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Chapter 1267: 1267

Chapter 1267, Worried About Thieves

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Yang Kai was full of doubts . According to Wu Yi, since Dai Yuan came here, even if Wu Yi took the initiative to visit her several times, they hadn’t conversed much, but after this brief chat he had, Yang Yan seemed to have taken a deep interest in this matter and was eager for him to agree .

Yang Kai could tell that Yang Yan wanted him to go to Coloured Glass Sect with Dai Yuan, but the two women in front of him didn’t have any kind of friendship with Dai Yuan so there was no need for them to lobby on her behalf .

Yang Yan hearing this, nodded without hesitation, “If it is possible, I want you to agree to her request . ”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Yang Yan fixedly . After a while, he asked, “This isn’t about being sympathetic to her, you must have some reason for this . What are you scheming?”

Yang Yan smiled mysteriously, “It’s not an exaggeration to say that I’m scheming something, but let us talk about the pros and cons of you agreeing to her request first . She said that it would only take three days to complete this matter and that it was within your ability . If what she said is true, then no matter what this matter is, it should not be difficult for you . The only troublesome part will be you needing to take a trip to Coloured Glass Sect . ”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, without interrupting, motioning her to continue .

Seeing that Yang Kai was still disinterested, Yang Yan wasn’t discouraged and continued, “She said that afterwards, she would compensate you, but with your current net worth, I doubt anything she could offer would be of interest to you . ”

“That’s right, therefore there’s no benefit in me doing her a favour, and it’s also not appropriate to run over to someone else’s Sect . If Dai Yuan’s status there was the same as that of Yin Su Die’s, it would not be an issue, but I somehow get the impression that she isn’t very popular within Coloured Glass Sect,” Yang Kai frowned slightly .

Yang Yan smiled, “About her, I was curious, so Wu Yi and I did some digging . Guess what we found?”

“What?” Yang Kai looked at them faintly .

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Wu Yi was the one to speak this time, “Just as you guessed, Dai Yuan doesn’t seem to be very popular in Coloured Glass Sect, but that only became the case about ten years ago . Back then, do you know which disciple had the most resounding reputation in Coloured Glass Sect?”

“Dai Yuan?”

“Indeed! Previously, in Coloured Glass Sect, Dai Yuan’s fame exceeded Yin Su Die’s, but for some unknown reason, Dai Yuan suddenly faded from the sight of Coloured Glass Sect’s leaders . Yin Su Die replaced her in that position, allowing her to become the representative of Coloured Glass Sect’s younger generation and enjoy worldwide fame . As for what transpired, we were not able to find out, but the Elders of Coloured Glass Sect seem to have a strange love-hate relationship with Dai Yuan . The cultivation resources and residence she is given aren’t inferior to Yin Su Die’s, but she isn’t being deliberately cultivated by them either, a very strange situation . ”

“That really is strange!” Yang Kai was also puzzled . He had not fought with Yin Su Die, but he had seen Dai Yuan fight and felt that she was an elite among Saint Kings . Although she had been oppressed by a disciple from Heaven Battling Union in the Flowing Flame Sand Field, that was because her heart had been disturbed and she was unable to display her full strength . If she were to have fought calmly, Dai Yuan would not have been afraid of that man .

However, there was still a certain gap between her and Qu Chang Feng, Fang Tian Zhong, Wei Gu Chang, and the other geniuses of Shadowed Star, something Yang Kai was able to see clearly .

“If I help her, what do I have to gain or lose? I don’t seem like I’ll lose anything, but it also doesn’t seem like there’s anything to gain,” Yang Kai gave Yang Yan a strange look .

Wu Yi grinned, “It would be enough to not lose anything, but as for what you can gain… Hehe, having someone owe you a favour is a harvest on its own . After all, even if she is not looked upon favourably right now, that doesn’t mean she won’t be in the future, by that time, having the gratitude of a woman like her would be helpful to our future development . On top of that, Big Sister Yang Yan seems to have her own plans . ”

Yang Kai could not help turning his eyes to Yang Yan .

Yang Yan gently nodded and asked, “Have you heard of the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain of Coloured Glass Sect?”

Yang Kai shook his head . He was not too familiar with the major forces on Shadowed Star nor their special backgrounds or heritages, but since Yang Yan had specifically mentioned this Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain, it seemed it was a big deal .

“The Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain is treasure naturally formed from Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass and is in the heart of Coloured Glass Sect . Coloured Glass Sect was established because of the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain . Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass is a rare and valuable Artifact Refining material that has self-repairing properties . I need this material, and lots of it!” Yang Yan said seriously .

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Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a hearty laugh, “Even if that’s the case, I can’t help you . Since Coloured Glass Sect was established there because of this Coloured Glass Mountain, it would be impossible for its Elders to give me some of that Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass, right?”

“Naturally, that’s impossible . On top of that, we can’t afford it!” Yang Yan snorted . “You don’t know, Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain is an existence that is famous all over Shadowed Star . Coloured Glass Sect uses it as an Array Core to release Coloured Glass Divine Light which actually as an innate ability to restrain others’ Souls . I have heard that several crises that befell Coloured Glass Sect were resolved by them using Coloured Glass Mountain . Moreover, this mountain is a single massive block, so cutting a piece of Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass from it is extremely difficult . Even Coloured Glass Sect is only able to harvest a tiny bit of Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass per year, most of which it uses for itself while the rest is sold out for an astonishing price . Even so, all the other great forces go all out to purchase this tiny portion, pushing the price to an outrageous height . We’re currently completely broke, so obviously we can’t afford to buy any from them!”

