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Chapter 1199: 1199

Chapter 1199, Running into Chang Qi

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Yang Kai being able to reach the Treasure Area wasn’t a surprise to Chang Qi . Others might now know of Yang Kai’s strength, but Chang Qi was very clear about it . Yang Kai had fought and killed several Third-Order Saint Kings, a spectacle Chang Qi had seen from beginning to end, if such a person couldn’t break through the Flame Area, it would be too strange .

Chang Qi was happy that the two of them had a chance to meet here .

“Where’s Foreign Elder Hao?” Yang Kai asked as he looked behind him but didn’t see any trace of Hao An .

“Old Hao didn’t come with me . In fact, we haven’t met after we came in, but don’t worry . Although Old Hao isn’t young anymore, crossing the first layer Flame Area is still within his ability,” Chang Qi said with a smile, only now turning his attention to Chen Shi Tao and her group and asking, “These are…”

“We are disciples from Clear Sky Sect,” Chen Shi Tao smiled, thinking that this old man should be a cultivator from the same family as this young man . It seems that they really came from a small family, otherwise they wouldn’t have sent someone so old like Chang Qi .

“Clear Sky Sect!” Unlike Yang Kai, when Chang Qi heard these three words his face immediately became dignified, quickly cupping his fists and saying, “So Young Lady and her companions are from Clear Sky Sect, forgive my disrespect!”

He then turned a curious look towards Yang Kai, unable to figure out how he was related to these Clear Sky Sect disciples . Clear Sky Sect’s strength wasn’t any lower than Shadow Moon Hall’s, and although they had not managed to produce true genius disciples in recent years, their foundation, accumulated inheritance, and reputation were still highly regarded .

So when he heard Chen Shi Tao say that she was from Clear Sky Sect, of course he didn’t dare show any neglect .

This was the kind of response a person from a small family should have when they heard the name Clear Sky Sect… Chen Shi Tao secretly thought that the embarrassment she felt from Yang Kai’s indifferent response had suddenly been swept away .

“Foreign Elder Chang, were you chasing that World Spirit Treasure?” Yang Kai hurriedly asked .

“Right!” Chang Qi palmed his fist, his face full of annoyance, “That thing is too slippery . Originally, I thought it was just an ordinary little snake, but when I approached it, it suddenly transformed into a flaming light and flew off . I never expected to see anything capable of flying in this Flowing Flame Sand Field . ”

Everyone was dumbstruck when they heard him say this .

That World Spirit Treasure had passed by them too quickly and brought them too much excitement, completely making them forgot that the World Principles here restrained all forms of flight . Now thinking about it, just that along was incredible enough .

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That treasure was surely something extraordinary! When they thought of this, the eyes of all five Clear Sky Sect disciples immediately became hot .

“Quickly follow it!” Yang Kai said before rushing off in the direction the red light disappeared . Chang Qi hesitated for a moment before hurriedly following after Yang Kai .

“Senior Sister Chen…” The burly youth licked his dry lips and murmured, “It seems he really is a man of great destiny!”

Chen Shi Tao had said that this young man possessed extraordinary luck due to his great destiny, but all of them had been quite doubtful about this . But the moment they met him, a precious World Spirit Treasure just happened to pass by! Such things were incredibly rare and every one of them was extremely valuable . With this reality shoved in front of them, they couldn’t help believing Chen Shi Tao, all of them directing looks full of admiration towards her, feeling she had far greater vision than them .

“What should we do?” Asked another female cultivator .

“Follow them!” Chen Shi Tao kicked off the ground, causing her tender body to shoot forward . The other four also hurriedly used their movement skills and pushed their Saint Qi to bring their speed up to its limit .

“Yang Kai, those disciples from Clear Sky Sect…” Chang Qi glanced back anxiously at the five people following them .

“I’m not familiar with them, we just happened to meet here,” Yang Kai replied with a smile, “But you don’t need to care about them, if we can catch up to that World Spirit Treasure, go ahead and seize it . It belongs to whoever can capture it . If they dare try to rob us, we don’t need to be polite!”

“Sounds good . Since you’ve said so, I feel relieved,” Chang Qi visibly relaxed and excitement returned to his face .

Chang Qi originally came to the Flowing Flame Sand Field to look for opportunities . Now an opportunity was right in front of him, so let alone disciples of Clear Sky Sect, even if cultivators from Heaven Battling Union or Thunder Typhoon Sect were in front of him, he would still have to fight . After living for so many years, if he died in pursuit of the Martial Dao, he wouldn’t have died in vain .

Although the two groups both pushed their speed to the limit, the inability to fly here caused them a great deal of delay . Because Yang Kai had waited for Chang Qi for a few minutes, the flying red light had left the range of their Divine Senses, so they had no choice but to follow the remnants of its vitality and aura to track it .

While they couldn’t sense its position exactly with this method of tacking, they were at least certain they were going the right way .

“Foreign Elder Chang, do you know what kind of World Spirit Treasure that thing is?” Yang Kai took a moment to ask as they ran forward .

“I wasn’t able to see it clearly, all I know is that it looked like a little green snake and when I first discovered it, it was resting atop a Soul Nourishing Flower . I actually only noticed it because I was trying to collect that Soul Nourishing Flower . ”

“A Soul Nourishing Flower?” Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning . As an Alchemist, Yang Kai naturally knew what about this spirit flower . The Soul Nourishing Flower was a Saint King Grade herb and the fragrance it gave off was able to calm one’s mood while nourishing their Soul, it was a key ingredient in the refinement of several Soul cultivation pills .

