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Chapter 94 – Old Fen moves




Ice ape howls and human screams rang around the whole iceberg, the scene was very tragic.

Because the cultivations of the ice ape were mostly at the no level, basically every attack of a Martial Spirit was able to take down a large group. However, due to their number being horrifyingly many, the sight of tens of thousands of ice apes seemed endless.

A head of an ice ape was beaten into pieces. On the ground, a strong human expert was ripped into two halves by a fierce ice ape, numerous flesh and blood were eaten by ice apes with no remains left.


A vast momentum flowed, some of the strong experts sensed something. Raising their heads they saw the Ice Ape King and five Martial Ancestors.

It was a person covered in black robed from head to toe, the age could not be seen. However, on his body floated 18 pieces of wu crystals. Each wu crystal flashed with a brilliant light, the Wu Yuan inside the wu crystals gushed out. However, it was not absorbed, but in the same time it also did not disappear, it merely shrouded his body.

This strange scene, no one knew what happened. They only knew that this momentum surpassed many of their own.

The wu crystal visible to the naked eye started to quickly shrink. The Wu Yuan spilled out, and after a long time, the eighteen pieces of wu crystals all disappeared. Now what's left was a square space that had boundless Wu Yuan within.

This was the culmination of the eighteen wu crystals, however, the Wu Yuan did not seem to be simple. This was because within the Wu Yuan, everyone be it beast or man sensed a breath that had one's hair stand on end.

"Hu… barely adequate to move a few times. Boy, next time to remember to have more wu crystals!"

Old Fen's foul mouth sounded in Feng Hao's mind, it seems that all the energy was not up to his satisfaction.


Feng Hao's corner of the mouth twitched several times, he wanted to curse out but he swallowed it back.

Eighteen pieces of wu crystal was only enough for some moves, how extravagant is that?!

However, feeling the boundless momentum around, Feng Hao was also quite excited and secretly vowed, "One day, I will reach this cultivation!"

"Not good!"

Things went quickly, the experts were already affected by the momentum before they were able to shout.


A Marital Ancestor old man with wings behind his back soared his body to the skies. He sharply rushed towards the mountain. Down below, the experts had the same idea, they already stopped killing and only wanted to take the crystal!

"Ignorant fool!"

Two cold words came from under the black robe, the tone was slightly old. Everyone present, whether it was the strong human experts ot the ice ape horde, they all shivered in their hearts.

The black robe was suspended on the empty sky, behind him there was no gorgeous wings, however he was still able to stand above. This vast momentum, it was like a god descending on the earth.


Hua Yuntian due to the momentum also had to retreat some distance. Looking at Feng Hao this time, his heart was in shock unable to say anything.

A weak youth at the Martial Practitioner stage, how can he have such power?

Secret art!

This was the only explanation. It was said that some ancient families have secret skills that no ordinary person can imagine, these people had the power to shake the world.

"I did not think of it, he unexpectedly acquired an inheritance!"

His state of mind was out of control, his chest rapidly pounded with his pair of eyes filled with excitement.

"This time my kingdom is going to have one incredible man!"

As the prince of West Mist Country, Hua Yuntian thought far ahead; for example, he thought of the future of West Mist Country.

Among the numerous small kingdoms, West Mist Country belonged to the dozens of kingdoms governed by the Jin Dynasty. They were only a mid to low level small kingdom, therefore, they only obtained limited resources from the dynasty. The only way to promote the worth of a kingdom was to give birth to strong talents!

Numerous figures and the ape all turned into shadows as they desperately soared towards the black robed man in the sky. He held up his arm high. Under the frightened eyes of everyone, he directly slapped downwards.

"Heaven Shaking Palm!"

That indifferent voice could freeze a human soul. As the words fell, a vast momentum flowed along with the palm. Anyone who rushed up whether it was a Martial Spirit or Marital Ancestor, even if it was the king of the ice apes, they were all directly sent flying towards the icy grounds. Each and everyone as well as the ape horde were all thrown far into the distance.


Once again, the Ice Ape King leaped high with red eyes, it headed towards the yi crystal.

"Acting recklessly!"

Under the black robe another snort sounded, both hands spread as a big palm formed from Wu Yuan appeared smashing towards the Ice Ape King.


The big palm dropped and the already high step Martial Ancestor Ice Ape King was directly smashed under a layer of ice. Such a huge palm left a deep imprint on the ground.


No matter if it was near or far, everyone was shocked by this scene. Being withstand Martial Ancestors and the Ice Ape King, this mysterious black robed person did not let anyone resist.

"A Martial Venerate came!"

All the strong experts' heart shook, no one dared to step forward. As for the ape horde, since there were no commands coming from the Ice Ape King, they did not know what to do.

In these middle to lower ranked kingdoms, there was no presence of a Martial Venerate. If a kingdom can have a Martial Venerate, they would be considered a high ranked kingdom. At this time, now that such a person is here, suddenly everyone was at a loss.

Feng Hao himself also forze, he looked incredibly at his palms.

Just a moment ago, a heaven shaking attack came from his own hands!

Although this was only borrowed power, issuing out such energy, one can only think the power Old Fen had when he was on his peak?

"Chi! … not enough, its too weak!"

Old Fen whispered out from his mouth, he was still not satisfied. When it reached Feng Hao, his mouth once again twitched several times.

The Ice Ape King's performance all entered Feng Hao eyes. After being unexpectedly smashed to the ground, one can only think what it accomplish in the future.

Under eyes of shock, the black robed man moved up slowly closing on to the tip of the iceberg. This time, no one dared to stop him!

With both hands, the misty diamond shaped crystal entered the ring. Once again glancing at the onlookers, then looking at one direction, he sped away.

Hua Yuntian was stumped, then he took a deep breath. The wings behind him emerged then he followed.

This is how it concluded, many of the strong experts can only wryly smile. Thousands of people were buried under the ice field. They did not get anything, however, maybe keeping their lives was already a very lucky matter.

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