“We’re completely broke again?” Yang Kai was shocked . He remembered that when he came out last time, he heard from the former Hai Ke Family cultivators that Yang Yan and Wu Yi had gone to auction off some artifacts . Although Yang Kai didn’t know how many Saint Crystals they raised at that time, he was certain it wasn’t a small number . How could they now be broke?

Yang Yan suddenly wore a look of embarrassment on her face as she admitted, “The amount of materials used to arrange Spirit Arrays is too large . You forbid us from continuing to sell artifacts, so we have no source of income . ”

“Even if we’re poor, you can’t sell artifacts anymore,” Yang Kai said seriously before letting long sigh, “At least before we become strong enough . ”

“I know,” Yang Yan said with a disgruntled and unwillingly look . She had actually refined a hundred and eighty high-grade artifacts and was planning on holding an auction of her own to sell all of them to alleviate their current poverty-stricken situation, but with Yang Kai’s order and Wu Yi’s persuasion, she eventually gave up implementing this crazy plan .

“Tell me more about this Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass . ” Yang Kai looked at her with a smile, “What do you actually want to do? How do you want me to ‘acquire’ that Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass right under Coloured Glass Sect’s eyes?”

Yang Yan grinned meaningfully, clapped her hands, and called out, “Xiao Xiao!”

As soon as she called it, a grey figure popped up from underground and stood motionlessly in front of the trio, it’s long hands drooping down as it stared up at Yang Yan innocently .

Naturally, it was Yang Kai’s Stone Puppet!

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and immediately understood what Yang Yan was thinking .

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“Xiao Xiao can see through all the barriers and Spirit Arrays I’ve arranged, so it should easily be able to break into Coloured Glass Sect’s Restricted Areas, I don’t believe that the Spirit Arrays arranged by Coloured Glass Sect could be better than mine . If you bring it into Coloured Glass Sect with you, hehe, carving out Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain will be a cinch . ”

When Yang Kai heard Yang Yan’s plan, he could not help feeling a bit of cold sweat drip down his back .

Coloured Glass Sect was doomed! They just had to have a treasure like the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain . They probably thought that Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain was safe under their multiple barriers, and that not even a fly could slip past their watch .

But how could they have anticipated a creature like the stone puppet existed in this world?

As the saying goes, those who do not fear thieves stealing from them should still fear thieves thinking about their treasure . The Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain was constantly being eyed by Yang Yan .

The Stone Puppet had an innate ability to devour rare minerals, and since Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass could be used for Artifact Refining, it would definitely be a delicacy to it . The Stone Puppet could come and go without leaving any trace and it did not give off any life aura, so presumably even a Third Order Origin Returning Realm master wouldn’t be aware of its existence . Wouldn’t it be easy then to release the Stone Puppet and have it harvest some Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass?

Yang Kai could probably leave Coloured Glass Sect with the Stone Puppet without the Elders of Coloured Glass Sect ever even noticing that Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain had been hollowed out .

“I’ve wanted to acquire Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass since long ago, but unfortunately I’ve never had a chance, but now someone has actually come and invited you in . This is simply the best opportunity . ” Yang Yan concluded as she stared into Yang Kai’s eyes .

“What do you want to refine with that Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass?” Yang Kai was still hesitant as he frowned and asked . After all, this was nothing short of running over to another person’s Sect and stealing their most precious treasure . Once this incident came to light, an irresolvable grudge would be formed . If what Yang Yan wanted to refine was not something important, Yang Kai didn’t want to take on such a risk .

“I want to refine a very special treasure!” Yang Yan smiled mysteriously but didn’t clarify her intent, simply saying, “It’s inconvenient to say it now, because I’ve not yet fully finished its design, mainly because I don’t have enough Artifact Refining and Spirit Array knowledge, but I can tell you that this thing is also of great use to you and will certainly not disappoint you . When it’s finished, you will definitely be thankful for your choice now . ”

“Inconvenient to say, is it?” Yang Kai shook his head bitterly . Today, it seemed all the women around him had contracted an illness which made them refuse to tell him anything, causing him some non-negligible annoyance .

“You have to go to Coloured Glass Sect!”

“I’ll think about it again,” Although Yang Kai was also somewhat eager to give it a try, this was not some trivial matter so careful consideration was still necessary .

“Please please please . ” Yang Yan pleaded while pulling out something from her Space Ring and shaking it in front of Yang Kai, “We can also make a stop on our way to look for this . If we are lucky, it might be able to ease our current financial crisis!”

Seeing what she was holding in her hand, Yang Kai couldn’t lean towards agreeing .

“Big Brother Yang, you should agree to Big Sister Yang Yan’s proposal . This time you’ve been in retreat for quite a while, so it would be best to go out and move about to relax . Perhaps you will gain something unexpected from this trip,” Wu Yi also persuaded, but her approach was far more ingenious, emphasising how this would benefit Yang Kai’s cultivation rather than directly pleading like Yang Yan .

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