .

Their originally neatly arranged clothes also instantly became thinner and clung to their tender bodies more tightly, emphasizing their full curves and flat abdomens, even causing the fragrant grasslands between their long delicate legs to become partly visible . If Yang Kai was willing, obtaining them would be as easy as lifting his hand .

The temptation of this situation, compared to the previous happy revelry, immediately rose to a whole new level!

Yang Kai frowned for a moment but soon grinned widely . He was planning on taking decisive action just now but after thinking about it briefly he actually withdrew his Saint Qi and folded his arms, assuming the position of an amused observer, preparing to appreciate Yin Su Die’s Beguiling Technique as if it were some kind of show .

After half a cup of tea’s worth of time, the pink mist barrier transformed again, and Yin Su Die increased the power of her Beguiling Technique for a second time .

When the fog settled, the previously grieving girls had become completely naked and were now entangled with one another like water snakes, exposing their beauty to the air in pairs or groups of three or five . Each one of them was exhaling a rich orchid sent as they brushed against their partner’s lips and bodies, wrapping them arms and legs around one another as they explored every inch of each other, leaving nothing to Yang Kai’s imagination .

Yang Kai’s eyes bulged slightly as he watched with great interest .

This was the first time he had witnessed such a scene, and although he knew it was all just an illusion, that did not diminish the impact it made . At the very least, Yang Kai had some reaction to it, his blood flow accelerating quite a lot .

“Not bad . Not bad at all!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, seemingly quite satisfied .

He did not have any intention to immediately break this Beguiling Technique and instead was actually enjoying it leisurely; after all, it wasn’t a scene one could usually appreciate .

A cold snort suddenly rang out as it seemed Yin Su Die became somewhat angry out of shame . In the next instant, all the entangled young girls overflowing with erotic auras had their expression warp into ones filled with hatred . It was as if all of them had transformed into poisonous vipers who were glaring at Yang Kai maliciously, their beautiful eyes all exuding an icy light .

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