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However, World Spirit Treasures were generally spirit grasses or spirit medicines to begin with, why would it need to absorb the medicinal fragrance of a Soul Nourishing Flower?

Could this snake-shaped World Spirit Treasure have already formed its own Soul and achieved sentience? However, even if that was the case, it still shouldn’t be interested in a Soul Nourishing Flower .

It was a real mystery .

While Yang Kai and Chang Qi were talking, Chen Shi Tao and her group were somewhat surprised .

Because they discovered that the speed of the First-Order Saint King Yang Kai wasn’t slower than any of them; in fact, no matter how they chased him, they couldn’t catch up .

Chen Shi Tao was the most surprised, realizing now that she didn’t completely understand this First-Order Saint King cultivator .

Not long after, Yang Kai and Chang Qi stopped at the edge of a plain .

This plain was filled with grass that was about six or seven meters tall and looked very dense, but after sweeping it with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai was surprised to find that there wasn’t a single spirit grass or spirit medicine here . It seems that this fertile plot of land was only suitable for growing weeds .

This situation was quite unusual .

The faint aura traces of the flying red light Yang Kai was following also disappeared here, but he didn’t know if it was because it was hiding or some other reason .

However, Yang Kai was certain that the snake-shaped World Spirit Treasure was here somewhere .

“Let’s split up, looking for it in all these tall weeds will probably be difficult . Pay attention to any unusual energy fluctuations, there might be something like a barrier here,” Yang Kai said lightly .

“Good . ” Chang Qi nodded and immediately separated from Yang Kai .

A moment later, Chen Shi Tao and her group arrived just in time to see Yang Kai and Chang Qi disappear into the weeds . Her four Junior disciples turned their eyes to Chen Shi Tao for instructions .

“Let’s also split up and search!” Chen Shi Tao made an immediate decision; she too was interested in that World Spirit Treasure .

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The five disciples from Clear Sky Sect, like Yang Kai and Chang Qi, scattered in all directions to begin their search .

Searching for something in this place really gave one a headache . Even though Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was far more powerful and could cover a much wider range than anyone else present, how could he find a World Spirit Treasure that could perfectly conceal itself in such a broad thicket?

After searching for two full hours, Yang Kai was considering whether he should give up, as he was essentially just wasting time now; however, at that moment, he suddenly noticed an energy fluctuation that came from a spot about ten kilometres away .

[Someone found something?] Yang Kai looked happy and rushed towards the signal .

After a while, Yang Kai arrived at the source of the energy fluctuation and found that the five disciples from Clear Sky Sect had already gathered and were currently standing around a hole in the ground . All of them wore excited looks as they stared curiously down this hole, but none of them dared to enter it easily .

The burly man was talking to Chen Shi Tao and, listening to what he was saying, it seemed he had accidentally felt something unusual from this place and had struck the ground, revealing this hole .

However, whether this hole led to danger or fortune was something he couldn’t tell, so he had sent up a signal for Chen Shi Tao and his fellow disciples to gather so they could discuss carefully what to do next .

When Yang Kai arrived here, the five of them glanced at him, they didn’t show any intentions to drive him off and simply continued their discussion .

A few moments later, Chang Qi also came over, apparently attracted by the energy fluctuation like Yang Kai .

“Did someone find it?” Chang Qi stared at the hole .

“I don’t know,” Yang Kai shook his head . He didn’t find anything noteworthy from this hole, but its mere existence here was intriguing, so he still felt it necessary to explore it .

But this was discovered by others first, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for Yang Kai to dive in first as it would only cause the Clear Sky Sect disciples to become hostile towards him . For now, all he could do was wait .

While Chen Shi Tao and the others were discussing what to do, they glanced over at Yang Kai from time to time, some of them shaking their heads, some of them nodding, seemingly having a dispute about something .

After Chen Shi Tao said something though, the ones who were shaking their heads could only nod in agreement .

Having reached a consensus, Chen Shi Tao walked over to Yang Kai with a smile .

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly; although he didn’t understand what Chen Shi Tao wanted, he didn’t feel any malicious intent from her, so he decided to hear her out .

“Little brother, do you want to explore this cave together with this Senior?” Chen Shi Tao asked .

“You’re willing to let us join you?” Yang Kai raised his brow in surprise .

“Naturally we’re willing, although this cave was discovered by my Junior Brother, we only arrived here because we were pursuing that World Spirit Treasure together, so you have some credit in finding this cave too,” Chen Shi Tao smiled lightly .

“That can’t be all there is to it, right? What kind of conditions are you proposing,” Yang Kai smiled thoughtfully?

Chen Shi Tao was a bit startled, but quickly smiled and nodded, “Little Brother is truly an understanding person . Good, then I’ll also be straightforward . No one knows what the situation is inside this cave, there may be opportunities, or there may be danger, you also know that there are many crises hidden in this Flowing Flame Sand Field . Although this cave looks normal, who knows what lies down below, no one from my group dares to go down haphazardly…”

Yang Kai gently nodded, not interrupting as he motioned for her to continue .

Chen Shi Tao quickly said, “Little brother’s luck seems to be quite good, so I was thinking it would be best for you to explore the road first . With little brother’s luck, you should be able to avoid any big risks . Of course, you should consider this matter carefully yourself first, if you don’t want to, we won’t force you . ”

It turned out they wanted to let him scout ahead! Yang Kai suddenly realized .

Naturally he was going to agree . Even if they didn’t make such a request, Yang Kai would have proposed letting him go down first himself, them inviting him to do so would have worked out better for Yang Kai .

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